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    He (God) Has Given Us All Things That Pertain To Life (Zoe) and Godliness

    in Spirituality

    We share a lived experience in Christ as believers.  We share a common salvation.  We must therefore radically quit the world and its seductive, and violent illusions.  For us it is the protracted gaze upon the person of Jesus that saves.  Peter only failed to walk upon the water when he took his eyes offf Jesus.  So it is with us too.  When we take our eyes off Jesus the world rushes in with its soiled and myopic schemes.  My brothers and sisters the form of this present age is being caused to pass away by the causative action of God.

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    Learning To Heal all 'Real'ationships With Zoe Nicluas

    in Spirituality

    Join us  for our SECOND show on Relationship,this is a  4 part series. This show will talk about why we have troubles with realationships .Zoe will be setting the energy with an amazing meditation . The night will be about CLEARING and starting new, so that you will attract and change your freguency to attract the highest realationship.

     Being REAL is  the  most importent and highest way to achieve  relationships. Getting past old fears and rising to a new way of being in Relationship is what this show will be dealing with  . We will be talking about some reasons Spiritually we run into difficulties. From old  past life attachments that maybe causing the attractions that don't serve your highest . Or the many other energetic blocks that could be in the way of attacting what you truly want.

    This is a very Importent show, since  relationship is the most importent connection you have , from your parents to your brothers and sisters , your husband and wives. But  ALL energy  starts with your connection to spirit, and then follows through in your personal lives. When you can see patterns of attraction ,The same freguency reacuring over and over . Thats when you know you are needing to clear and reboot your energy field.

    Zoe Niclaus is a Theta healer and medium phychic , she is a expert on seeing blocked energies and releasing them .

    We will be taking calls  so have one question in your heart so that Zoe can help clear and heal any situations getting in the way of having a  great relationship with yourself and others .For a more extensive healing session call   Zoe.niclaus@gmail.com

    or call her at 1-310-651-1545

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    Prince, Missy Bevers Investigation Profiles,WHERE ARE THEY? with Linda Crystal

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday April 27, 2016 at 6:30pm EST on WHERE ARE THEY? with Linda Crystal features Investigation Profiles on Prince's Death at 57 years old and Missy Beavers, 45 slain in a Texas Church.

    Star Signs For All signs for the week of 4/27/2016



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    All people are innocent until proven guilty through a court of law. The opinions here are solely the opinions of Linda Crystal. 

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    The Zoe Moon Astrology SCORPIO FULL MOON Show

    in Self Help

    Scorpio rules power, control, manipulation, sex, triangles, divorce, major financial arenas,reproduction, birth, death, and divorce. We build to an emotional climax in at least one of these areas in our week ahead as we build to the Full Moon in Scorpio. Tune in to hear how your sign can best navigate this energy and what to expect!

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    Let's Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha - " The Hand I Was Dealt"

    in Podcasting

    Special Guests: Actor, Producer, Director & Writers Silk Whites aka Zoe, Sherrie Avis aka Vanessa and Devin Sessoms aka Melo

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    Learning How to Heal Yourself SPROUTING SPIRITUAL ROOTS

    in Spirituality

    This will be an exciting show . Healer Zoe Niclaus will take us into a deep medtation to help teach and remind us on how to  use her meditations daily to help center and empower our lives. Zoe uses a wonderful healing method called  THETA HEALING . Zoe is a powerful and dedicated therapist who has been working in the spiritual realms for many years . She is a well known psychic , Her insight and vibration is something to experience . This will be a four part series that will address all of life questions . HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS,WEALTH, PURPOSE, each week she will give meditations and healing so that we will live a happy and more fullifilled life.

    SO, get ready, get quiet and be apart of this amazing show. We be taking calls to help heal and release any stuck areas of your life. Have one focused QUESTION that you would like to work on in mind. For a more in-depth session you can reach Zoe at 1-310-651-1545 or you may go to her website,

    zoe.niclaus@gmail.com to book a session with her.

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    in The Bible

    Join me for about 7 minutes

    Open your hearts and your minds and receive the LIFE OF GOD--ZOE LIFE

    FREE of RAGE --IMMUNITY of this World's death--and TAKE JESUS


    LOVE YOU ALL--join me--send me your prayer requests--or give me a call

    robin@sistersofthelord.com    http://www.sistersofthelord.com     or (country code) 011-918-381-0254



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    The MARS RETROGRADE Show with Zoe Moon Astrology

    in Self Help

    Mars rules passion, anger, fights, war, blood, ardent males, and our motivation. Mars is going to Retrograde starting Sunday the 17th and we are going back into the past with it. Expect old lovers, enemies, anger issues, and situations involving legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, religious, wedding, or political themes to resurface so you can REDO or UNDO something. You'll have 6 weeks ahead to really get this right. Pluto rules sex, reproduction, death, birth, divorce, power struggles, control issues, all financial matters above your paycheck, and third party situations. Pluto is going to Retrograde `9 hours later, the very next day, on Monday the 18th and begin to take us back over anything here with authority figures, our goals, career, reputation, fame, or ambitions. That's a lot of power/drive energy shifting within a tight space of time. It will affect your sign in different ways. On top of this the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th where it will now travel for the next 30 days so we start to show up for what we value, ways to make money, our possessions, and purchases. It's about to get interesting! Tune in and hear how your sign can best fare.

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    Zoe Niclaus, Doug Johnston: Psychic and Astrologer Take Your Calls!

    in Spirituality

    NOTE:  Tonight's show is a special 90 minute broadcast.

    Zoe Niclaus returns to the show to take your calls!  Joining Zoe is Doug Johnston, noted Psychic Astrologist!  On tonight's broadcast, you'll get 2 different answers as both Zoe and Doug will answer your question!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask ONE question for free!  Tonights callers will be asked for your FIRST NAME along with your COMPLETE BIRTHDAY (Month/Day/Year) 

    Zoe is a life long medium and transformational healer.  With over 20 years in the healing arts, Zoe specilizies in clairvoyance, psychometry, astral traveling, psychic mediumshipand more.

    Doug is a noted psychic astrologer.  For Doug's reading, he will need your full birth date (XX/XX/19XX), City/State & Birth TIME am/pm.

    Contact Zoe directly at:
    Email:     zoe.niclaus@gmail.com
    Contact: 310 651-1545   

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    The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY Show NEW MOON new beginnings

    in Self Help

    The New Moon in Aries opens up opportunity for personal and physical passions to move ahead and this particular New Moon rides with Venus and Uranus so we have potential on board with women, love, income, beauty, surprises, reinvention, originality, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gathering, our freedom, and causes in the mix. Tune in to hear about the direction this can take you as well as the opportune days for connecting with others and makin your mark.

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