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    DRAKO SPORTS IMPACT HOUR: The History of Muay Thai with Kru Mel Bellissimo

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    January 27th on the Drako Sports Impact Hour we start a five-part series of shows with Kru Mel for Lanna MMA on the sport of Muay Thai. We will delve into the history, the spirituality tied to Muay Thai, Rules, Styles and much more. Both Kru Mel and myself believe the best stand-up fighting styles is much more than a tool in MMA or a sport that most westerners do not fully understand yet, it is a way of life for a whole coulter of people and we are hoping to open some fans eyes to all Muay Thai entails.  Tune in Wednesday night at 9:00pm(Eastern/6:00pm(pacific) and DOMINATE YOUR WORLD 

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    More on radio hosts Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh’s love for Ted Cruz and their unspoken wish to have Hillary be president

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    Mike Maize, taking it to the streets with Wayne Johnson. Student meets Teacher.

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    Join Mike Maize & Wayne Johnson tonight from 7:00-9:00pm pst. call-in @ 1-760-454-7012

    National Journalist & Commentator Mike Maize welcomes Wayne Johnson into the the Political Sports Maze. Wayne Johnson, has been an educator for over 40 years. He served as the president of United Teachers - Los Angeles for six years and as president of the California Teacher Association for eight years. Johnson began teaching social studies at Hamilton High school in Los Angeles in 1962. 

    This  high school has matriculated such notables as Norman Pattiz, Al Michaels, Lee Steinberg, Sidney Wicks,Paula Patton, Alex Hannum & Warren ( Harold ) Moon. 

    The political climate is alive in this presidential election year.The statement that "this is the most important election of your lifetime" might just apply to this election. All the candidates want to make America great again but there is much disagreement about ideology, party, candidate & political platform. 

    America is in debt more than 18 trillion dollars presently. Race relations are at a 40 year low. This is indeed a u-turn society. Never has there been an immigrant and refugee population coming to America that has an element that's ideology is to destroy Democracy, kill innocent people and defy the concepts of American ideals our way of life!

    The incoming president will also have to address the illegal immigration problem. The resources that are being stolen and the crimes that are being committed by illegals in Sanctuary & Non-Sanctuary Cities. 

    Mike & Wayne will most importantly seek common ground for a better America. Please join us live on 1/6/2016 from 7:00 pm -9:00 pm pst. The National call-in number is 1-760-454-7012 

    Michael Maize - The Sports Mike - Sports & Political Commentary 


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    Coaches' Corner Cabaret Series with guest Valentina Marino

    in Performing Arts

    My guest tonight is vocalist, songwriter, arranger and lyricist Valentina Marino. 

    Stephanie Jones (Metropolitan Magazine/Hot House Jazz) writes: After attending Italy's prestigious University of Music in Rome, Valentina Marino earned her BFA in Vocal Jazz Performance from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. Influenced by such creative voices as Reggie Workman, Dave Glasser, La Tanya Hall and Janet Lawson, she began performing throughout metropolitan area alongside master players Jay Azzolina, Cameron Brown, Anthony Pinciotti, Ray Gallon, Saul Rubin and Alberto Pibiri. Valentina has played Carnegie Hall, and such iconic venues as Cornelia Street Cafe, Bar Next Door, Rue B, The Kitano Hotel, Somethin' Jazz Club, The Flatiron Room, Cleopatra's Needle, The Shrine, The Garage, Zinc Bar, The Cotton Club, Cafe Noctamnulo at Pangea, Zeb's, Antique Garage and Smalls Jazz Club. She also has appeared as the special guest of The Davell Crawford Quartet at Snug Harbor in New Orleans.

    In her international travels, Valentina was moved to channel some of their evolving synergy in the studio. Her debut record, PhiLOVEsophy, was conceivedthrough a creative exploration of her own fascination with the human condition. Artfully curated by Valentina, the record features her original lyrics and compositions, as well as contemporary arrangements of classic favorites from Bossa to Bowie. The personnel include the eclectic array of international artists who have supported Valentina's creative vision throughout her burgeoning career: Cameron Brown on bass, Jay Azzolina on guitar, Anthony Pinciotti on drums and percussions, Alberto Pibiri on piano and Maz Zooi on bass clarinet and alto saxophone.

    PhiLOVEsophy will be available for purchase on iTunes, cdBaby and Amazon.com in early 2016.

    Learn more about Valentina at http://valentinamarino.com/

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    Rage In The Cage Radio 46

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    It’s Fight Week and we have a knock-out Rage in the Cage radio show planned starting with Special Guest host Nathan Trepagnier alongside host Kimber Shafer.

    Then… his name is known around the wrestling world. Now this former OU Wrestling Starter is banging his way into the MMA scene. Justin DeAngelis will be live.

    Also — Ken Coulter will be on talking about one of his toughest fights yet as he will face veteran pro fighter Edwin Williams, a fighter than trains under UFC Vet Matt Grice.

    And… it wouldn’t be a Christmas fight night without Jeremy “Jingle Bells” Jones – also trained under Grice! Jones will fight in the main event this Friday for Rage in the Cage 42 and will be live as well as his opponent Adam Snook who is looking to make a come-back into the sport.

    All of that Tuesday, December 15 on Rage in the Cage Radio on the MMA Madhouse Network. Click the link to listen live beginning at 9 PM (Central) or click later for the replay.

