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Ezra is a Stand Up Comedian and also an Advice Columnist. He brings the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth! This is one of the most talked about and exciting shows on blogtalkradio. Also, send questions to

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We were so OFF DA CHAIN last week, they cut us off for goin 1hr over time! I'm just finishing up what we started!

Join me and my co=host Big Al Caliogone as we take questions and comments on DATING! I will have a special guest onboard to really make this show FUN, EXCITING, and INFORMATIVE! Get all your dating questions answered when... more

Join me and Big Al Caligone as we continue our discussion from last night! Women, if you are guessing what REAL MEN want from REAL WOMEN, you don't need to miss this show! We keep it REAL!

Ladies......U think you really know what men want from a woman? You don't! Tune in tonite @ 9:00pm so you obtain the know how to take you into HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS! Talk To Me and my co-host Big Al Caligone as we bring to... more

There is a Myth going around that most Successful Black Women are Single because there are not enough Successful Black Men available for them. Join me for Pt. 2 of this topic Tues. May 11 at 9:00pm so we can wrap this up and... more

Why are so many SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMEN SINGLE? Is it because there is no MAN equal to their level of suces?, Is it that they are TOO PICKY? Is it that they feel as though they will have to lower their standards to accept the... more

In these days, we see so many children falling prey to the pitfalls of society. How many of these pitfalls can be AVOIDED just by the INSTALLATION of MORALITY and RESPECT from the home before entering the environment. Join Me and... more

We are putting the finishing touches on our HOTT topic from last weeek. We went overboard and still didn't finish. Tune in to participate!

Join me and my co-host Big Al Caligone as we take calls and discuss what is important to so many relationships.....SEX! Some women say it's OVERRATED in their relationships, but they also say their men CHEAT! Do they... more

Join Ezra and his friends as they take a walk down Memory Lane through South Park Texas. Hear some funny tales and recants about some of the great landmarks that makes South Park Texas an ICON! Alcott Elementary, Kelso... more
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