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    Chris Kilham, author of The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook

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    Join Hugh T Alkemi and special guest Chris Kilham as they discuss Ayahuasca and ethnobotany LIVE with callers and questions! Chris has just released a new book entitled Ayahuasca Test Pilots. Consider calling in to have your questions answered directly 347-855-8334



    BIO:  Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, and has explored traditional medicines and psychoactive plants for decades in over 45 countries. 

    The author of fifteen books, his latest work is The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook, The Essential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying.

    His best-selling yoga book, The Five Tibetans, is published in 27 languages. Chris has practiced yoga daily and taught since 1970, and has studied with South American shamans since 1993. He drinks ayahuasca regularly in the Amazon. He is a chief, a fire walker, a former diplomat. 

    Chris is a FOX News correspondent featured in over 100 countries, is a regular guest on The Dr OZ Show, and appears on CNN, ABC, NBC, PBS, and numerous other TV networks. He has been featured in major media globally, including The New York Times, Outside Magazine, and Psychology Today. CNN calls Chris “The Indiana Jones of Natural Medicine.” Chris lives and works in western Massachusetts with his wife, artist/activist Zoe.

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    “What Really Matters Most in Life?”

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    Replays, links and resources at http://anyasophiamann.com/quantum-alchemy/

    This week Anya asks the question ‘what really matters most in life?’ It’s so easy these days to get caught up in the everyday business of making a living, paying our bills, and providing for ourselves and our families that we can easily think that that really is the most important thing in our lives, but is it? Why do we do it? Who do we do it for? What is is all about? And when the going gets tough, what is it that carries us through and keeps us going? Join Anya for this last live call-in of 2014 for coaching on what really matters most in your life, and how you can align more fully with that for a deeper sense of fulfillment.

    Call early (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on any personal or business matter-  to receive masterful intuitive coaching in the moment that can quantum leap your life!

    ALSO stay tuned at 10:00 MST for Unwavering Strength 2:

    #24 This episode features co-author Tracy Friesen. Tracy’s story is one of deep self-inquiry and self-searching. The unexpected death of her Father in difficult circumstances led Tracy in the depths of her grief to question herself, and whether there was anything she could or should have done differently. Listen as she shares with Anya her deep and intimate story of courage to confidence.

    #25 This episode features co-author Gail Harris.  Like many women, Gail wanted a family of her own. When it became clear that this wasn’t happening she followed the path of adoption which she describes as a ‘pilgrimage’. Listen as she shares with Anya the joys, pain, loss, strength, courage and insight that she experienced on her journey.

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    Uranus started squaring Pluto in 2012, it was the beginning of revolutionary upheaval and rebirthing energy in our lives that was meant to bring deep change and an awakening by the time the squares completed in March 2015. There are 7 squares in all and this week we reach #6. That means we are at another turning point in our evolution with this energy combo. Think about how the last time these energies were together and what happened then, it was the late 60's, there was war, revolution, drugs, free love, and the most radical changes we've seen in a along while. Now we are the ones going through it in some way. You leave this Uranus/Pluto configuration empowered, enlightened and free in some way that you were not when it began. Tune in to hear Zoe Moon talk about what this one means for your sign.

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    My Mother is a free woman Pt. 4: What does she look like?

    in Religion

    Galatians 4:26:  "But the Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all."

    Paul brought before the eyes of our hearts this wonderful truth here in Galatians Chapter 4.  So many people have suffered much in this life by loosing their mothers to an early death, have been physically abused or abandoned by their mother, that there is a brokenness and hole in them.

    God is a healer, a binder of broken hearts and a restorer of the breaches created in our life by the calamities we go through.

    He is a new Father to those who receive Jesus as Savior, and also He gives a 'new mother', as Paul tells us here in Galatians 4:26.

    Is there a description of this new mother to be found in the Bible?  Yes, a very good, inspiring one in the Book of Hebrews.





