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    GACFamily Desscusion on Zak Bagans & Pragakhan Album Project

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    tonight we will be taking calls from the gacfamily with there thoughts and comments on zak bagans and pragakhans upcoming ablum. niether zak or pragakhan will be on air at this time. this is only supporters opinions. we want to here from you!

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    Major League Fantasy Football Radio Show #58-2

    in Football

    Join your host Corey D Roberts on Sunday August 30th from 11-1pm EST for this week's episode of the Major League Fantasy Sports Show sponsored by the Sports Palooza Radio Network. Call in live at 646-915-8596. This week we will discuss the offenses of the Giants, Saints, Chargers, Raiders, and Jets. Defensively we will discuss the Rams, Vikings, Texans, Dolphins, and Bills. If it's fantasy football relevant we will discuss it.  

    Our line up of guests this week include Davin Joseph former 1st round pick and two-time Pro Bowl guard, Coach Jeff Nelson of White Hall H.S. in PA, and Zak Sauer who is a writer with majorleaguefantasysports.com and the co-host of our Tuesday night football show beginning on September 15th from 8-10:00pm EST. 

    If you can’t make it to the live airing you can always download the podcast at I-Tunes or Google Play stores. Search for “Sports Palooza Radio Show”. Android owners download “Podcast Republic” and then search on podcast republic for “Sports Palooza Radio Show.”

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    PSHRadio Discusses Edinburgh Manor and the season premier of Ghost Adventures

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    Good evening Ghost Adventures fans as we know we have not done the last GA aftershocks show  because well....we wanted to wait until Season 11 was out as alot more fans was interested in that.

    We have all waited a long time for it to emerge and it finally has after us all seeing it we really enjoyed it so please join us tonight as we discuss are views on the episode as well as what we think is going to be unveiled with Season 11

    Don't forget to join in the conversation with us on twitter @PSHRadio

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    GAC Family Special Discussion of "Dark World" by Zak Bagans

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    GAC Family and your hosts Rachel (@cehyienza), Lisa (@artist_lisa_M) and Leah (@turtlepastry) discuss Zak Bagan's and Kelly Crigger's book "Dark World." To our knowledge, Zak nor Kelly will be on air. 
    Also, please help Zak donate yo "Everyone Gives" tree which can be found here"  http://www.everyonegives.org/treedetails.aspx?mode=invite&charityid=3397&treeid=1231&memid=1904
    for the NSPCA to stop animal cruelty! 

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    American Broadcasting School - The Show with Bad Billy #26

    in Radio

    Bad Billy's 26th broadcast as a student of American Broadcasting School. The broadcast includes songs from System of a Down, D-Ramsey, Danzig, Run D.M.C., The Pretty Reckless, Busta Rhymes, Soulblock, The Zak Brown Band featuring Chris Cornell, Jack Parow, Motion Device, Al Kapone, Puff Daddy, Abrupt Edge, Eminem, Shinedown, Shawn James & the Shapeshifters, Halestorm, INfA-RED, .38 Special, Blunt Force, Notorious B.I.G., and Sykosis. Be sure to follow Bad Billy on Twitter (@BadLandsCSR) and like American Broadcasting School - The Show with Bad Billy Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/abstheshow.

  • Major League Fantasy Football Radio Show #22

    in Football

    Join Ej Garr and Corey D Roberts on Saturday August 8th from 2-3:30pm EST for Major League Fantasy Football Radio sponsored by the Sports Palooza Radio Network. This is a live call in show so feel free to dial in at 646-915-8596. This week is all about the wide receiver position. 


    Our guests this week are Jeff Nelson, Lou Landers, and Zak Sauer. Jeff is a defensive coach from White Hall H.S. in PA. Lou Landers and Zak Sauer are both writers with majorleaguefantasysports.com.


    in Comedy

    “HELL IS FOR REAL” A Musical Comedy

    Part of The New York International Fringe Festival August 14th – 30th

    Charles Manson was supposed to go to Hell... But, ooooops! Little six-year-old Davin was sent by mistake. Now Davin’s returned... devilishly changed. His father embarks on a bizarre odyssey to get his son back to normal in HELL IS FOR REAL, an outrageous, star-studded new musical comedy.Comedy writer Gary Apple got the idea for his show after reading the book

    “Heaven Is For Real.” In that runaway bestseller, a little boy goes to Heaven and returns to talk about it. “I thought it would be considerably more interesting if the cute little kid went to Hell instead of Heaven,” says Apple. And as if that wasn’ttwisted enough, he decided to make it a musical. The script caught the eye of director Jay Stern, who has directed a string ofacclaimed NYC Fringe shows, including the award-winning musical “The Bardy Bunch.” For HELL IS FOR REAL, Stern and his team assembled a dream cast, populated with Broadway heavy-hitters. Cast members

    HELL IS FOR REAL Book, Music, & Lyrics by Gary Apple. Directed by Jay Stern.

