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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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You met him and he swept you off of your feet. He said and did all of the right things. You finally found your Prince Charming. Then you get careless... You're pregnant. Don Juan isn't interested in being one big, happy family and chooses to go his separate way. Luckily for you, he does at least want to be a part of the child's life. You have the child and now connected to him for the next 18 years. It's not that bad compared to most. He's paying child support on time each and every month. He makes every opportunity to spend time with the child and entertain. All is great until... she comes along. His new girlfriend. Will she try and take your place as the child's mom? Does she have your child's interests at heart when she makes decisions? Will she attempt to steal those special moments from you? These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." Twitter: @Talk2Q Show No. 369 Scheduled for 75 mins.

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Tonight, we'll discuss guys who try to "create a legacy." Military men are most famous for getting their wives/girlfriends pregnant before deployment as some sort of motivation to come home. Or, they do so to make sure she has a hard... more

Get in on the conversation as I'm joined by author and radio show host, Crystal Hickerson! Crystal and I will discuss some topics in celebration of Women's History Month! One of the main things we will discuss is how women compete... more

We've heard the term "marriage material" thrown around for years. It basically means "someone who is a potentially good candidate for marriage." But, what about someone who isn't? Are they "divorce material?" What defines a person... more

T2Q kicks off Women's History Month with a simple question: what is a real woman? We've seen it defined as being "strong, loving and independent." Are those a recipe for a "real woman?" A man's definition of those terms can be... more

Do you think that someone can be born without a heart? With so much selfishness being embraced across the country, are our children not being taught about love? Kids are being taught to "take care of self." They're not necessarily... more

If you could change your race for 24 hours, who would you be and what would you do with your newly-found skin? If you're black, would you choose to be white? If you're Asian, would you choose to be Hispanic? If so, then why? If... more

The Talk 2 Q Radio Show has reached its 2nd birthday! It's hard to believe that what started as a 15 minute show with no callers has turned into a 90+ minute entertainment session with 60,000+ listens and counting! Join me tonight as I... more

When you marry someone, you marry their family, too. It's a package deal. So many happy couples turn unhappy because of troublesome in-laws. We'll discuss that and also if churches should be taxed to reduce the national debt, how long... more

Want to know the best way to get attention? Walk into a room of one race of people with a significant other from another race of people. Interracial dating is more prevalent than ever now, but it still causes some people to receive... more

I hope that title doesn't come off wrong. LOL! Anyway, we all know that sex sells. Anytime something steamy appears on the television screen, we'll stop what we're doing to get a glimpse. Mission accomplished for the advertisers, right? Tonight,... more
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