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    Zimbabwe Elections: Mugabe Vs the World

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    Zimbabwe has just gone through another election, surprisingly one would think President Robert Mugabe was standing or competing against the whole world rather than his fellow national presidential candidates. It is the expectation and outcome of this election that intrigues every citizen of the world, why so much hatred for Mugabe? Shouldn’t we all just accept and respect that Zimbabwe has it’s own electoral commission and that Mugabe too does have supporters?
    Examining electoral rules in Europe, the United States and within neighbouring South Africa, you cannot find any similarities. The American Supreme court overturned the long standing 1965 voting rights act rendering it no longer relevant and some states are bent on eliminating early voting, Britain doesn’t allow for campaign advertising in it’s media, the South Africa public doesn’t directly vote for presidential candidates. With all these varying electoral rules prevailing in sovereign nations, why is the whole world so eager to seeing Mugabe out of power?
    Is that what really the people of Zimbabwe aspire for or is it one of those western propaganda preferring a particular candidate to the old guard Mugabe who has defied any western influence in his style of rule or governance?  The United States through it’s Secretary of State, senator John Kerry  issued a press statement on the election result

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    Dragg (HipHop/Rap) from Zimbabwe to Hull UK

    in Hip Hop Music

    Dragg, or Sean S, is an hip hop/rap artist based in Hull UK . He was born in Zimbabwe, he had a serious illness which resulted in the complete loss of his vision and partial hearing loss in his left ear.   Dragg has made some international collaborations with Ekko, Amandi Music, OD Hunte to name a few.   We play his latest CD release single Holla at you!       https://www.facebook.com/DRAGGAKASEANS

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    Cricket Talk- live each Sunday- Reginald Benjamin- Special Guest

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    Our special guest will be the newly appointed Leeward Island Head Coach Reginld Benjamin. He was

    The USC team's Coach  (http://www.espncricinfo.com/usa/content/player/25626.html), former USA Team Member, Reginald was the Coach of the USA - Under 19 team in 2003, assistant coach of the USA - Under 19 World Cup team in 2010. He also served as head coach for South West Region teams at USACA tournaments and had a solid career playing for the United States as a fast bowler, competing in three ICC Trophy events for USA's senior team in 1990, 1994 and 1997. Before accepting a head coaching role with USC, he was in a coaching and development role with the Bahamas. Mr Benjamin is a very qualified coach, having received his level coaching credentials in England. He will be on oiur at 7:30 PM. Be sure to join us. 

    Be amongst the many listeners who join to us weekly as we dive into cricket like no other show in these parts are doing. You to can make your contribution by calling 1 347-934-0226. 6pm-9Pm. please don't miss it.The ranellist: Leon Francis, Ivor Henry,Audley Watson, Cardinal Mills,Simon Obrien,Virgil Francis,and David Maitland. Watch out for more interesting guests.

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    Donna Ghanney Interviews Christian Song Artist "Mai Banda"

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio - Host Donna Ghanney interviews Christian Song Artist "Mai Banda" on May 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time USA.

    Short Bio: Plaxedes "Mai Banda"

    Plaxedes Banda; based in the USA, Known on stage as Mai Banda, is a Renowned Gospel Recording Artist, song writer, worship trainer, Music director and founder of  Mai Banda Outreach Ministries. Her outreach ministry hosts many various musical programs, which are platforms the ministry uses to raise funds for their orphans in Zimbabwe.  Mai Banda also holds an MBA degree, with emphasis to Health Systems Admin.  She is an accountant by profession and a financial analyst.  Mai Banda has recorded a total of 3 albums. Her latest album titled "A call for true worship and praise, " released on March 9th 2014 has successfully sold thousands of copies in the USA , Mexico, Canada, and UK. The success of this album landed her an invitation to Veracruz Mexico, where she ministered  during RCCG Holy Ghost service to thousands of Mexican natives in May 2014. She has also traveled to minister in the USA, Nigeria (in December 2014),  Uganda Kenya, Australia, Canada, South Africa ( in August 2014)  and the UK.

    Read More about Mai Banda here: Kingdom Empowerment Magazine

    Join us and be inspired!

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    It is now confirmed that President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has sealed the deal as dictator and declared that whites are no longer allowed to own land in his country. He’s officially booting all white farmers and taking their land. - See more at: http://www.libertynews.com/2014/07/breaking-president-of-zimbabwe-orders-whites-out-executive-order-dictates-whites-can-no-longer-own-land-in-zimbabwe/#sthash.04bE0DcC.dpuf

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    Hope 4 the children - Part 2 - Africa Orphans

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    The ministry of Hope4theOrphan is directed toward destitute children who have lost one of more of their parents. Hope4the Orphan helps these children and their caregivers by providing school fees and uniforms, securing medical care for both children and caregivers, and by providing spiritual and emotional nurture for the family.  In Zimbabwe, Hope4theOrphan is known as “Themba Le’Ntandane”, meaning ‘Hope for the Orphan’ in the local language.

    Hope for the Orphan’s Target Group:

    Destitute children who have lost one or both of their parents.
    Children who still reside with mothers or extended family members in their family homes (this group constitutes 99% of the orphaned children in Zimbabwe).
    Children whose caregivers find it impossible to care for and nurture their children without outside help.  — 80% of the caregivers of our children are themselves sick, many terminally ill. —

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    Hope 4 the orphans - Helping the Orphans in Africa

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    The ministry of Hope4theOrphan is directed toward destitute children who have lost one of more of their parents. Hope4the Orphan helps these children and their caregivers by providing school fees and uniforms, securing medical care for both children and caregivers, and by providing spiritual and emotional nurture for the family.  In Zimbabwe, Hope4theOrphan is known as “Themba Le’Ntandane”, meaning ‘Hope for the Orphan’ in the local language.