    Starring Christopher Sutton, Timothy Warmen, Albert Insinnia, Carlos Lopez,Lori Hammel, Vasthy Mompoint, Madeline Kolker, Tom Carrozza, Jeremy Crawford and Zak Risinger.Musical Direction by Logan Medland. Choreography by Lorna Ventura. Produced by Janine Renee Cunningham.Part of The New York International Fringe Festival A production of The Present Theatre Company Tickets: $18 - For tickets visit www.FringeNYC.org  For more information : http://www.hellthemusical.comTwitter: @HellTheMusical 

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    GACFansTalkRadio Talks about where it all Began "The Documentary"

    in Paranormal

    Ghost Adventures: The Original Documentary (also known asGhost Adventures: The Beginning and Ghost Adventures Documentary or simply Ghost Adventures) is an award-winning documentary film starring paranormal investigators Zak Bagans,Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, first aired on Syfy on July 25, 2007.

  • 03:00

    LiveParanormal with Ghost Aventures Nick Groff Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans

    in Paranormal

    Hang out with Nick, Aaron, and Zak from the travel Channels Ghost Adventures show. Along with Bobby Mackey

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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast With Scott Gruenwald - April 15, 2015

    in Paranormal

    Tonight join Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with your host Bill Bachman and extremely special guest Scott Gruenwald

    Scott Gruenwald has been investigating the paranormal for decades. As he says, he’s “been to many haunts and seen many things. From the halls of Linda Vista Hospital to the crawlspaces of Wolfe Manor, my “hobby” has freaked me out at times. I’ve been grabbed, pushed, kissed, whispered to and, of course, been touched in my bathing suit area. (Not as pleasing as it sounds.)” Of investigating, he says, “Trigger objects…cool; period clothing… OK; nudity… um sure.” Not a fan of all the modern bells and whistles, Scott uses his ample personality to communicate with the other side. After part of an investigation wound up on “The Soup,” Scott found himself starting a “family-run horrible webshow we encourage people not to watch. They still do.” His devoted followers, known as ParaWhores, have multiplied all over the world; Scott was the number two most requested guest for this year’s conference, just under Zak Bagans.

    To learn more about Scott Gruenwald visit his Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/sgruenwald

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    True Paranormal: Stacey Jones~Ghost Cop

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    Hosts Deb DeRousse & Jonathan Lento are thrilled to have Stacey Jones as their guest.  

    Stacey Jones has been fascinated with claims of hauntings since she was 6 when her mom recounted her own true tale. She grew up, became a cop, but never lost her passion for the unexplained. She began investigating Haunted Locations in 1984 and started her group Central NY Ghost Hunters in 1995 after responding to an “unexplained noise” complaint from a single mom of 3 young boys. She found no explanation for the noises, but suspected the house may have been haunted. The mother and boys fled the house, and Stacey vowed she would help those who needed it and a “Ghost Cop” was born.

    Stacey is the nation’s leading female paranormal investigator and is well respected in the Paranormal Community for Research and has conducted over 1000 investigations. Throughout the years Stacey has teamed up with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Zak Bagans, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Chris Fleming, Jeff Belanger of Ghost Village and “Researcher for “Ghost Adventures” and Renowned Parapsychologist; Dr. Barry Taff.

    She has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” “Ghost Hunter”, “Hidden Terror”, Travel Channels “Ghost Adventures” and Zak Bagans “Paranormal Challenge”.  She also starred in her own Paranormal Reality show “CNY Spirits” On the CW Channel.  Stacey was also a co-host on TAPS PARAmagazine Radio and  featuredon Coast to Coast with George Noory where he proclaimed Stacey’s “Horrific EVP” as the most profound piece of ghost evidence to date.