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    A Secret Reward For The Head Of George Zimmerman!

    in Psychology

    I understand that there is a secret reward on the head of George Zimmereman.  certain powerful people in the black community has taken out a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman.  I am so happy to hear that many blacks have begun fighting back.  It is clear that the black race wants  Zimmerman dead!  Zimmereman's head should roll in the streets and his blood at the every black man and woman's feet!
    Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere

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    The Black Should Hunt Zimmerman Down To Kill Him!

    in Psychology

    The black race should hunt George Zimmerman down to kill him!  He is a dog and he should be hunted down like a dog.  A dog that should be caged and shot like a rabid dog.  We got to find Georgie and beat him to death!  Now a lot of people will tell you that I am preaching hate. I am not preaching hate!  This is love talk!  If I didn't love you I wouldn't tell you.  George Zimmerman did not love Trayvon Martin.  So I want you to love Zimmereman with the love that he gave to Trayvon.  Love Zimmerman with your guns, knives, razors, molotov coctails and such.  You should love Zimmerman to death.    
    Dr.  Mauricelm-Lei Millere