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    Ep. 96 - Another Elbow Down to Tommy John

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    The Rising Apple Report returns with it's 96th episode! Sam Maxwell hosts, with Staff Writers Rich Sparago and Mike Lecolant joining him on a fantastic spring afternoon post-snow to talk all things Mets!

    Well, another pitcher down to Tommy John Surgery after Zack Wheeler's elbow MRI revealed a full UCL tear. We'll discuss the situation, what it means for his career and what it means for the Mets rotation.

    The lefties seem to be doing better lately, but nothing overwhelming, causing the Mets to possibly explore the end-of-spring waiver wire for southpaw bullpen help. We'll discuss some of those candidates and talk about our own preferences.

    And of course, with no Mets number to discuss, we will talk about the 1996 Metsian season.

    So, join us at 2pm ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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    March Madness and the Dog Days of Spring

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    Mike Silva and Joe Buono discuss the first two days of the NCAA Mens Tournament, and debate whether college basketball has lost it's luster. Matt Ehalt of the Record gives an update from Mets camp after the injuries to Zack Wheeler and Josh Edgin. Who is to blame for these injuries? The guys discuss. Things have been quiet in Yankees camp, but is that a good thing? Are the Yankees underrated so far? Also, which college star stands out as a potential lottery pick for the Knicks.

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    Interview With IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Owner of ZKK Reseach ZACK KHAN - #332

    in Fitness

    Zack "King" Khan is one of the most popular and charismatic professional bodybuilders on the planet. His "real, raw, and authentic" approach to training and every other area of his life has created a massive and passionate fan base. During this podcast interview, Khan talks about how he was inspired to start working out after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cover on a muscle magazine.

    The IFBB Pro talks about the tough decision that he made leaving Nutrex and start promoting the ZKK Research supplement line. You'll learn just how important loyalty is to him. Zack tells you exactly what happened. He offers some great business advice to aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. To him, hustle is the name of the game. Khan gets real and discusses the "dark side" of the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle and the personalities it attracts.

    He explains how a toxic mix of overt sexuality and social media create horrible environment for people to grow as balanced human beings. Zack also talks about the "hater" mindset on the internet, how it first affected him, and how he chooses to deal with it. The ZKK Underground Gym owner gets brutally honest when he talks about the decline of "Manhood" and the rise of the "boi." If you are interested in attracting more women, Zack "King" Kong offers some great advice.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. 


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    The Fix Season 2 Episode 5

    in Baseball

    New York Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler's UCL tear, Tommy John surgery, and the road he took in getting to the operating table are discussed in detail by baseball pitching motion expert Angel Borrelli and Joe Janish. In the process, Angel dispels myths about pitching through pain, the thought that "pitching is unnatural," as well as the idea that pitching injuries are "inevitiable." Instead, she provides hope, clarity, and guidance toward preventing pitching injuries. Additionally, she offers the most fundamental key to pitching velocity.

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    Laughter Can Improve Your Sex Life W/ COMEDIAN Shang Forbes

    in Romance

    Shang Forbes has cemented his position as one  of the brightest funnymen in the business & his political and explosive humor has been showcased on HBO,  BBC, NBC,  MTV and Comedy Central. Shang also is a Co-producer & host of BET’S Access Granted & is a regular on Bet’s Comic View, which airs weeknights at 10pm. . In addition, he has displayed impressive comedic acting & writing ability as a series regular on the late-night laugh-fest ”The Newz” & a contributing writer for George Magazine.

    Now Shang has been making headway into the acting field with recent guest starring roles on episodes of On CBS’s “NCIS”, ABC’s “Zack & Cody”, NBC’s “Passions,” WB’s The Jamie Foxx Show & just finished shooting a pilot for FOX TV Called “FACELESS” written & directed by hot new directorJoe Carmahan (“Narc” & Smoking Aces) & Produced by Tony Krantz ( “24″ THe PJ’s & Sports Night).

    Too many people take sex too seriously. Laughter will not only alleviate stress and anxiety, it will also shift the mood in the bedroom. The more you laugh, the easier it becomes. Laughter helps create more neuropathways in your body, making it easier for you to feel sensation and pleasure.  Same Goes For orgasms  We don't have to wait until we are in the mood to do something before we do it. This body-over-mind applies equally to laughter and sex.

