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    Krish Dhanam - Zig Ziglar Trained Executive Coach

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    Krish Dhanam was born in South India where he completed his early education. After earning an MBA he migrated to America in1986. Winning a sales contest in 1990 earned him a ticket to a seminar conducted by the legendary motivator Zig Ziglar. This chance encounter would be the catalyst that shaped the next two decades as Krish joined the Ziglar Corporation in 1991 as a telemarketer and eventually became their Vice President of Global Operations.

    Through training, teaching and facilitating seminars all over the world, Krish launched his professional speaking career. As one of only two executive coaches personally trained by Zig Ziglar, Krish has successfully delivered his message of hope, humor and balance in over fifty countries and throughout the continental United States.

    His client list is the who’s who of global enterprise and he has received accolades from some of the most distinguished organizations including The United States Army, Christian Dior, Toshiba, Hitachi, Cognizant, Apollo Hospitals, EDS, Texas Instruments, Pepsico, and Energizer Batteries.

    Today he is the co-founder of a training company, managing partner in a seminar company, author of The American Dream from an Indian Heart and contributing author to the book Top Performance written by Zig Ziglar.


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    Zig-Zagging Through Life with Zig Ziglar

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    On Today's Show: The Life and Teachings of Zig Ziglar....
    Join your Host Gary Karp for simple, honest and passionate talk about things that matter. Every week join your host Gary Karp as he explores the mysteries of the wondrous gift of life.

    SHOW TIMES: 1pm San Diego - 4pm New York - 9pm London

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    Zig Ziglar inspired The Rocker Life Coach.

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    Tim Gillette is America’s Rockstar Coach.  He shows people how to live their dreams.  Working with Entrepreneurs, helping them to build a life they love and achieve Rockstar status in life and business. The Rocker Life Coach Radio Show introduces you to people who make Dreams happen in America.  Learn from the struggles and the joys that made them a Rockstar.
    Join us this week for another story of living the dream
    This weeks show will be Live from our Rockstar Success 101 summit happing LIVE in North Dallas.
    Our many speakers at this event have worked with Zig Ziglar over the many years of Zigs career.
    We will have an hour sharing those things we learned from Zig, our last time to see Zig and the impact Zig has on changing lives.
    Tune in to this show and Hear some increadible stories of the Speaker Legend Zig Ziglar.

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    Remembering Zig Ziglar one of the Icons of Motivation

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    Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, died last week at the age of 86. He will be missed, but he left a legacy of down home wisdom and good advice in the form of books, tapes and videos.
    I adopted his saying as a guideline for myself
    '' You can get everything in life you need and want by helping others get everything they need and want'' My life's purpose is to help others to be abundant and he helped clarify that for me.
    We will talk more about his legecy of positive thinking and productivity. 

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    Tribute to Zig Ziglar - featuring AUDIO CLIPS!

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    As we continue our tribute to the late great, Mr. Zig Ziglar, join me as I share audio clips from the amazing comments and uplifting encouraging life tips that Mr. Ziglar shared with my listeners.  He takes us on a journey of life transformation!  What  a great way to close out the year with one of the most impactful motivators of our time!  Don't miss this journey of emPOWERment!

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    Zig-Zagging Through Life with Zig Ziglar - Nov 29,2012

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    On Today's Show: The Life and Teachings of Zig Ziglar.... Join your Host Gary Karp for simple, honest and passionate talk about things that matter. Every week join your host Gary Karp as he explores the mysteries of the wondrous gift of life. SHOW TIMES: 1pm San Diego - 4pm New York - 9pm London

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    Tribute to the Late GREAT Zig Ziglar, featuring Bob Burg!

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    Mr. Zig Ziglar left a magnificent legacy for the world to cherish!  In honor of his legacy, my guest, Mr. Bob Burg, and I will chat about the impact this wonderful has had on the entire world.   Mr. Bob Burg is building a powerful legacy of his own, and he will share his success secrets with my listeners.
    Join us for an empowering show dedicated to the late great Mr. Zig Ziglar!

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    Julie Ziglar Norman; Growing Up Ziglar

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    Julie Ziglar Norman is the daughter of the late motivational icon Zig Ziglar. Today Julie is a dynamic, disarming and refreshingly transparent inspirational speaker and author. Her unique experience of being raised by the motivators’ motivator has given her a perspective on life and work that keeps her audiences laughing, crying and taking notes. Her vibrant style of delivery, her honest and transparent assessment of life, and her willingness to share intimate details of personal failures, as well as personal triumphs, has made her a popular crowd favorite. Julie has shared the platform with greats like General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, President George W. Bush, Dr. Robert Schuller, Lou Holtz, Steve Forbes, Bill Crosby and many others. Her life experience as the poster child for bad choices enables her to minister to women seeking to trade a life peppered with guilt and shame, addiction, failure, fear, regret and anger for a life filled with love, joy and peace! Her latest book Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Path from Heartache to Hope, was released by Guideposts Publishers in May of 2012. You can learn more about Julie HERE and follow her on Facebook. 

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    Tom Ziglar

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    We are sincerely excited to have Tom Zigler as our guest ON THE DEAN'S LIST. 

    Tom is the son of legendary speaker Zig Zigler, an author and speaker in his own right and CEO of Ziglar Inc, the company which his father established. Zig and Tom collaborated on the publication of Zig Ziglar’s final book, Born to Win, in 2011 and it was released to the public in early 2012.  The Born to Win philosophy is both “profoundly simple” and “simply profound.”

    With the Ziglar name, Tom has had a lot to live up to.  But rather than try to fill his father’s shoes, Tom has created some of his own!  He is boldly taking Ziglar, Inc., into the world of social communities, Twitter, blogs, and live video webcasts to present the tried and true message of hope, integrity and positive thinking to a whole new audience. While the content has remained consistent, the method is ever-changing; as Ziglar’s leader, Tom is positioned to do just that—lead. 


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    Ricky Young's interview with Zig Ziglar & Julie Ziglar Norman

    Zig Ziglar Life Story

    Motivated for Life
    Since 1970, Zig Ziglar’s career has naturally moved from that of champion seller to master motivator. Ten of his 25 books have been best sellers. He is in constant demand as speaker and instructor to audiences of all kinds and sizes. An inspiration for the Living to Change Lives Foundation, he travels all over the world, delivering his messages of humor, hope and enthusiasm. When you hear him tell his story you will know why!

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    Zig Ziglar tribute

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    Tribute to Zig Ziglar who recently passed away.

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