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Take Our Country Back


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Dedicated to the men and women of the United States Military fighting the Islamic Menace that our government has wrongly mistaken as a peaceful religion.

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Talk about an international embarrassment! As the media slobbers all over the "Won" running around sniffing Obama's seat cushions, is it any wonder at all the "Won's" ratings are tanking? And what about the "Won" claiming credit over the... more

I listened to Obama's Speech of many apologies today and the common theme was: "America sucks. Israel sucks. Islam sucks. Everyone sucks that doesn't agree with me." Obama is out of his element and Iran let him know it.... more

I know. That's a silly question seeing that they have exchanged Truth for a lie. Why is that? The answer to that and much more on Take Our Country Back Radio.

As our Nation slips into the Abyss of Marxism, I often reflect upon those that call themselves "patriots" on either side of the aisle or fence. The obvious free-fall into the Disunited Socialist Sates of Amerikkka is bewildering and what makes... more

Some idiot murdered Tiller the Baby Killer! Was it the moron that pulled the trigger or was he merely a victim of imposed circumstances? If we ever get to the bottom of those questions and if we ever get the answers, how can we apply it, or... more

The funniest sound I ever heard - obamaobamaobama - and other similar weirdness will be discussed today. We will reveal some serious Obama buyer's remorse. It should surprise you because, well, it surprised me.

Pay no attention to the chaff being dispensed by the Obama Clan. We have work to do. We will start off with an audio clip revealing just how pathetic Americans are and how our education system is a dismal failure. We will then go on to... more

Aqualung. It reminds me of Obama. That and other things.

I guess the conversation will only last about 15 seconds so we just might have to talk about something else. Sonia Sotomayor, a leftist hack, is now being presented as a "moderate" and we all know that Obama has redefined the... more
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