    Indeed, sex and laughter are two activities that can work together to improve the health of our relationships.Laughter is a great bridge to keeping boredom at bay,and strengthening relationships. 

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    Say Hi To Anthony Esposito

    in Rock Music

    So how do we top the Immortal "Bumblefoot" interview we did last week? We bring on Anthony Esposito, (Bass Palyer) formerly of Ace Frehley and Lynch Mob and current Producer at OBSCENIC ARTS, Broadcasting & Media Production. Anthony has been involved with some huge names both on stage and behind the console, so I am lucky to be having him call in and talk for a while. And with new show producer Joe Gansas on the loose, you can never be sure who else may be lurking on the phones.

    The Rangers are the best team in Hockey and Zack Wheeler is out for the season, but not to fear Tim Tebow and Chip Kelly are hanging out together, so we can Talk about all of that. 

    Lots of new concerts have been announced so I will give you the lineups and tell you whats new in the Hard Rock and metal scene.

    Oh Yea and I think March Madness starts this week so we can bring that up as well. I will give you my WINNING bracket as well, in case you are inetrested.

    So Tune this Thursday night at 6:30 pm est to see if we can top last weeks show. I think I could use all the help I can get so please take a minute and call in talk for a while.

    Keep on Rockin'!!!


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    Episode 108: This is a sad podcast

    in Baseball

    In the "YARD GOATS!" edition, Jeffrey and Chris actually recorded before the announcement of YARD GOATS, so this podcast is mostly full of sad things (unless you are a Swedish soccer fan). We touch on Zack Wheeler's torn UCL, discuss our most gut-punching moments as a Mets fan, and consider Wilmer Flores, Mets Opening Day shortstop (again). There are some happy things, we suppose. David Wright hit a big dong, Lucas Duda will probably be good again, and Ronny is an Amazin' Avenue reader apparently (and has some damn stylish glasses). Oh, and definitely stick around for a discussion of Aderlin Rodriguez batting practice laser shows.

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    NCAA March Madness! NY Rangers in 1st Place! NFL Free Agency Discussion!

    in Sports

    1 - NHL:

    NY Rangers in 1st Place

    2 - NCAA:

    NCAA March Madness Talk/ Who's The Favorites?

    3- BOXING:

    Shawn Porter vs Erick Bone Results

    Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez Results

    4 - MLB

    NY Mets SP Zack Wheeler To Have Tommy John Surgery

    5 - NFL 

    NY Jets Bring back CB Antonio Cromartie & Trade For Ryan Fitzpatrick

    NY Giants Extend Coach Tom Coughlin



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    Ep. 95 - Where's a Southpaw When You Need One?!

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    The Rising Apple Report rolls in on a weekend to discuss all things New York Mets! Sam Maxwell hosts, with Site Editor Danny Abriano joining him for the 95th Episode!

    The lefty situation, or lack thereof, has dominated the chatter the last few days, with Josh Edgin having to decide between rehab and Tommy John Surgery and the rest of the options in camp now performing up to par. Many Mets fans believe this could have been avoided, though Sandy claims there was not "right fit" out there. We'll discuss whether or not he could have done more to shore this issue up.

    Zack Wheeler has been scratched from his next start with elbow tendonitis. We'll talk about how concerned we should be regarding the right-handed pitcher, whose success is such a key to this next Mets era.

    Players have been singing the praises of new hitting coach Kevin Long, especially his old Yankee partner Curtis Granderson. We'll discuss his impact so far, and whether we can really tell how positive of an impact he has had this early in the year.

    So, join us for the newest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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    Go Far: A Conversation With Director Zack Arnold

    in Television

    Join us as we welcome back editor Zack Arnold (Burn Notice, Empire). We will be disussing his independent film Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story. For more information on the film, visit https://www.facebook.com/gofarmovieold?pnref=lhc

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    03/09 Prowrestling.net Live: Jason Powell takes your phone calls after WWE Raw

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    Prowrestling.net's Jason Powell and Zack Zimmerman take your pro wrestling related phone calls live after WWE Raw. Listen live, call in, and chat with other listeners every Monday from now until the day after WrestleMania 31 at 10:30 p.m. CT/11:30 ET.

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