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Take Charge of Your Productivity

Take Charge of Your Productivity


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Distractions and increased demands have forced us into unproductive patterns of action. It is time to Take Charge of your Time and Energy

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Peter Drucker said "Culture will eat strategy for breakfast every time". When you are investing your time, money and energy to make your company more productive, focus on culture! Todays Guest: Theresa Hummel-Krallinger... more

Todays Guest: Carol Hatton-Holmes, CFCP, spent the first 20 years of her working life in Corporate America. She held various positions with IBM, SunGard, GTE and Sprint in national account management, human resources... more

In order for you to be productive, you have to be accountable. You have to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and own them at all levels. Its;t it time you got accountable? Accountability is about sustainability.... more

Peter Druker is quoted saying that "culture will eat strategy for breakfast every time". Although most people in business believe that the key to business success is in the strategy, companies like Apple and Zappos understand that the key... more

This week we are talking about Perfection and how it stems from our self-talk or inner Language. Language is one of the four core drivers that make up our psychology, and from my experience language is THE most important ingredient... more

One of my favorite quotes from Peter Drucker is "culture eats strategy for breakfast every time"! Most people think the key to their businesses success is their strategy. The fact is the key to the success of any organization is... more

According to todays guest CRAP means Clutter that Robs Anyone of Pleasure. Clutter comes in 2 forms mental and physical and often they are related. It is time to get rid of your CRAP. Ever find that when things are hectic in your life... more

Many entrepreneurs are frustrated with understanding how to make marketing and advertising work for them. There are so many options and possibilities and everyone will take your money but how do you know you are doing the right... more

How many times do you look back and wonder where does the time go. Maybe its at the end of the day and before you know it the week has gone by and then the a month and a year. So often I hear I should have done this, wanted to do that... more

Work-life balance is an interesting discussion. Many people feel it is impossible and give up trying while others obsess over it. What is balance anyway? Is it possible? How do I know I have it? What is the time frame for evaluating it:... more