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    WIIM Radio Special Edition: Euro Trip 2015

    in Hockey

    As you already know if you listened to WiiM Radio this week, I had the great pleasure of talking to Patrik Bexell A.K.A Zeb over at Habs Eyes On The Prize this week about the Red Wings European prospects. We could only fit a small portion of our chat into the podcast but we covered so many interesting, informative, and funny things, that I didn't want you to miss out.

    So this week we have a bonus Prospect Report that covers:


    In depth discussion about Axel Holmstrom and Christoffer Ehn, what kind of players they are, what roles they have on their teams, how they're developing and growing, and how Axel Holmstrom is an extremely lovable guy.
    How the SHL and European Leagues compare to North American development leagues. Are the European leagues better at developing NHl ready prospects than Canadian Juniors and what some of the advantages are to letting kids develop in a men's league across the pond.
    Will we see NHL teams utilize European leagues more in the future the way they currently use their AHL teams, sending excess players to Europe instead of the AHL?
    And more!

    If you're interested in reading more about the European leagues, their rankings, and some of the benefits of prospects developing in them, Patrik mentioned a couple articles you can check out in full.

    What do you think? Should NHL teams use European leagues for more prospect development? How much do you already love Axel Holmstrom? Let us know what you think of this special rinkside chat, and if you have any questions, Patrik will be around to drop more knowledge.

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    Time to Play the Game! WWE2K16 & Hell in a Cell PPV Review!

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Champion Talk, The Roundtable discuss the results of the Hell in a Cell PPV and the fallout. What is next for the Undertaker after being targeted by the Wyatt Family? What about the shocking return of Alberto Del Rio capturing the WWE US title and his relationship with Zeb Coulter? What challenge awaits the WWE WHC, Seth Rollins? Then we take a look at WWE2K16! There is alot of features and little time to discuss it. We will give first impressions of the game play, WWE Universe Mode, My Career, Creation Suite, and the Stone Cold Showcase! With demands seemingly being met, dose the game deliver? Call in and give your opinion on the new WWE2K16 game! Plus we will discuss the new WWE Network show, Breaking Ground. All this and more! TUNE IN! SPEAK OUT!

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    Shelly NunChucks SHow with Tyler Snow Bryant and Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter

    in Entertainment

    Warrior Wednesdays on the Shelly Nun-Chucks Show.

    Guests/artists Tyler Snow Bryant and then Jessic-Patrice Dorsey Coulter

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    T & Z Talk for Saturday, November 14, 2015, Volume 1, Episode 7

    in Politics Progressive

    The T & Z show today will focus our energies and efforts of the egregious and horror that is terrorism in France, where Richard Zombeck was born and has family roots. Sadly, the conservatives who can't seem to keep their comments to this country are taking to social media and condemning lack of gun laws to explain why this happened. They are continuing to hone their hate skills at the expense of our reputation, and prove time and again why they are on the outside looking in. SHUT THE FUCK UP Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and many, many more.

    Time allowing, we will also explore the fantasy world of Dr. Ben Carson, who exemplifies that some people know one thing really well, and well, after that, not so much. Grain anyone? Jesh!

    The rise and further rise of Carson, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, the three most troubled GOP candidates are the only ones moving up in the polls, with one exception, and that exception is Chris Christie, who has legal problems of his own. While Democrats build bridges, he blocks access to them, to voting, and pretty much all else.

    Please join us at 3 PM EST for two hours of sharp analysis, focused criticism where it rightfully belongs and your calls are more than welcome at 347-308-8392.


  • Literary Viewpoints Welcomes: Catherine Coulter

    in Books

    FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine are deep into an investigation of COE: Celebrants of the Earth- a violnet group known for widepread bombings of power grids and aoil refineries across the country. While investigating a tip about a possible bombing lot, the Bayway Refinery in New Jersey explodes. Nicholas and Mike race to the scene and barely escape being killed by a secondary device. Before long, COE launches a cyberattack on major oil companies, draining thier financial and intellectual assets. CIA agent Vanessa Grace, working undercover with the COE tries to steap the tiny undetectable bombs invented by the leader. But someone else infiltrated the COE a famous assassin named Zahir Damari. who wants to steal those very same bombs for Iranian and Hezbollah clients and assassinate our president and vice president. Working with Sherlock and Savich they race the clock to find the enemies before the end game, where either side could win. Join me when I interview NYTIMES BEST Selling author: CATHERINE COULTER who takes center stage for her five star novel co-authored with J.T. Eillison: The End Game

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    AMC knows that Walking Dead fans can’t get enough of the zombie drama. So, after a couple months hiatus, viewers are getting a 90-minute treat for the Season 6 premiere. From tension at Alexandria following Pete’s death, to a new threat just outside the walls, episode 1 of the series based on Robert Kirkman’s comic books teases that no “safe haven” truly exists in the zombie apocalypse.

    Premiering on Sunday, Oct. 11, fans will revisit the shocking -- and deadly -- final moments of the Season 5 finale. However, the show isn’t exactly picking up where it left off. A mix between color and black-and-white scenes explain to viewers what happened in the Alexandria Safe-Zone following the deaths of Reg (Steve Coulter) and Pete (Corey Brill), as well as how the group of survivors got to face their latest threat … the biggest horde of walkers yet.