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    Zimbabwe Elections: Mugabe Vs the World

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    Zimbabwe has just gone through another election, surprisingly one would think President Robert Mugabe was standing or competing against the whole world rather than his fellow national presidential candidates. It is the expectation and outcome of this election that intrigues every citizen of the world, why so much hatred for Mugabe? Shouldn’t we all just accept and respect that Zimbabwe has it’s own electoral commission and that Mugabe too does have supporters?
    Examining electoral rules in Europe, the United States and within neighbouring South Africa, you cannot find any similarities. The American Supreme court overturned the long standing 1965 voting rights act rendering it no longer relevant and some states are bent on eliminating early voting, Britain doesn’t allow for campaign advertising in it’s media, the South Africa public doesn’t directly vote for presidential candidates. With all these varying electoral rules prevailing in sovereign nations, why is the whole world so eager to seeing Mugabe out of power?
    Is that what really the people of Zimbabwe aspire for or is it one of those western propaganda preferring a particular candidate to the old guard Mugabe who has defied any western influence in his style of rule or governance?  The United States through it’s Secretary of State, senator John Kerry  issued a press statement on the election result

  • Cricket Talk Weekly- Leon, Ivor and Audley.

    in Sports

    Australia in England. India in Zimbabwe, Follow the South Africa in Bangladesh. Above all will the WI qualify for Champions League in 2017? Also we will be looking at India in Zimbabwe. Join us. We are coming on our fifth year Anniversary. 

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    Open season: Black men in Cinncinati (& U.S. at large) and Lions in Africa

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    How a Minnesota dentist mixed up his survival of the fittest ideology plus #BlackLivesMatter.  Really, how does it work?  If this isn't a perfect example of the self proclaimed superior class that has even transcended national borders for his misguided inherent right to shoot animals for sport?  Excuse me?  The art of privilege and waste on new horizons... This is not in the human natural reign of necessity or even normal desires of the elite and if it is, it is just as disguisting as the exotic animal market in SE Asia. It is downright demented.   Others to blame are the two men in Zimbabwe who lied to the dentist about the situation and took the large amount of money on the take (now under arrest).  This mentality projects into the national imagery of rogue cops who think it's okay to haul in women for a bad blinker on their car or just kill on sight of anyone who busts up a traffic violation.  Wow.  Death is more common than decency.  Left and right people die for the most miniscual reasons except the fact that the degradation of man on man crimes is unfathomable and exponential.

    New music 

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    Dragg (HipHop/Rap) from Zimbabwe to Hull UK

    in Hip Hop Music

    Dragg, or Sean S, is an hip hop/rap artist based in Hull UK . He was born in Zimbabwe, he had a serious illness which resulted in the complete loss of his vision and partial hearing loss in his left ear.   Dragg has made some international collaborations with Ekko, Amandi Music, OD Hunte to name a few.   We play his latest CD release single Holla at you!       https://www.facebook.com/DRAGGAKASEANS

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight on "NU Day" our finale segment in commemoration of Black Music Month and Part 2 of our report on The Dominican Republic Racist Acts Against Haiti. Joining us for this dialog is Bro Ernest Ford of the Global Star Magazine.  And, whats going on in Zimbabwe and learn more about the musical collaboration with M1 and other artist for the "Battle Cry for Zimbabwe and Cuba". Joining us for this discussion is Bro. Obie Gbuna from ZIMCUFA (Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association) 

    ALSO: Moving Forward to Build Progressive and Holistic African Sistahood:

    AND: A Call for Papers for the the upcoming "African Peoples Social Justice Forum" that will take place August 21-13, 2015  in Baltimore MD and the "National Black Women's Political Convention" 2016 and a Call for Black/African made products for hair, skin, and personal body care.

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    Dear White Allies... Pt. 2

    in Culture

    Please join us Sunday 10AM CST as we discuss white allies, their role(s), inclusion vs. accommodation, having our own safe spaces, eurocentrism, and much more.

    We, as a nation, need to confront and address a number of issues. The black community needs allies, not enemies, or white people replacing us.  The erasure of black women by eurocentrism and black men needs to be addressed and rectified.  Black women and girls matter.

    Additionally, the massacre in Charleston has caught the attention of the world.  We must not allow the conversation to be derailed by focusing it on the Confederate flag.  The conversation should focus on racism, white supremacy, institutionalized racism, education, incarceration, economic viability, and more.

    We will take some time at the beginning of the podcast to talk about Rhodesia and our role in a country now known as Zimbabwe.

    The dial in number is 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype and set reminders.

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    MARIJUANA HAPPY HOUR LIVE 6-22-15 #2,350

    in Comedy

    BREAKING: Charleston Shooting Suspect Was Violent Marijuana Addict

    (Fox Sunday) Dylann Roof, who has reportedly confessed to killing nine inside a black church, wore pro-marijuana flags, made a ‘lot of pot jokes,’ and was arrested with bindles of marijuana.

    Roof created a website this year called the Last Rhodesian, a reference to the white-ruled African country, which fought a bitter civil war against black majority rule before it became Zimbabwe. In photos posted to the website, Roof is seen wearing a jacket with the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa on the breast of his jacket.Both of these Countries are known marijuana havens where some of the best pot in the world is grown.

    The website features a manifesto where Roof wrote he was radicalized via the Internet following the legalization of pot in Colorado. Roof wrote he researched "marijuana violence," which took him to the website of High Times magazine.

    "I just shot up some of the best weed I ever had". Roof wrote, which should eliminate any doubt about his motive.

