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    Zambian Expo- Dallas 2015

    in Business

    On Perspectives we are hosting the Team of Conveners of the first ever All States Annual Zambian Expo (Zam Expo). This is a business trade fair that encourages business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers to come together to network, sell, showcase their products and services to the public.

    The Zam Expo will be a three day event which will be held during the Memorial Day weekend May 22-24, 2015 in Dallas, Texas and will be filled with events for the family and business people alike being hosted by the DFW Zambians in collaboration with SOZA. Join us for a special feature to learn more about what promises to become the Zambian Diaspora's annual premiere event.

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    Ponga Liwewe- FIFA after Sepp Blattter

    in Football

    Ponga Liwewe is a renowned football commentator, analyst and sports media consultant. He will join us to discuss and analyse the unexpected resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who has been at the helm of the world football governing body since 1998. FIFA came into the spotlight the previous week after seven of its top officials were arrested for corrupt practices which have characterized the organization's operations and fraudulent procedures in the awarding of which nations host the prestigious World Cup.

    Did the voting patterns at the just ended FIFA council which gave Blatter a fifth term reflect how the football federations around the world are divided?  Ponga stated that; "This should be the first step in the wholesale cleaning of football at all levels to give the game leadership that is honest, has integrity and that puts football first, above personal gain." What is the way forward for FIFA after Blatter? Join us for an exciting and informative show. 

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    Live Coverage- ZamExpo Dallas 2015

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    Join us for our special live coverage at the first All States Zambian Expo (ZamExpo) to be held in Dallas, Texas.This is a business trade fair that will bring business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers to come together to network, sell, showcase their products and services to the public from across the United States. The Zam Expo will be a three day event which will be held during the Memorial Day weekend May 22-24, 2015, which promises to be an annual event among the Zambian Diaspora Community based in North America. Join us live from the Inter Continental Hotel Dallas as we chat with the Expo vendors and delegates on their experiences, Zambian Embassy staff will be on site to answer questions and assist with passport applications.

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    Open Forum - Should Zambian women be barred from going into Pubs ?

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    Stories we are following :

    Should women be barred from going into Pubs in Zambia?
    New Shopping Mall open in Kitwe, what can Zambians do to be part of the welth buiding in the country.
    We are running out grave yard grounds, is cremation an option.?
    This and many more stories on your favorite show.


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    Round Table- ZBTR 6th Anniversary Special Feature

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    Join our six anniversary special feature as we reflect on the continous years of non-stop broadcasting, serving the Diaspora community and as relates to our country Zambia and Africa. We'll feature ZBTR contributors to reflect on our show's contribution and role of the diaspora on issues affecting our welfare and role in the development process of our nation. Join us as we go down memory lane on the guests we've featured and exciting topics covered over the years.   

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    in Politics Progressive

    Join Bwalya as she discusses zambian debt on flava fm 

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    We believe promotion of Tourism will require every Zambian at home and abroad to contribute to its success.

    ·         What are some of the ways government is employing to promote Tourism in Zambia?

    ·         Do we have any Tax incentives specifically targeted at the tourism sector?

    ·         Tourism infrastructure, what is the government long term goal.


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    Join us at 9pm BST , 22hrs zambian time when Bwalya hosts Insaka from the USA

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    Mr John Kalumbi- Director; Central Statistical Office

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    Mr John Kalumbi is the Director at the Central Statistical Office (CSO) whose principle function is to collect, analyse and disseminate data representing the following categories; Agriculture, industrial production, Public finance, Demography & Economics, External Trade and National Accounts. CSO also functions as the department of Census and statistics division of the government of Zambia. Mr Kalumbi joins us to discuss the dynamics and changes in the population of the nation and direct coloration on the upcoming General elections and national Referendum on the constitution. The national inflation has fluctuated tremendously causing a decline in the Kwacha, what are the effects? CSO is said not to measure the poverty datum line, why & where does the international community get its measurement of our nation's poverty levels? 

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    Dr Ngosa Simbyakula- Minister of Justice

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    Dr Ngosa Simbyakula MP is the Justice Minister in the Patriotic Front government and he was the first cabinet minister announced by President Edgar Lungu in his historic inaugural speech which was held at the Heroes Stadium away from the traditional venue at the steps of the Supreme Court. President Lungu categorically stated that; "I want to hand you a new constitution. We will definitely deliver a people-driven constitution as per the road map we released recently." He entrusted Dr Simbyakula with the task of ensuring the government enacts a people driven constitution to the people of Zambia. The constitution making process has been a contentious issue in Zambian politics prior to the multi- party era and the nation has witnessed commission after commission as presidents took office. The civil society and church mother bodies have made their presence known in the process. Dr Simbyakula joins us to discuss the PF government's road map to the constitution making process. Can this be achieved before the 2016 General elections?

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    JOIN BWALYA JABILILE FROM USA on INSAKA at 8:00 pm BST, 22:00hrs Zambian time

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