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Take the Black Podcast: We look back on the second half of Game of Thrones S7

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Take the Black

Take the Black


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Welcome to another episode of Take the Black, Winter is Coming’s Game of Thrones podcast. This week, we continue our look back at season 7 recap, picking up with “Eastwatch” and going through to the end of “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Our panel picks (and nitpicks) through the highs and lows.

Our topics include:

  • Jaime and Bronn’s escape from Drogon. Too much?
  • Is Cersei’s pregnancy a fake?
  • We gush over Jon Snow’s bonding moment with Drogon.
  • Jorah returns, but he hasn’t left the friendzone.
  • Fermented Crab must taste awful.
  • We tackle Jon Snow’s quest to catch a wight. We weren’t huge fans. “Beyond the Wall” in general takes a bit of a beating.
  • On the rebound, we loved the Dragonpit sequence from “The Dragon and the Wolf.”
  • We discuss the dimensions and implications of #BoatSex, which was made all the better because of Kit Harington’s amazing bottom.
  • Littlefinger’s death was awesome, but the story that led it…
  • Undead Viserion was scary as f*ck.
  • What happened to Tormund and Beric?

As usual, Take the Black leans heavily on the NSFW side (beware of F-bombs). You’ve been warned.

UPDATE: Apologies for the technical difficulties. The episode should play just fine now.