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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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The Show Legends and I wrap up Super Bowl XLIX. Who made the right decisions out there on the field and who blew it for their team will be just a couple of the many questions we'll ask. In addition to that we'll revisit our preseason predictions to see how far off base we all were in our guesses. We'll also get into the discussion of "The Greatest" in a series of categories we'll go over in the upcoming Zone Coverage shows. Tonight we'll get into the "Greatest Venues." Where is the mecca located for each sport? Football? Basketball? Etc. These things and more as Zone Coverage continues on T2Q! "No experts. Just opinions." Scheduled for 120 mins. Show No. 440
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Crystal used the term on a recent show and gave me the idea for this relationship topic: how can you ignore 'love in your face'? What do you do when you have "love in your face" and you don't want it? It can be for one of many reasons you... more

The Show Legends, callers, and I break down the upcoming Super Bowl match up between the New England Patriots and defending champion, Seattle Seahawks! Wil there be an overflow of Deflategate talk that distracts the Patriots? Will... more

Some guys without a dime to their names approach women giving them their best game. Because things are different in 2015, sometimes it works, However, for those with standards, it does not. I'm not saying you have to buy a woman's... more

Here we are! The final four teams left in the 2014-15 NFL season. However, a lot has happened over the past week aside from these four teams advancing. There are been numerous coaching changes as the NFL teams who are... more

It's exactly one month before Valentine's Day and I figured that I would do all of you a huge favor: I'm going to teach you how to get in good with your mate. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Q, what makes you the authority on getting... more

Wait. What? T2Q is discussing buying cars? You're doggone right! This show hits on everything! Tonight we will solicit the non-expert advice from the Show Legends to gain insight on the best practices for car shopping. Cars are so... more

And then there were four... Well, it will be after the Divisional Rounds of the NFL Playoffs conclude. There are some interesting match-ups which may be an understatement when the best 8 teams in football square off. Baltimore travels... more

Yeah, that's right. There is an art to courting a woman. Oh, wait. You don't even know what courting is, do you? Well, allow me to explain. The art of courting is essentially the "mating dance" of humans. It's when the man makes his... more

Yet another installment of the LTOS series as I welcome back author, Marrie Lobel. Joining her will be a newcomer from the Little Shop of O's, Michele Schalin. Tonight, we will be discussing the art of foreplay. Foreplay is... more
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