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    Tuesday - One more thing with Dr. Eric Zaremski

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    Think you know everything there is to know about a topic? Of course you don't, neither does Shirley. Join us as we invite guests to the discussions about new angles and ways to think about just about everything from health to raising families to aging with NO GRACE whatsoever. 
    Dr. Zaremski joins us to talk about ozone in dentistry. Facinating!

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    Mission trips with points!

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    Mission trips are usually a labor of love. Helping those who cannot do for themselves is extreamly satifying. My recent, and first, mission trip in November 2013 was all that and more. International Health Outreach and TAIDS joined forces to teach techniques provide continuing education credits. Where else can you learn a technique under the watchful eye of a mentor, Dr. Eric Zaremski, and have a variety of cases to use the technique on before using it in your practice?

    The people of Belize were grateful and thankful for our treatments and interventions. Our mindset was not to pull teeth that may become symtomatic before our next scheduled trip, but to treat teeth using the science of minimal intervention dentistry and dental hygiene. Listen in as Shirley describes air abrasion using the mini unit, ozone dental treatments in gas and oil. 

    See the pictures at Slideshare

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Ozone in your dental office

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    Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM, FACE is a general dentist practicing In Marin County.
    He practices all aspects of dentistry with minimally invasive techniques.. He has sponsored and mentored many community dental days where hundreds of children and adults have been treated without cost. He stays abreast of new technologies and incorporates them into his own practice. Dr. Zaremski teaches other dentists and their teams how to implement ozone dental therapy in their own offices and has coauthored a book on laser effects in dentistry and two articles on the uses of ozone in dentistry to help heal disease. He also owns a company that manufactures and sells medicinal ozonated oils to various markets.

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