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The show is fueled by opinions, so feel free to speak your mind because some things just need to be said. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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Former Miss Black USA '05, Celi Marie Dean, returns to T2Q to discuss her book tour for "Recommitted: It's Not Too Late" and more. It's been almost a year since I've spoken to her and I look forward to catching up on her career. Aside... more
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Breath. Teeth. Hair. All of those things have a tendency to get out of control if we don't "handle our business." For some people, they are deal breakers in relationships if all of the above aren't maintained in high fashion. However,... more

Guys don't take pride in getting girls like years past. Now it's becoming more common to get women by "any means necessary." Unfortunately, that route is glorified by some musicians who insinuate that it's okay to "pop a molly" into a... more

I have no doubt in my mind that this episode will be extremely controversial. Adoption is a sore subject for many reasons. Mainly because it displaces a child from its parents. A lot of people don't look at the fact that the child may have a... more

Although celebrities don't ask to be role models, they are. Most of them are poor ones, but celebs are role models nonetheless. It seems that every week Beyonce and Jay Z are in the headlines for doing or not doing something. Either way, it's... more

When I first started this talk show, it was because I felt as if I had something to say. I was sick with what I was seeing on TV and I wanted to voice my opinion about it. 325 shows later I still haven't found a reason to stop talking. I'm hoping... more

You're at the mall with your new mate when your ex notices you and tries to get your attention. Do you ignore? Acknowledge? What do you do? We can allow our ex's to put us in some very compromising positions if we're not open,... more

Joining a gym is something that's more common these days. Getting in shape is something that just about everyone considers at some point. However, the atmosphere at the gym can be intimidating to some. What happens when a 300... more

A mid-week special episode to get caught up on the world of sports. A lot of moves have been made in the NFL since the last time Zone Coverage aired: - Michael Vick is a Jet - Mark Sanchez is an Eagle (or almost one if not officially)... more

In today's "microwave society," it's all about "the now." The future is rarely considered. That's probably why there's so much bad decision-making these days. People are so focused on today that they fail to see how things will be affected... more

This show will feature my female Show Legends only and for the first time will not have me as a host! Please welcome Crystal Hickerson as tonight's guest host! The ladies will discuss what a real woman goes through in her day-to-day living... more
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