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    CloseUP-5 Pivotal Decisions to Successful Leadership (Encore Show)

    in Entrepreneur

    The journey of becoming a leader comes about by making 5 key decisions throughout a person's career. So says my guest, Julia Tang Peters, author of Pivot Points: Five Decsions Every Successful leader Must Make. One way Julia defines leadership is that a leader always strives for positive results benefiting more than self. And just like a doctor swears to the Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm," so too must a good leader. Our conversation dissects what defines a pivotal decision and what the 5 pivotal decisions are that help develop the leader in all of us.

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    HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD is back with the BEST NON-STOP HIP HOP from YESTERDAY,TODAY, and TOMORROW!! TO YOU WILL NOT HEAR CONTINUOUS HIP HOP MUSIC LIKE THIS ANYWHERE ON THE RADIO! MALBEC, GUD MONEY,AND DEEPDISH HAVE INCREDIBLE MUSIC FOR YOU TONIGHT as we do our weekly episode live from Pittsburgh,PA and San Antonio,TX. WE BROADCAST EVERY MONDAY USUALLY@8:30PM EST, with local artists appearing on our show monthly. CALL IN (347)945-6946 for some good conversation or sit back as WE take YOU on an UNFORGETTABLE HIP HOP RIDE!

    YOU CAN FIND US ON PODCAST @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hip-hop-is-not-dead/id942568719?mt=2


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    Lil Fame of M.O.P joins me for live interview

    in Entertainment

    Hip-Hop,and rap legend Lil Fame one half of the legendary rap group M.O.P.(mashed out posse)calls in for a live interview.This Brownsville Brooklyn NYC lyrical spitta has been going hard in the rap game since 1992.Lil Fame is also a dj,and a well accomplished music producer.He has produced songs on every M.O.P album.Fame also has produce tracks for Wu-Tang,Big Noyd,Kool G.Rap,and Teflon.I get the rundown on what Lil Fame,and M.O.P have in store for their legions of die hard fans.I'm honored to have this one on one interviewed with hip-hop royalty.Tune in,and lets make radio revolution.

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    Saltwater Aquarium Hour on AVN: Good Beginner Saltwater Fish and Inverterbrates

    in Pets

    Finding Nemo has often been credited for bringing many people into the saltwater hobby. Due to the popularity of Nemo (clownfish), Dory (Blue Hippo Tang) the hobby is seeing many people enter. But are nemo and dory good fish for beginners? Join Salty Jay as he educates Alex and his Listeners about saltwater fish and inverterbates that are good for beginners!!

    If you haven't learned how to set up and cycle your saltwater aquarium yet, please listen to episode 1 of Saltwater Aquarium Hour here:


    Topics for tonight's show:

    - How to accumulate new fish and invertebrates to your saltwater

    -Saltwater Fish and Inverterbrates that are good for beginners

    - Saltwater fish and Inverts beginners should avoid

    - Why the Mandarin Dragonette is NOT a good beginner fish

    -Proper foods for fish

    - Proper salinty for fish 

    and more!!!

    Have questions??? Please call in LIVE at 1 347-989-8142!!!

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    Married 2 Change with your Host Infini Blu

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight as Married 2 Change on Married 2 Change Radio welcomes Wu Tang Clan's own and our brother Solomon Childs to the family...Wow what an honor!! Tonight on the show we will be discussing all things Scorpio as we take on the sign in our Zodiac sign series..Where each week we have taken an intimate walk with each sign to gain a deeper understanding from the male/female perspective ... If u have the desire to get to know the Scorpio in ur life better feel free to call in and listen @ (516)590-0975 or press one to comment Live ...

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    Speak Live Nation w Cedric Nettles- Hip Hop Artist Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman

    in Radio

    Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman joins me on Speak Live Nation to discuss her start in hip hop from a woman's perspective, what was it like to be under the watch of hip hop legend RZA, Ghostface Killah, and Wu-Tang Clan. She had very interesting advice for women going for their dreams in the notion of male dominated industries and how to deal with chauvinistic attitudes they may encounter.


    Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman is a lyricist/singer/songwriter from Brooklyn who  got her start after singing for Ghostface Killah. She later became a songwriter and background  singer for RZA. She eventually developed her own rhyme style and began her journey as one of the dopest female MCs to emerge from the Wu-Tang camp. Her single "Hit the Floor" (produced by Dj Scratch) gained her the "Unsigned Champ" title for three weeks on Future Flavas on Power 105.1fm with The Legendary Dj Marley Marl of "Juice Crew" Fame. Her single "ASKIN U2 STAY" (produced by Bronze Nazareth) was  featured on The Wu-Tang Stainless Steel Series Mixtape,Females of the Rap Game vol.3, "Wu-Ladies Compilation",and several other mixes. Her upcoming EP "UNDERESTIMATED" is set to be released Fall 2015. She has opened for Black Thought and QuestLove (The Roots), Jeru The Damaja, and has also shared the stage with M.O.P, Wu-Tang, Mos Def,Cappadonna,Dres (Black Sheep) and many others.  She is a true artist with infinite lyrics and savvy delivery.  She's also featured on three tracks on Cappadonna's release "HOOK OFF", the first Hip-Hop release with no hooks ! Wonda Woman has currently released her self-titled single  "Wonda Woman" produced by DJ Flipcyide! She is a powerful emcee whose natural talent and love for hip hop is expressed in every rhyme. She is paving her own way in this male -dominated industry and continues building her brand as a hip hop veteran.

