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    The Zaiyahs House Sex Show Part 2

    in Entertainment

    Last weeks show was so "Off The Hook" that you requested a part two. So here it is. The Zaiyahs House Sex Show Part 2.
    On the first show the Ladies in the Chat room were in rare form as Uptown and Zaiyah were dispensing their sexual anecdotes for all the world to hear. This week The Zaiyahs House Kittens will be calling in with questions and answers.
    Join us as we try to save the world... One laugh at a time.

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    Zaiyah and Uptowns low budget holiday gift giving ideas

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    It's that time of year again when a lot of us get stressed out at the thought of not being able to purchase the gifts we know our loved ones and friends would love. Unemployment is at an all time high and a raise is out of the question. But don't worry because Zaiyah and Uptown are gonna save your butts! (you can thank us when you see us.) Home made gift Ideas, Zaiyahs House Friends that have Great Businesses, and free things you can give as gifts. Come check us out you might learn something bighead!

    Join Uptown and Zaiyah as they try to save the world... One laugh at a time.

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    The reason I never joined a Gang

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    Growing up in the Bronx I had plenty of friends that were in gangs. They rocked (wore) colors and some had pretty high rank in the gangs they were affiliated with. I had no problem with them and they had no problem with me. I have a life philosophy that I follow that some folks understand and some don't, but it's my mantra and it works for me. Do you belong to a gang? Religious, political, Street or Military? if so why? Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    Can we trust our government

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    It seems like another skeleton falls out of the United States’ closet every day. Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork, and the government is struggling to keep the scandals contained

    In 1996, Gary Webb, a writer for the San Jose Mercury News, published a series of articles known as “Dark Alliance.” The articles detailed how the CIA turned a blind eye as Nicaraguan drug traffickers sold and distributed crack cocaine in Los Angeles throughout the 1980s. It also described how the Reagan administration protected drug dealers from prosecution.

    US Army Private Bradley Manning is responsible for what some have called the biggest leak of secret military data ever. His actions also helped put WikiLeaks on the map, as he provided the organization with hundreds of thousands of classified documents.

    Among the things Manning revealed were:

    • A secret video, nicknamed “collateral murder” that showed US air crew laughing after killing dozens of people (including reporters and civilians) in an air strike.
    • Detailed records of the civilian death toll in Iraq (even though the military repeatedly said there was no record). Out of 109,000 deaths logged in a six year period, 66,081 were unarmed civilians.
    • US Soldiers committed horrific acts of torture on Iraqi prisoners, and despite hundreds of filed complaints, authorities never investigated.
    • US defense contractor DynCorp was involved in child trafficking.

    Currently Manning is being imprisoned by the military and is facing 21 charges, including “aiding the enemy,” which comes with a life sentence. Yes . . . Manning is in jail for exposing the US government paying a company that sold child slaves.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown for on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

  • How do we end police brutality?

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    Unless you've been under a rock or on a distant planet you have seen the plethora of Black citizen being brutalized by law enforcement. We march, We plead and we beg for justice and our cries seem like they are falling on deaf ears.

    They tell you "All Cops Aren't bad". If this is true why is it that every time a Cop becomes a whistle-blower he quickly becomes an Ex-Cop?

    A Baltimore City cop who attempted to hold his fellow officers accountable for on the job misconduct has been intimidated to the point of leaving the police force entirely.

    Detective Joe Crystal became a target of intimidation for his entire department after testifying against other officers in a misconduct case.  Following his testimony, he received threats from other officers, and even found a dead rat on his car one day.

    “He saw a wrong and decided he couldn't live with himself and did the right thing and was punished, I think that’s just unbelievable,” Nicholas Panteleakis, Crystal’s lawyer said.

    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/good-cop-dead-rat-car-testifying-officers/#H5mgFxpv0Reef7wb.99

    Seems like their are two types of Cops. Bad Cops and ex-Cops. What do you think?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.


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    The truth about why beautiful people are more successful

    in Entertainment

    Viren Swami, Ph.D.

