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The show is fueled by opinions so feel free to speak your mind. Unlike most shows where you simply listen to the host, I allow you a chance to do the talking completely uncensored.

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Okay, Preseason is about to wrap up, but the injuries are starting to mount up. Every morning I'm reading about Player X being lost for an extended period of time due to an injury. Is it time to make some changes in regards to Preseason? Not reduce the number of games because I think the physical contact is needed to "get right" for the NFL. I think it's time that they expand the roster to allow for more rookie free agents to join camp. That will boost the teams with enough members to actually have only rookies (and veterans on the verge of not making it) play and get evaluated by the coaches in games. That would keep the vets away from harm until they played in the last Preseason game. Would that help or hurt things? It's hard to say, but we'll discuss it on the show. Also, regardless of if they make changes to the formats for Preseason or not, the cost of admission to Preseason has to be reduced! Its ridiculous how some stadiums (AT&T Stadium) charges full price to see an exhibition game. What would be a fair reduction in your mind? 50% off? 25% off? These things and Johnny Manziel giving the finger, and Mo'Ne Davis from Little League on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! We'll break things down Zone Coverage style! "No experts. Just opinions." Show No. 385
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* Unfortunately, an emergency has caused me to postpone my interview with adult starlet, Bethany Benz. Thoughts and prayers go out to her. * However, we will stick with the theme of adult movies on tonight's show! Do you watch ? It was... more

This show is tailor-made for M&M. Although we know that it's against "the code" to give "the game" away, this is a discussion that needs to be had. There are so many strategies that women and men use to gain leverage in relationships.... more

Ray Rice was suspended for abusing his now wife. He held a press conference to apologize to the nation and tell everyone why he was wrong. Of course that's society's way of cleaning up an image, but is it really necessary to do? Should... more

Sometimes parents can take things a bit too far. They do what they can to protect their little ones, but wind up making things much, much worse. Kids have it hard in 2014 and although it takes a delicate approach to raising them, balance is... more

Tonight's show should be off the chain as I am joined by one of the realty stars of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Mama Joyce (Jones)! She's the mother of former Xscape singer/songwriter, Kandi Burruss and she has been a huge part... more

Oh, it's that time! It's that time! The time of the year when men try to finish up their "honey-do lists" to get situated for football! The NFL is back and although Preseason will be boring except for Week 3 and injury reports, it's still the NFL.... more

A lot of us pride ourselves on being responsible people. We also want things out of life that we see other people enjoy. A lot of us want a family, a nice job, a beautiful home, perfect spouse, the list goes on. However, none of those things... more

There is a huge crime wave going across the country. Chicago, Jackson, Oakland and the entire state of Florida to name a few. Burglaries, assaults, murders galore. The police force isn't large enough to stop what's going on and the... more

The Show Legends and I mix it up in discussing the NFL and any other sports that may come to mind. So much is going on with the NFL in regards to training camps. Unfortunately, there are injuries popping up on the tickers each and... more
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