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    Cage Side Submissions Ep87 Pat Smith Gary Goodridge Ryan Carfo Shannon Knapp

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions, We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze)

    Our First Guest is Patrick "The Headhunter" Smith 20-15 (@Pat_SmithMMA) Pat is a retired American kickboxer and MMA. He started his MMA career by participating in the first two UFC events.He is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do & also holds a black belt in Hapkido, Kenpo Karate,& Tang Soo Do. In 1993, Smith was ranked #1 as a Super Heavyweight kickboxer in the United States & held a ranking of #5 internationally. He also won the Sabaki Challenge, an annual karate tournament held in Denver, twice in his division Recently Pat has joined Brian Moors Legends of the Cage

    Our Second guest is Gary "Big Daddy"Goodridge 23-23-1 (@Garyhgoodridge) Gary is a retired Trinidadian-Canadian super heavyweight kickboxer and heavyweight mixed martial artist fighting out of Barrie, Ontario. Prior to kickboxing and MMA, he was also one of the top ranked contenders in the world of professional arm wrestling.[2] In early 2012, Goodridge was diagnosed with early onset of dementia pugilistica

    Our third guest is New Jersey Featherweight Ryan Kim Carfo 2-1 (@RyanCarfoMMA) Ryan is coming off a Second Round Submissions victory over Thad Frick September 12th For CFFC 51 at the Sands of bethlehem 

    Our Final Guest Invicta FC Boss Lady Shannon Knapp we will be discussing the fall out from InvictaFC 14 future possiabiltys

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    WBOKRADIO - Intro To Info Interviews Wu-Tangs - Brooklyn Zu Reggaes G Tee Shotta

    in Entertainment

    Don't Miss This Exclusive Interview From The Popular Group "Wutang" / Brooklyn Zu Reggae Artist G Tee Shotta
    Wed. 8-26-15 At 6:00pm Eastern
    This Interview Is Brought To You By WBOKRADIO / Intro To Info & "Hip Hop Angel Movement. 
    Tune In As Host Mikeisha Best & Co-Host Queen Of Hearts Sits Down With Artist G Tee Shotta
    And Premieres His Hot Brand New Tracks. Phonelines Will Open. 347-327-9592

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    Da Lodd Manafess Show

    in Music

    Da Lodd Manafess Show Strarring Raaddrr-Van with CO-Hosts DeErra,~THEMA~,Bobby Metro(DJ Metro),Ms.TruVision.  This Show of course is gonna be a dope Hip-Hop show bringing our listeners everything in Hip-Hop.  Join the cast and crew of the show as we talk about Hip-Hop Music,  The Artists, the rymes, the rythems,the dance, the graffiti, the DeeJayin', the clothes, The Culture.  There is no better to talk about The HIP HOP Culture than WU-Tang Clan Affiliated Lodd Manafess(RAADDRR-VAN) & DJ METRO(Bobby Metro).  Give us your opinion on Hip-Hip, Build with us.  Give your SHOUT OUT'S LIVE ON AIR +646-478-3665 Tell Us here at Da Lodd Manafess Show what you think.  10PM EST-12AMEST   , 7PM West/PacificStandard Time-9PM West/PacificStandard, Request lines open.  

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    HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD is back with the BEST NON-STOP HIP HOP from YESTERDAY,TODAY, and TOMORROW!! YOU WILL NOT HEAR CONTINUOUS HIP HOP MUSIC LIKE THIS ANYWHERE ON THE RADIO! MALBEC AND DEEPDISH HAVE INCREDIBLE MUSIC FOR YOU TONIGHT as we do our weekly episode live from Pittsburgh,PA and San Antonio,TX. WE BROADCAST EVERY MONDAY USUALLY@8:30PM EST, with local artists appearing on our show monthly. CALL IN (347)945-6946 for some good conversation or sit back as WE take YOU on an unforgettable HIP HOP RIDE!



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    Scottscope Talk Radio 8/14/2015: All Hail The Cuban Link Kings!

    in Entertainment

    On today’s very special edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, the roundtable celebrates the 20th anniversary of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...!  Can it still be considered among of the greatest rap albums ever released?  Is it the single most complete rap album of all time?  Did the Wu-Tang Clan as a whole hit their creative peak with this album?  Should it be considered an actual solo album or more of a group effort?  Did it play a significant role in establishing filmmaker John Woo as a cult figure in the United States?  Did it single handedly establish “Mafioso rap” as a viable subgenre?  What makes it stand out from other, similarly themed rap albums of its time?  Should Raekwon continue making sequels to his transcendent masterpiece?