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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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What makes a good guy go elsewhere? That's a question that quite a few women ask themselves these days. I'm good enough to have babies with. I'm good enough to shack up with. Why aren't I good enough to be Mrs. Insert name here? There are many possibilities as for why some men just leave women dangling for years and years. And we all know that when it comes to relationships, that people can only do to you what you allow them to do. Tonight, we'll let the ladies know just exactly what they are / aren't doing that is not convincing these men to "do the honorable thing". This will come from the perspective of men who are actually looking to get married and not men just playing around. Show Legend, Dr. Bobby Willis, will join us on the show to discuss it! These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions." Show No. 688 Scheduled for 75-90 mins. www.Talk2Q.com
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