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    Live with Greg Halvorson--Zippy Botingles's GAFFE Machine

    in Politics Conservative

    57 states...  Navy "corpseman" ...  Hawaii in "Asia" ....  Barack Obama, in reality, gives his braindead running mate a run for his money when it comes to off-the-cuff buffoonery....  During his recent appearance on Leno, the Gaffe Meter MELTED DOWN....  Zippy Botingles off telepropmpter -- always an adventure in IDIOCY.  

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    Live with Greg Halvorson -- Zippy Botingles Goes Rogue

    in Politics Conservative



    "What's truly terrifying - and disturbing - is the blind allegiance displayed by liberals who refuse to even question the reality of ObamaCare and the man behind it... To dismiss immediately ANY examination of this president and his policies - despite clear indications of corruption - is pathological... Indeed, it's behaviorally consistent with cults, which throughout history have engendered violence and death."

    ~Greg Halvorson, The Conservative Hammer

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    Zippy Cart Co-Founder to Discuss e-commerce Solutions for 2011

    in Internet

    Zippy Cart Co-Founder Amy Balliett, will tell us a little about herself and a lot about e-commerce. Jan. 1 2011 will be the launch of Zippy Cart's Top 10 Ecommerce Solutions of 2011. At the end of each year Zippy Cart undergoes a very extensive review process in which they hire a panel of independent experts in the ecommerce industry to help review, test drive, compare, and secret shop over 100 shopping cart software solutions online. Traditionally they score all of the carts on a 5 point & 7 factor flat scale, but this year the scoring algorithm is expanding to include a 15 factor & 5 point weighted scale, which should really set the solutions apart from one another. Once all the carts are scored, they release the expert reviews of the top 20 and their top 10 list for the year (which remains permanent throughout the year). The reviews are unbiased and independent, and they do not let solutions pay for placement on our top 10 list unlike others in the industry. She will also discuss many other plans ZippyCart has in store for 2011 including ecommerce software giveaways, contests, and an improved UX/UI (that will still rest its foundation on SEO of course).

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    in Religion

    The JCHC Slam and Dance Show brings you music, news, reviews and interviews of the Christian hard music scene.

    Todays show features an interview I had with punk rocker J-SON INFIRMITIE formely of KINGS KIDS and now lead singer of INFIRMITIES. Take a listen!

    Bands you can hear on todays show: False Idle, Cleophus, The Deadlines, Zippy Josh, Infirmities, King's Kids, Outlaw County, The Rekoning, Sons of Rachel, Unisef, Upon This Rock, Defyd, Sweet Crystal, Value Pac, The Way, Spyker, Over Mortal, Ruby Joe

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    Building Unity: Tue: 1/8/13: 8PM EST

    in Religion

    United we stand, divided we fall, however we are each vulnerable to the passions that stir disunity. Vickie Kimani  and  Zippy Wambui Elikanah will give us tips on  relying on  God’s grace, and unfailing love for one another, to maintain that unity in the Spirit that marks Christ’s sacrificial love.
    Listen live: 619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseshow.com.

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    Becoming A goal oriented woman

    in Religion

    Are you a goal oriented woman?Our guest Zippy Wambui Elikanah will give us tips on becoming a goal oriented woman.Listen live:619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseradio.com
    Thank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Show. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    The Power of Resilience: Tue, 10/9/12, 8PM EDT

    in Religion

    Resilient people have a positive attitude which is accompanied by skills that enable them to navigate life's challenges with faith and confidence. Our guest Zippy Wambui will give us tips on developing power of resilience. Listen live: 619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseradio.orgThank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Radio. Beatrice Ndura - Host

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    Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head in Journey's of the Crystal Sk

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”
    with Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
    in “Journey's of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Discover the True Secrets That Are Hidden Within the Crystal Skull”
    SuNite, 11 November 2012
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    On Spiritual Image Production’s BlogTalkRadio
    The name Joshua Shapiro (aka Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro or R. Joshua Shapiro) has become intrinsically associated with crystal skulls. He is currently one of the foremost "experts" in the field of crystal skulls, and his passion for them drives him to share the crystal skull phenomenon with people all over the world.
    Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head have eight other companion crystal skulls which travel with Portal de Luz ("Portal of Light") called Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye (clear dark smoky quartz, about 1-2 lbs), Little Indian Princess (rose quartz, 1/3 of a lb), Purple Starbright / Zippy One-Eye (amethyst, about 2 lbs), The King / Laialani (1 lb amethyst Star Being Skull), The Guardian (rose quartz, less then 1 lb), Anton (clear quartz, 9-10 ounces), Atahualpa (clear quartz, 9-10 ounces) and T'chu'la (clear quartz with raspberry obsidian, a mongolian skull, 3 lbs).....for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/LiveFromSedona
    For more on Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head go to www.crystalskullexplorers.com
    Additionally, join Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head
    in the “Crystal Skull 2012 and Beyond Online Conference”
    December 1st & 2nd ~ Worldwide
    Andrew Aloha

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    Americas Most Haunted Interviews Ryder

    in Paranormal

    Ryder - Erin Ryder - has bounded her way to co-starring status on Syfy's globetrotting paranormal investigation show Destination Truth, and NatGeo's zippy new Chasing UFOs.
    But she is far from just another pretty face and lean bod. Lara Croft. Amelia Earhart. Dana Scully. Whether in fiction or non-fiction, few females are as tough-as-nails as Erin Ryder.
    Ryder's unique perspective and determination have taken her around the globe to research claims of the strange and mysterious, all while traversing some of the deadliest environments on earth.
    Her impressive resume includes rafting the world's largest waterfall, rappelling the Great Wall of China, and scaling glaciers in Antarctica, while only occasionally sustaining injuries!
    Ryder considers herself a 'skeliever,' as she falls somewhere between a skeptic and a believer. Deep down she wants to be convinced, but will need to see the hard evidence first.
    As a tech-minded investigator, if its data collecting that you're looking for, she's got the gear for that. Ryder 'geeks out' over thermal cameras and night vision scopes and can't wait to use the latest technology to investigate new and old UFO cases alike.