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    The Story Of Zelda Hayes

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    So who is this woman they call LadyZee? from where does she get the audacity to teach anyone anything?  Well let me tell you my story and you be the judge.  How's that?

    Also more about me can be found at:   www.squidmarkmedia.com/zelda

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    Don't Drink the Koolaid: Robin and Zelda Williams and Trolls

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    Two days ago we lost a great performer and artist, Mr Robin Williams.Mr. Williams, who suffered from bipolar depression, killed himself in his Tiberon home. Since then the media and fans have gone nuts over this situation. There have been positive reactions and negative reaction. We are going to talk about the negative reactions, oh yes we are! Robin's daughter, Zelda Williams has been harassed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The trolls are on the loose and Eric Morse is going to bring the hatchet down. Phone lines will be open for those who want to also bring the hatchet down on these assholes!

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    Zelda Talk

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    Today, I go away from movies and decide to talk about The Legend of Zelda video games.

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    The passionate love affair between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald has been one of the tragic and storied romances of our time. Broken by mental illness, alcoholism, adulterous relationships, and financial ruin, the devoted pair – soul mates and Jazz Age sweethearts – were fiercely loyal to their floundering marriage even to their last rendezvous on Cuban holiday in 1939. The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds takes a look at the iconic Fitzgeralds, Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 3 pm ET with author R. Clifton Spargo, Professor Emeritus of English and Fitzgerald scholar Jackson R. Bryer, and Thomas W. Thompson, Director of the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, Montgomery, Alabama.

    In poignant, stunning detail, R. Clifton Spargo richly imagines the golden couple’s final goodbye in Beautiful Fools, a novel thrumming with the hope and heartbreak that accompanies second chances and fractured love. R. Clifton Spargo is a Chicago-based novelist and cultural critic who writes “The HI/LO,” a blog for The Huffington Post. An Arts Fellow at the Iowa writer’s Workshop, he has published stories and essays in The Kenyon Review, The Antioch Review, The Yale Review and more.

    Jackson R. Bryer is the co-editor of Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda: The Love Letters of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and of Dear Scott/Dear Max: The Fitzgerald-Perkins Correspondence.

    Thomas W. Thompson is the Director of the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The Fitzgerald Museum is working on its upcoming 25th anniversary, which will be celebrated the first week of May 2014.


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    Top Tier Game Reviews- July 30 Edition(The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)

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    Join Special Guest Host Craig Kellermen along with myself Jeremy McDougall Wednesday night at 8 pm for cut to the chase, honest reviews of all types of games from retro classic titles all the way to current generation games! TUNE IN!!! This weeks we discuss and review the SNES classic, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! So many great topics to discuss! Call in to join the conversation! 718-664-9265

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    Join the Holland Family architect - Clever Black

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    Clever Black is an awesome author and the designer and creator of the Holland Family Saga.

    Tanya Weinberger had always chosen to do the wrong thing in life. Several run-ins with the law by the age of eighteen earns her a brief stay behind bars in Iowa’s Mitchellville Women’s Correctional Facility, where she befriends another teenager named Bonita Bender. 

    Willameena ‘Willie’ Slack can best be described as a Pimpstress-in-the-making. Unrivaled man-manipulation and sex for high dollar amounts is her game. 

    Brenda Marshall is a budding criminal mastermind. Having been raised by outlaw parents who were violent by nature. Shady drug deals and armed robbery is her hustle. 

    Zelda and Vivian King are fraternal twins and arguably are the worst out of the bunch. The disappearance of their mother is a riddle the twins have no answer to and they’re basically fending for themselves, alternating back and forth between Willie’s business and Brenda’s hustle. 

    A lick set up by Brenda against rival dealers inside the Saint Bernard project goes wrong and the girls soon find themselves enthralled in a game of wits to eliminate witnesses and avoid retaliatory acts for the crime they’d committed. 

    Follow the Outlaw Chics and see just how well they execute their Gangster on the unforgiving streets of New Orleans, Louisiana and hold on…Because this is only the beginning. 


