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    Picktainment Movie Podcast: Horrible Bosses, Zookeeper, Nim

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    The Picktainment crew reviews Horrible Bosses, Zookeeper, and Project Nim.

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    2014 BLBC Spring Scavenger Hunt winner P.J. Kohn

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    Here at Reptile Radio we feel really connected with the listeners of our show. Regular fans of our program know that we've been plugging the Bush League Breeders Club annual Spring Scavenger Hunt for years now. As happenstance would have it, this year's Hunt winner is also a huge fan of "The Double R". This is the first year that the BLBC Contest Committee offered an appearance on the show as the crowned jewel of the grand prize package, so having this year's Hunt winner P.J. Kohn on the show is really sweet for everyone involved. CK hosts this episode with the herpin' zookeeper from the great state of Michigan, P.J. Kohn. We'll be talking more than just snakes on this one folks, so tune in and enjoy!

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    "If I Could Talk With The Animals"

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    For decades, filmmakers have toyed with the notion, and with some success, of having man and animal share the same "limelight". Movies like "Lassie" and "Ladd a Dog" come to mind, from back in the 60's. Well, we'd like to take this friendship, between man and animal, into the new millennium, with some wildly creative, and fun films including man, animals, and animation! Tune in and join the conversation!

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    Crazy Carpets!

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    Tonight we will be interviewing Brad Walker of Crazy Carpets! Crazy Carpets was established in 2009 by Brad Walker who has over 25 years experience as a zookeeper/curator, wildlife teacher and private reptile keeper. Crazy Carpets is a reptile breeding facility specialising in Australian pythons. Crazy Carpets is located in the Hawkesbury area of NSW and is a private facility, it is therefore not open to the general public.
    Brad writes an informative Reptile Keeping blog on Kritter's Crumble called Brad's Snake Pit, it has all sorts of interesting facts and advice.
    We will also cover our usual topics in the show. 
    Don't miss out!

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    Women's health and wealth

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    *Join me as I speak with Brittany Prentice, wellness coach at Healthy Girl.  Brittany will discuss her journey from zookeeper to health and weallness and ultimately coaching women toward health and wealth.  Brittany will share her tips on maintaining wellness and how it leads to personal and professional abundance.
    To learn more about Brittany you can check out her bio here:
    *This episode has been pre-recorded.

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    How Do You Go From a Zookeeper to a Girly Web Geek ?

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    Join our special guest, Lara Kulpa.--- Lara has been a plus size model, photographer for a volunteer fire department, personal trainer, lab technician for a biotech company, zookeeper, and retired racing greyhound rescuer.--- Finally, she's found her true calling, in her thirties no less! Though she knows that animals will always play an integral part in her life, Lara truly enjoys helping people find their place on the web, and helping them to develop and grow their businesses online.

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    Rex Skes Movie Beat chats w casting director Paul Weber PT 3

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    Paul Weber, CSA, PT3 is one of Hollywood’s most respected Casting Directors. As longtime Executive Head of Television Casting and Feature Film Consultant for MGM Studios, Weber effectively moved between both mediums with ease.
    Rex Sikes' Movie Beat is sponsoring a one day casting workshop with Paul Saturday October 13 in Milwaukee, WI and during the show we will discuss what actors need to know to be professional in their career, to make advancements, book more work and getting casting directors and directors to take notice. Paul will cover this and more in the workshop, look at scene work and headshots and make recomendations. This show will include information on how you can attend. Workshop is also for directors who want to get better at casting actors in their projects.
    For series television, Weber cast the wildly popular STARGATE franchise. SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA, SHE SPIES, POLTERGEIST, DEAD LIKE ME, and THE OUTER LIMITS. For the big screen, Weber has advised on numerous MGM features including the blockbuster JAMES BOND franchise, FAME, ZOOKEEPER with Kevin James, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, RED DAWN with Chris Hemsworth, Joss Whedon’s CABIN IN THE WOODS 3D, and THE MACHINE starring Vin Diesel. Home entertainment credits include LEGALLY BLONDES with Ashley Tisdale. Weber is now a fully independent casting director and producer. Busier than ever, his current feature projects include BEULAH starring Dakota Fanning and Ryan Phillipe, THE UNEXPECTED with Paul Giamatti, and THE STUPIDEST ANGEL based on the bestselling novel by Christopher Moore. TV series projects include THE L.A. COMPLEX premiering this summer on the CW as well as SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE and NOIR for the Starz Network.  Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

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    Diane Ackerman: One Hundred Names for Love

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    Poet, essayist, and naturalist, Diane Ackerman is the author of two dozen highly acclaimed works of non-fiction and poetry, including A Natural History of Senses and The Zookeeper's Wife.  In this episode, Diane and I talk about her newest work, a memoir titled, One Hundred Names for Love.

    When Ackerman's husband of 35 years suffered a massive stroke, he lost his command of language.  In the beginning, he could only utter one syllable, "mem".

    And for Paul West, a writer, poet and professor, that was a devastating blow.  Over the next six years, his wife refused to give up hope.  She saturated him with language and never left his side.  Diane has written about the experience in this new book.  In it she shares the touching story of their marriage and explores the role of becoming a caregiver.

    Diane's story will touch your heart!

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    Christian Devotions Speak UP! with Brenda Lancaster

    in The Bible

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott McCausey talks with author and Boot Camp Graduate, Brenda Lancaster.
    Brenda Lancaster is a wife, mother, grandmother, and beloved mentor intent on bringing hope, help and harmony to women’s hearts and homes. An acclaimed Bible teacher and the founder of Zookeepers Ministries (2002), Brenda is the author of Living in a Zoo? as well as a Bible study, A Portrait of Ruth (1999). She is currently working on a companion series of children’s books for Living in a Zoo? and a novel drawn from family experiences. A new arm of Zookeepers, entitled R.E.S.C.U.E., will begin soon. R.E.S.C.U.E. will reach out and minister to teenage girls struggling in the cultural quagmire of the 21st Century.
    Brenda has been married to her high school sweetheart for over forty years. Her husband Tom, who serves as a deacon and works with the Upward Sports programs for their church, will be working alongside Brenda with R.E.S.C.U.E.T.O.O., a ministry to parents of wayward teens (a division of Zookeepers Ministries). They have three married sons and six grandchildren. Brenda says life never gets better than when she and Papa Tom head out to the beach with those six incredible kids and their Golden Retriever, Sandy. They make their home in Greensboro, NC.

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    The Matthew Aaron Show, July 13th (Guest: Rock Reuben)

    in Entertainment

    Michael "Rock" Reuben, Executive Producer of King of Queens and co-writer of "Zookeeper" joins Matthew for a conversation about his career and upcoming projects, among other things.
    www.thematthewaaronshow.com is the place to find all the best concerning your favorite celebrities and the cast and crew of the show.

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