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    Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. The Blackfinity Gauntlet Meet-Up and Blerd Unity.

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    We start off tonight talking about trailers.

    A number of people took issue with Zoe Saldana's potrayal of Nina Simone. The issues was not with her performance, but with a skin color. We'll talk about how skin color came into play with her new project. 

    The conversation evolves to talking about The Blackfinity Gauntlet Meet-Up on March 19th and unity in the Blerd Community. 


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    Guardians of the Galaxy Star Zoe Saldana

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    Hear an interview with Zoe Saldana who stars in Guardians of the Galaxy, set to be a big movie this summer.

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    Cat is Back! After a behind the scenes mini meltdown and a counseling session from myself, Cat has decided to stick with the team. Like her told her during her anxiety attack, the show must go on! Miz da Great will be joining us until Henny's drunk ass decides to show up. We will be discussing fetishes, obessions and weird shit and Zoe Saldana in black face. 

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Star Zoe Saldana

    in Romance

    Hear an interview with Zoe Saldana who stars in Guardians of the Galaxy, set to be a big movie this summer.

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    That's Entertainment Online Radio

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    Why is Katt Williams in the middle of another chapter of drama?  Why is Zoe Saldana still receiving criticism from fans about her role in the NIna Simone biopic?  Is Iyanla Vanzant ready to have a "Fix My Life" moment with Kanye West?  Did Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez, just landed a movie role with Vin Diesel?  And which rock band is the first to perform in Cuba?  Tune in to another edition of That's Entertainment!  Your #1 source for entertainment news and pop culture, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs, today at 1:00pm ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs or call in to listen at 347-637-2656  

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    The Nina Simone Movie Controversy and The State of Black Cinema|The RICH Report

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    The upcoming Nina Simone movie biopic has caused rumblings that could be felt from Simone’s fans all the way to her family and everywhere else in between.  And one can understand the uproar due to the producers choosing Zoe Saldana. The make-up department comes up with ‘Blackface’ and prosthetics which is an insult to the legendary singer/musician Nina Simone.  The second part to this biopic outrage comes by knowing the film is produced and distributed by Indigenous Negro Americans. The whole thing wreaks of black-on-black crime in Hollywood, especially when you consider Ms. Simone’s outlook on skin hue, and how she championed her complexion despite the abuse and abandonment from the entertainment industry because of it. 

    SEGMENT 2 How far as black cinema come since the days of Oscar Micheaux?  Sure, we’ve come a ways, but contrary to the popular prevailing belief, not that long of a way.  And the more things change, the more they stay the same.  In fact, it could be said that Black Cinema is still in its infancy stage as we remain grounded in “ghetto/hood” themes. We are sorely lacking in understanding film aesthetics among many aspects of cinema.  Join me as we discuss the Nina Simone film controversy, the myth of Black Hollywood, where we stand in cinema today and what we could do to advance in a huge industry controlled by only a limited group of people. 

    Hosted by Gabriel Rich with guests Kimberly Wellington and  in the second half Filmmaker Mathew A Cherry


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    "Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?"...LIVE "KEEPING IT REAL FRIDAYS"!

    in Radio

    "Keeping it REAL Fridays” on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” returned LIVE last night with our long awaited special on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, where we discussed: police brutality, racial profiling, black on black crime, lack of quality parenting, inadequate schooling and the REAL problems plaguing the black community. To also hear us discuss “What’s Going on in the World” topics like: the latest Democratic & Republican debates, Ben Carson’s recent endorsement of Donald Trump, what Barack Obama & the government don’t want you to know about illegal immigration, the controversy surrounding Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone, Kim Kardashian taking nude selfies and the effect that mothers who lack respectability has on children, Katt Williams/Beanie Sigel, James Fortune assaulting his wife, “Ask Dedan” Advice Hour…plus MANY other issues, click this link to listen now!