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    TGP Presents Miko Minaj Interview W/Bestselling Author Ashley Shavonne Lewis

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    Ashley started out writing at the age of seven, which happens to be her lucky number. The were little books with pictures or whatever had came to mind. As she grew more as a writer and a person, her stories became more serious. She grew up with my grandma, since she was eleven, with her brother and sister along with aunts and uncles. There was nine of them including her grandma in her two storied house. To get away from the boredom, Ashley began to pick up a pen again, writing five books which I continued to nurture and rewrite as the years go on until she feel they are ready.

    During college, Ashley gotten married and had two daughters. Her family motivated her more to follow her dream and write books. She had several hobbies, and a nerd, that includes: reading, watching anime, family time, and playing video games. She happens to be an avid Legend of Zelda fanatic. She would considered herself open-minded as well as diverse, especially when it comes to her outlook on life and her writing style. She's signed under as the First Lady of Grind 2 Glory Publications where she is known for her bestsellers "Two Sides To The Game", "Two Sides To The Game 2", "Duchessa", "Every Bitch Has A Secret", and "Twisted Faith Of A Side Bitch Peoria". All books are available on amazon.com. Get Your Copies Today! ♥

  • Use Your Fear to Propel You in to Finishing

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    During this segment, Zelda Marshall, one of the Finishers featured in the new book "Life Happens but You Can Finish" by Dr. Toni Draper and Dr. Pam Love, will tell you how fear can be used to help you finish what's in your heart to finish.  Zelda Marshall is a successful business owner who has learned how to live the life of a Finisher!

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    I Got Gameplay EP 58 - The Legend Of Zelda

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    I Got Gameplay.....have you?

    Tonight live on The Retro Unlim Network join the igg crew as the group discuss their favorite moments from the legend of Zelda Franchise, from the adventures of link all the way to majora's mask the gang takle each game as they attempt to delve into the timeline that is one of the biggest in gaming history.

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    You can join the discussion by going to our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/igotgameplay

    Join the IGG army in style by purchasing an I Got Gameplay T Shirt from our store:
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    (UK and EU) http://nerdgenious.spreadshirt.co.uk/i-got-gameplay-retro-t-A25715613/customize/color/348

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    Even if you haven't read the entire book, but you read the free chapters on www.squidmarkmedia.com/zelda  now you can take this moment to ask your host anything pertaining to the books.  
    Why the title “Jezebel’s Last Dance”?
    2. Do you consider yourself  to be “Jezebel”?
    3. Is the book a true story?
    4. What inspired you to write the book?
    5. Did you discover anything about yourself while writing the book?
    6. What purpose does it serve, in terms of your life coaching business?
    7. What lesson or lessons do you hope the readers will get from it?
    8. Do you believe this book will open the eyes of women, who are the suffering, to seek help to heal?
    9. What hope do you have for male readers of your book?
    10. Which person, in your book, was most influencial in who you are now?
    *where you can get the book, and more
    We're gonna have fun with this, we may laugh and cry, but we will leave enlightened.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 920

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Zelda Hayes from Florida, survivor, author and Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. A survivor of rape and domestic violence, her ability to counsel others stems from overcoming her own experience. As Zelda says, "It is my desire to help you find the path of freedom regardless of your personal circumstance. From my experience I have learned that I am a co-creator and I have the power to determine what comes into my life. I want to share that lesson with you." Her new book, "Jezebels Last Dance; It's Every Woman's Story," tells the story of Zelda's life, a journey of tragedy to triumph where she learned to live again. Because we are all unique individuals her coaching style is unique to every client. Ms Hayes says, "My coaching style is not text book because life is not textbook. To set you up with a standard style would not be beneficial, I understand that every individual comes to me with a specific character. Therefore, my styles of coaching are based on the individual as well as the circumstance." Clients are also taught communication skills where they can be heard and can hear others. They are taught how to master body language and key words in order to align themselves in a position of power to master their own lives. "As an end result, the client will be able to live life and achieve their goals on their own terms and not the terms of society, Zelda continues, "I am not your everyday life coach."


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