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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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There is a huge crime wave going across the country. Chicago, Jackson, Oakland and the entire state of Florida to name a few. Burglaries, assaults, murders galore. The police force isn't large enough to stop what's going on and the government appears to be too corrupt to seriously do anything about the problem either. Aren't the troops the answer? Why should they walk the neighborhood streets of the Middle East when they could be doing that here in the states? One of the biggest deterrents of crime is police visibility. With a shortage of police across most of the country wouldn't it work out better if the police worked in conjunction with the military? We'll discuss the pros and cons of the idea. Also on the show, we'll have to figure out who will be a part of our future military because reports show that 71% of kids 17 - 24 years old wouldn't be eligible for the military. They either lack a high school diploma, they're convicted felons, hooked on ADHD drugs, and more. Who will protect our country in the future if the kids these days are too unqualified? These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." Show No. Scheduled for 60 mins.
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The Show Legends and I mix it up in discussing the NFL and any other sports that may come to mind. So much is going on with the NFL in regards to training camps. Unfortunately, there are injuries popping up on the tickers each and... more

The Giants open camp first on July 21st and the countdown is on towards NFL Kickoff 2014! There have been so many changes with coaches shifting, players changing teams, and incoming rookies. Now that the dust is settling who are the... more

You met him and he swept you off of your feet. He said and did all of the right things. You finally found your Prince Charming. Then you get careless... You're pregnant. Don Juan isn't interested in being one big, happy family and chooses... more

On this show we'll discuss how things can go completely wrong in a fight. Gone are the days when two people met behind a building and settled things "mano y mano" like men. Afterwards, you dusted yourself off and accepted the fact... more

Despite my love for sports, I'm a novice when it comes to sports betting. It's not legal here in Mississippi, so I guess that I never really got into it. However, I've always wanted to learn more about it so I decided to bring on an expert. Meet... more

Tonight, I'll be welcoming actor/singer, Keith Robinson, to T2Q! Keith has appeared in popular movies such as "This Christmas" (Devean Brooks) and "Dreamgirls" (C.C. White) and will be in the upcoming James Brown movie,... more

Churches are getting bigger and bigger each and every year. Some churches are so big that they have congregations the size of college football games. The sermon has to be shown on big screens because the venues are too big for... more

Ladies, you're in the middle of a mid-Saturday morning dream about you winning a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive when all of a sudden, it happens... (tap, tap, tap on shoulder) "Baby? Are you asleep?" You know what that means. He wants... more

On tonight's special Wednesday edition on T2Q, the Show Legends and I get into a little sports talk. It's Zone Coverage time! We'll cover sports sideline-to-sideline, endzone-to-endzone. With discussions mainly from the NFL. However, there will... more
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