    Imagine you’ve just witnessed a traffic accident. There are two victims, one you find attractive, the other less so. Which of the two victims would you help first? Or, imagine you have to hire someone to work for your company. They both have identical qualifications and experience, but one you find attractive, the other less attractive. Who would you hire?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks episode of Zaiyah's House.



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    Am I Wrong For Expecting My Girlfriend To Share Her Inheritance Money?

    in Entertainment

    This is an excerpt from a artical: January 25, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers


    Thanks to Lisa’s grandmother, who left her a hefty inheritance, she’s now $15,000 richer, but ole’ girl seems to feel that this money should be handled differently than the way that they’ve been handling their money. Basically, she wants to do what she wants to do with it and feels Aaron has no say in how she spends it.

    “She recently inherited about $15k from her grandmother’s estate, that she was not expecting. She hadn’t realized money had been left for her,” Aaron continued. “It’s been a few weeks now since she found out about it, and she does not want to discuss it with me at all. Her stance seems to be that it’s her money and not my business.”

    “My opinion is that we should treat it as any other income, and budget towards savings and vacation funds and such. And perhaps get a second car, since we share mine,” he added.

    As we shared in the beginning, he’s bothered by Lisa’s seemingly questionable moves, and he’s wondering if he’s wrong for feeling this way. What are your thoughts on this situation?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they dicuss this and other important topics on this weeks episode of Zaiyah's House.


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    Zaiyah's House welcomes Author and Renaissance Man Ishaq Mu'min

    in Entertainment

    Ishaq S. Mu’min is an aspiring writer. He has two Paralegal Certificates, currently studying for his BA in Paralegal Studies, and has worked as a Law Library Clerk for over 15 Years. He is at work on a book as a sequel to this book “The Evolution of a G (Part II)”. He is also pursuing an acting career and film deals for his books. Mr. Mu’min has taught advanced seminars as a Substance Abuse Counselor and regularly lectures youth on the ultimate outcome of living in the streets of the inner cities of America, without a legitimate plan and goal for success. He was raised in New York City and currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    An excerpt from Ishaq Mu'min’s “The Evolution of a G"   Izzy grew up in the Mid 70s and late 80s, Between Harlem and the Bronx, New York City. During this era was the last of a dying breed of hustlers-last of the Mohegan’s-the true underworld gangsters. There are many hoods all over in American cities across the United States, but it is no ancient Chinese secret that: long before the crack epidemic, the heroin trade in the Bronx and Harlem was on another level and that this level could never be reached again.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they delve into the prolific imagination of this creative and compelling author.

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    Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, Land thieves fight to save stolen land.

    in Entertainment

    CBS News

    BURNS, Ore. - The militia group at the center of a standoff on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon said they are occupying federal land in protest in order to restore the constitution.

    Ammon Bundy -- the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who was involved in an armed standoff with the government over grazing rights -- said his group will stay there as long as it takes to see justice served. The collective of protesters had decided to name themselves "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom."

    The case that brought self-described armed patriots from across the country to Oregon involves a pair of Oregon ranchers convicted of burning federal land. And while the milita group insists they are acting in support of the Hammonds, the Hammonds say they don't want the protesters at the refuge.

    Are the chickens coming home to roost?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    Freddie Gray

    in Entertainment

    Freddie Gray's death on April 19 leaves many unanswered questions. But it is clear that when Gray was arrested in West Baltimore on the morning of April 12, he was struggling to walk. By the time he arrived at the police station a half hour later, he was unable to breathe or talk, suffering from wounds that would kill him. Gray died Sunday from spinal injuries. Baltimore authorities say they're investigating how the 25-year-old was hurt—a somewhat perverse notion, given that it was while he was in police custody, and hidden from public view, that he apparently suffered injury. How it happened remains unknown. It's even difficult to understand why officers arrested Gray in the first place. But with protesters taking to the streets of Baltimore since Gray's death on Sunday, the incident falls into a line of highly publicized, fatal encounters between black men and the police.

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House


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    Why does sexuality matter?

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    Why are we so obsessed with the sexuality of the next man or woman? Why do you care? what bearing does it have on your life? Why are transgender people still being attacked in our street in 2015? Why do the persecuted like to persecute?

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's house.