    Roof reportedly withdrew from family and friends in recent years, dropping out of high school in tenth grade.

    John Mullins, who went to school with Roof, told The Daily Beast that he remembers him as being “kind of wild.”

    “He used pot heavily a lot,” Mullins said. “It was obviously harder than pills. He was like a pill popper, from what I understood. Like , and stuff like that.He used the pills to level off from the pot."

    Roommate Dalton Tyler told Fox News that Roof was “planning something like that for six months.But he just kept getting high and forgetting about it”

    “He was big into segregation and other stuff,” Tyler said. “He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill 

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    PSHRadio speaks to MJ Dickson

    in Paranormal

    Born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, I relocated to the UK in 2010 on an amazing journey of spirituality and science. My mother is a sensitive; I wouldn’t go as far as saying a Psychic as she blocked her abilities out of fear. Even though she raised us to be very aware that our loved ones were “Always close by”, she would predict deaths in the family as well as other experiences and yet still somewhat sheltered me from it. My father was a military man and taught me that there was a logical explanation for everything although he never questioned my mothers “gift”. I had many strange paranormal experiences growing up; little did I know that my mother’s abilities had been passed down. It wasn’t until my early twenties that my abilities began to develop; it was at this time that I began questioning everything. I needed answers.  

    What made me different from everyone else? Why did I have these abilities? How did they work? I am an extremely curious person so once I took part in my first investigation I was hooked. I had to know more. I have been investigating the paranormal for five years now and during this time I have experienced numerous paranormal events as well as been able to document these events using various pieces of equipment and cameras.  

    Around 4 years ago I founded my own team - Sage Paranormal, while each of us have very different views and backgrounds, we work extremely well together. We all share a similar goal, to educate people with the hope that sharing our knowledge will ease their grief of losing a loved one. I lost my father 3 years ago and even though I am a Medium it was still crushing, this made me think how horrendous it must be for those that do not possess any abilities - to lose someone that close to them and that loss being so “final”. I set out on a mission to gather as much physical evidence of the paranormal as possible.

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    The Mother of Father's Day, Sonora Dodd

    in Entertainment

    Rez and Andy welcome Jerry Numbers to the show, a leader who is instrumental in carrying on the legacy of Sonora Smart Dodd, founder of Father's Day.

    In 1909 when Sonora heard a Mother’s Day sermon at Central United Methodist Church in Spokane, she was inspired to propose that Father’s receive equal recognition. The following year with the assistance of Reverend Dr. Conrad Bluhm, her pastor at Old Centenary Presbyterian Church (now Knox Presbyterian Church), Sonora took the idea to the Spokane YMCA. The Spokane YMCA, along with the Ministerial Alliance, endorsed Dodd’s idea and helped it spread by celebrating the first Father’s Day in 1910. Sonora suggested her father’s birthday, June 5th, be established as the day to honor all Father’s. However, the pastors wanted more time to prepare, so June 19, 1910 was designated as the first Father’s Day and sermons honoring Father’s were presented throughout the city. It was years, however, before Father’s Day gained national prominence. In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge recognized Father’s Day and urged the states to do likewise. In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation calling for the third Sunday in June to be recognized as Father’s Day and requested that flags to be flown that day on all government buildings. President Richard M. Nixon signed a proclamation in 1972, permanently observing Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June.

    Today Father’s Day is celebrated from Antigua to Zimbabwe in over 50 countries around the world.  

    Jerry Numbers owns Sonora's former home which is on the National Historic Registry.  You can tour the home on Father's Day or by scheduling a tour.

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    A Midlife Crisis. A Timeshared Love Affair. With Yana Stajno

    in Relationships

    Born in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, Yana Stajno enjoyed an artistic and eclectic start to life. Graduating in English and Drama at Cape Town University, Stajno was politically active, joining the anti-apartheid movement where she met her future husband in the middle of a riot. Leaving South Africa for a damp squat in Camden Town, she studied acupuncture and Chinese Medicine before becoming an artist and teacher. Stajno has written plays including Postcards from the Swamp and short stories Ten Plastic Roses (published in the Bristol Short Story Prize, 2010) and Flash in the Park (published by SelfMadeHero, 2012); this is her first novel. Yana can be found in her artist studio at the Chocolate Factory, Wood Green, where she happily splashes paint and hosts workshops for children of all ages with the Booster Cushion Company. 

    Join me as I interview Yana about her new book, Rules for Thursday Lovers, a story about midlife crisis and timesharing a lover!

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    Open Forum - ZBTR visits the rural town of Nakonde.

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    Nakonde is one of Zambia's major border post towns in the Northern provvince (second to Chirundu on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border) in terms of being busy) with high traffic of business taking place. It lies on the border with Tanzania. It is about 1000 km north of Lusaka the capital city. At least twenty bus coaches travel from Lusaka and the Copperbelt every day to Nakonde taking traders who go to buy various items from clothes, building materials to ordering cars from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Travellers can also travel by rail using the Tazara trains from Kapiri Mposhi in Central Zambia. The trains go right up to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Nakonde also has tourist attractions with the legendary Ngoni King Zwangedaba buried 35 km away from the town Centre. The major languages spoken in Nakonde are Chinamwanga and Chibemba. Kiswahili is also spoken by the locals due to interaction with neighbouring Tanzania. Nakonde is a growing town with a lot of potential. New infrastructure such as Government offices have been built in recent years as well as new guest houses and lodges and eating places to cater for the many travellers into the town. Wiki