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Most of us are terrified of being different. We will do all we can do to fit in. Remembering that this world isn't our home is crutial to our existence as christians. We are to represent Christ even in our very worst. Let us dare to... more

I now realize that I'm living in this world....yeah..aha moment and I never thougth I would get to see this come to pass...

Have you ever been in a life threatening situation, one that you doubted you probably walk out of alive? Were you so paralyzed by fear that you forgot there were things you probably knew to do, like call on the name of Jesus! But didn't... more

What are you doing…or not doing? There are those of us that opt to say nothing, at least verbally, without realizing that in saying/doing nothing, we are indeed speaking/acting louder than the loudest verbal expresser…. If we... more

We are ambassadors of the kingdom of God. Meaning we are the representation of Godliness in this foreign land (the world). Let everything you do be in accordance and agreement with the kingdom that you represent.

There isn't anything you can't achieve if you set your mind on it

United we stand.. Asunder we fall

Is death an appointment? Are some of the appointment made earlier than others? When Aaron Alexis walked into the Washington DC Navy yard and killed 12 people prior to being shot dead by the police that responded to the shooting is it... more

There are things that no one wants to talk about…The fact that female abuse is still common in all social-economic classes. The women on the receiving end of the abuse have learnt to hide the abuse, trying as best as they might to... more

Have you ever had anyone ask you to define success? Most of us associate success with humongous bank accounts, with limitless funds, luxury homes, and fancy car collection etc. Is that what defines success, there are thousands... more
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