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    My Mother is a Free Woman Pt 3: Abraham had two sons

    in Religion

    Much can be learned from the allegory that Paul shares in Galatians 4.  Today we look at two lists....one representing the Life in Christ and the other representing the life in the FLESH.

    The Galatians were being drawn back into living motivated by works in their relationship with God, rather than being motivated by the Spirit.

    As believers, we have the constant temptation to do that also.  We may not have the 'Judaizers' in particular, as the Galatians had, but we have our own flesh, that like to take pride in its 'works'.  We have our own mind, which like to think it is smarter than God.  And we have the devil driving us to living after the flesh rather than the Spirit.

    Sarah & Hagar.  They have much to teach us about our walk as believers.

    They represent two mothers.....

    Want some fresh manna?  It is found here in this allegory.

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    The Guys From Guy Code

    in Lifestyle

    For everything Mama never told you... real, raw & relevant info on love, sex & relationships! Download the "Dr. Zoe Today" app, available in the App Store & Google Play http://DrZoeToday.com 

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    Paranormal World Live - Borderline Paranormal (December 11, 2014)

    in Paranormal

    December 11, 2014 Edition of Paranormal World Live with Borderline Paranormal Investigations.

    Join us as we discuss their most terrifying investigations and showcase some of their intense evidence.

    Borderline Paranormal Investigators was founded by head investigator Corey Beaver. The team is based out of Carl Junction, Missouri and consists of four total members Lead Investigator/Research Micheal Willson, Equipment Tech/ Investigator Zoe Brackett, and Head equipment tech Robert Walters. BLPI has done investigations From haunted Asylums, abandon hospitals, to schools, bed and breakfasts, and the ever so popular home investigations. Their goal as a team is to not be know as ghost hunters, but as a Paranormal research team searching for answers!

    Call in to ask questions or chat with the team (657)-383-1521. 

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    Want to know what is approaching in your astrology for the week ahead? Tune in to Zoe Moon to hear about your sign's hororscopes in the week ahead, there's so much more to know!

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    Holly Stephey & Astrologer to the stars, Zoe Moon!

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    I love having Zoey on , this will be a great show !

    Zoe Moon began her journey as a singer/songwriter with BMG Music and Arista Records, traveling the country, connecting with others of varying spiritual disciplines, sharing song and insights, and honing her techniques as a reader. She worked in television and film where she connected with her first clients, a base which has grown by word of mouth, through referals. She works fulltime now as an astrologer, writing here and for GlitterBall Magazine, Manchester Gossip, The Cosmic Path, OM Times Magazine, Northwest Woman's Magazine, and Vault of Heaven. She has an upcoming tv show in development and 2 more in talks. You can request a private reading from Zoe by writing her here http://zoemoonastrology@gmail.com

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    My Mother is a Free Woman continued: Paul's allegory

    in Religion

    We are doing a short series about your 'heavenly mother'.  This term Paul received in the revelation given to him by Christ after his conversion, as the Holy Spirit breathed on the Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah and His Kingdom.

    Christians are aware that they have a , 'Heavenly Father", but most don't realize that they also have a heavenly mother.

    In this broadcast, we are going to look at the 'two's' in Paul's allegory found in Galatians 4.

    I would encourage you to listen to all the broadcasts in this series.  The 'unseen' realities will be visible to the eyes of your heart.



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    Zoe Sugg, Who is this young lady 24 years old Internet Dreamer. $20.000 a Month

    in Entertainment

    This young lady took what she loved doing and is now over 400 million Youtube views in and counting since getting recognized by the major social media moguls, if I may say so myself Im quite impressed.

    Here's a link to the VLOGGERS making millions just to post anything they want. 


    What kind of Personality are you? you like talking, telling jokes to your friends and family or anyone that hears your jokes. If your a people please drawn to you? There may be some $$$$ waiting for you, hey go check it out before the opportunity changes the game. 

    I already know what's going to happen.


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