    Today we are visiting with Janelle Avery the founder of Hope 4 the Orphans and Mr. Cornelius Moto, the director of Hope 4 the Orphans.

    Paying the necessary school fees and buying the uniform required by each school.
    Securing medical care for both children and sick caregivers.
    Providing food stuffs as opportunities arise.

    Chime in

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    OTSHOW almost free day

    in Entertainment

    OT with guest Tennis player Takanyi Garanganga to you. Takanyi is best known for being Zimbabwe’s #1 tennis player and is recognized at the “Next Face of African Tennis.” In America he’s ranked in the Top 300! Takanyi is currently training for the BB&T Atlanta Open July 25-August 2 and is residing in Atlanta, GA.. . CEO Hasan Yates, me and my wife Shaterica who's the CFO founded this company with visions of creating a total brand of clothes,shoes etc. We're both born and raised in SC now residing in Atlanta, GA  

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    The Virtuous Woman - A MarketPlace Mogul

    in Christianity

    A word from Prophetess Collette Williams of Zimbabwe. Africa: "God is raising up women for such a time as this. Some are called to preach on the pulpit or serve in ministry and some are called to the marketplace. In the next couple of days we will discuss marketplace and ministry callings. You can be called to both and the 5 fold can also operate in both. More coming soon." -  May 7, 2015  Facebook.com

    When God began speaking to me about this marketplace ministry, I felt like a fish out of water. I had been preaching the gospel for 35 years and never once considered speaking of the marketplace. Every message was formed for maximum effect and to get men and women to love God and serve him with all their might. Today, I realize that those messages fell short of the glory that God wants to reveal in each of us. 

    Without me knowing it, I had propagated a gospel that was only good for Sunday morning or conferences. People listened and shouted amen and may even have jumped up and down with glee, but they didn't go home and apply a single word... for the most part. Most people cannot even remember last week's sermon. It's like last week's dinner. It tasted good but it is long forgotten and the next meal is all that matters.

    Now that God has opened my eyes, I see the marketplace as a viable ministry in itself. The marketplace employs potential and empowers purpose.Throughout the scriptures we see the marketplace faded into the background, but it is always there.

    The virtuous woman is a woman who lives life to the fullest in every area, and does not fear the future for she knows her God and does exploits.

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    Talking Motorcycles with Author/Motorcyclist Clement Salvadori

    in Sports

    World motorcycle traveler Clement Salvadori returns with another great road book. This time, he brings enthusiasts 30 stories covering 50 years of travel by motorcycle to odd spots around the planet. Readers can follow him through war-torn Vietnam to the sybaritic pleasures of camping out in a South African wilderness area, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from 1957 to 2010.

    While the motorcycle is always at the heart of these stories, far more important are Salvadori's impressions of the countries he rides through and the people he meets along the way. He artfully injects history, sociology, politics, and economics into the mix, and comes up with fresh and vivid descriptions of the many places he has been. On these journeys, he was frequently told, "The road doesn't go that way, you can't get there from here." But, for Salvadori, bad roads, bridgeless rivers, and seemingly insurmountable mountains were always part of the fun—if one may call it that. A big part of the adventure was to find a way, even when there was supposedly none.

    Clement Salvadori bought his first motorcycle as a teenager and has been riding ever since—in more than 70 countries on six continents. A well-known name in motorcycle journalism, he has written over 1,000 articles for several dozen motorcycle magazines, and is the author of a number of popular travel books on the sport, including the bestselling 101 Road Tales, a collection of amusing and engaging stories from his popular monthly column in Rider magazine. He lives in southern California with his wife, Sue.

    Talking Motorcycles is powered by SOZO!

    Special thanks: Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Crosley Radio, Bell RacingUSA, Dunlop, Motorcycle-Superstore.com

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     I have been bringing you the news from South Africa as it unfolds.  PAC LEADER Chris Sankara has sent me pictures of the protest held against the Xenophobic acts that have happened South Africa to date, "7 people have been killed in attacks on migrants since March 20, when Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini spoke out against foreign workers."Let us pop our head lice," he said. "We must remove ticks and place them outside in the sun. We ask foreign nationals to pack their belongings and be sent back."He has since said those remarks were taken out of context and that he opposes violence." But how can any sane human being mistake the low life analogy he made about other human beings and the act of killing lice?
    Nigeria answered the violence earlier this week as "Nigeria summoned South Africa's high commissioner home. Apparently over the unrest,  protesters picketed the South African embassy in Lagos. On Monday, Nigeria’s foreign ministry summoned South Africa’s high commissioner to Nigeria.  Lulu Mnguni said, “ to register Nigeria’s protest over the ongoing xenophobic attacks A Nigerian group has called for the International Criminal Court to investigate Zwelithini for "hate speech". On Thursday, Nigeria’s Senate asked the government to immediately recall its ambassador from South Africa and to take Zwelithini to the International Criminal Court. One senator also called for South Africa’s suspension from the African Union (AU). The AU’s next summit is set to be hosted in Johannesburg in June." 
    "South Africa has deployed troops to try to quell the violence, after criticism by nations including China and Zimbabwe. They believe the South African government  failed to protect their citizens against armed mobs.
    Some South African businesses in Malawi were closed after a consumer rights group called for a boycott.