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    Special guest - hope flood - You are not the father,Nina Simone, Kat Williams

    in Comedy

    1. Intro
    2. You Are NOT The Father - What would you do if you found out your 9yr old isn't yours?
    Girl Pushed at Trump Rally & the Repercussions
    3. Nina Simone Biopic - Zoe Saldana in blackface
    4. Special Guest: Hope Flood
    5. Kat Williams = Hot Mess, getting stomped out by Philly Rapper Boone.
    6. Woman finds out her Husband is her Father
    7. Outro

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    Zoe Saldana's Nina Simone Biopic Backlash, OJ Simpson's Buried Knife?, + R. Solo

    in Pop Culture

    The show where the listeners have a voice is back! Sunday's 12pm EST. 646-716-8544 to listen!

    #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor and Miss Juddy) As always we got you covered with the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics! No Holds Barred, Funny, Crazy, and sometimes Out of Line! Join us!

    SUNDAY 3/6:

    Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone backlash.
    Knife found buried at the O.J Simpson estate?
    Love and Hip-Hop: Hitting the road.
    Nicki Minaj x Meek Mill: Trouble in paradise?

    and a whole lot MORE!



    Should couples be able to choose the sex of their baby?


    Relationship Author: R. Solo


    Lastly, #WhatBlowsMine (where you, the listener can call in and tell the world what's that one thing that just gets under your skin)

    Tune in live Sunday afternoon at 12pm EST!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 when you hear a topic you want to chime in about, we'll bring you on live.

    Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Submit music to the be played on the show holliewoodandfriendsradio@gmail.com

    FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES: hamptonblu@gmail.com

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    StockX' Josh Luber Stops By; Zoe's Nina & Ghostbusters Trailers-Sat@6pm EST

    in Pop Culture

    What's up to our stalwart Afronerd Radio supporters/listeners!  Check out the latest edition of The GrindHouse (airing this Saturday at 6pm EST), powered by the Afronerd Radio machine.  Join the "Uncanny" Daryll B, new recruit-Claire Lanay, Capt. Kirk and yours truly, DBurt as they tackle this week's latest issues: StockX' CEO, Josh Luber pays a visit to discuss his new sneaker collector "stock exchange" enterprise, how it works and how other items may be on the horizon to be listed on the site;  actress, Zoe Saldana's (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar) Nina trailer hits the cyberwebs and as expected causes quite a controversy regarding colorism and ethnicity; the female centric Ghostbusters reboot trailer also hit the internet this week; yet another voice over actor from Young Justice hints that higher viewership numbers in the Netflix streaming of the series might contribute to the creation of a third season; after the backslash over the non diverse casting for Netflix's Ironfist, has Marvel offered an olive branch with the news that the Shang Chi character will be making an appearance?; Bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon pens a new comic entitled, The Dragon Rises featuring cover art by Frank Cho. And lastly is Sony back at it again, with talks of a villain centered Venom franchise separate from Spiderman?  Call your Podcast Avengers live at 646-915-9620. 

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    The Zoe Saldana / Star Trek Redux Show!

    in Film

    On the next Double Down Film Show we’ll celebrate the DVD release of the summer blockbuster, Star Trek, with a special encore of our interview with rapidly rising star, and friend of the show, Zoe Saldana.

    From a slate of indies including, Co-host, Pete Chatmon’s debut feature, PREMIUM, Zoe has gone on to star in mega-films such as STAR TREK and James Cameron’s soon-to-be released 3-D mega-movie, AVATAR. Find out why she still loves working on indie films, her do’s and don’t’s for first-time directors and her candid real-world advice for aspiring actors.

    Plus we’ll be giving out more golden nuggets with a special segment entitled 5 Eye-Opening Revelations for Film Students. If you’re dropping $20,000 - $50,000 on a film school education and just blindly following the curriculum, you’re only getting half of what film school has to offer. Get our best tips for maximizing the film school experience and building a solid filmmaking career while still in film school. We learned it all the hard way so you don’t have to.