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    Tonight's Guest: SLAM Wrestling's Yves Leroux & Pat Laprade

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    Yves Leroux of SLAM Wrestling & Pat Laprade join us tonight for some great discussion on the Quebec Wrestling scene from the glory days of professional wrestling in Canada.

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    Yves hails from a small town in the Eastern Cape called Butterworth also known as Gcuwa. Yves found her calling in music at the tender age of 13 where she was a lead vocalist in a local band which entered the Shell Road to Fame Talent competition in 1996 and successfully made 2nd place in the regional finals Yves continued to pursue her passion and went on to study and major in music at the National School of Arts. In 2004 Yves talent was recognized by one of the finest music producers in the country Jerah Mothusi and gave her the opportunity to showcase her voice by working with her on Rude Boy Paul’s Azaniah Pulse 2 compilation which featured the late great Mama Busi Mhlongo and many more remarkable artists in South Africa. As a young artist eager to establish herself and gain recognition in the music industry, Yves entered Idols and impressively made it into the top 32 in the country. Her talent, ambition, commitment and passion have led to one of Yves major achievements where she collaborated with Molhusi again to release her debut album titled “7ven.” The album is a lyrically powerful work of art which reflects on some of Yves’ life experiences, allowing her to showcase her song writing skills. She got to co-write with artist Fiesta Black and international DJ/Producer Harrison Crump on some of the songs on the album. Yves released a single “Mfana waseMahlkeng” along with a music video playing all over radios and television. She has also been entered for the 2015 SAMA’s. Her immense talent is sure to take the international market by storm and prove that she is one of the best vocalist on the music scene.  Yves has also been featured on SABC’s Morning Live, the Daily Sun, SkyroomLive, and Hectic 99.


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    Is Organic Agriculture Doomed?

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    With the approval of GMO Alfalfa, GMO Sugar Beets and GMO Corn, organic farmers are fighting harder than ever to protect their land and crops. Meanwhile, the agro-chemical companies are pleased that their profits are soaring. It is assumed that organic is in peril. Why is this devastating to organic farmers? One main reason is cross-fertilization. This is especially disastrous for organic farmers because once an organic field is contaminated, the organic farmer’s certification is at risk. The organic label prohibits the use of GMO crops. Losing organic certification would mean the farmer’s goods can no longer be sold for the premium price that helps cover the costs of growing organically. According to Farmaid.org, most genetically engineered crops hitting the market are developed by multinational companies such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and Dow Chemical to increase their sales and push their related pesticides. For example, Roundup Ready crops are engineered to withstand Monsanto’s toxic herbicide Roundup. With Roundup Ready alfalfa and sugar beets on the market, Monsanto can expect increased profits from its new seeds, as well as increased sales of Roundup herbicide to douse all those new seeds. This has also been a core issue for the beekeeping community which has expressed concern that the combination of GMO crops with the companion technology of neonicotinoids is devastating the rapidly declining bee population. It appears that the fate of organic farmers in the USA seems doomed but is it? In this encore segment of The Organic View, host, June Stoyer talks to organic farming advocate, Dr. Bob Quinn, President of Kamut® International. Today's show is sponsored by Eden Foods. When you shop online at EdenFoods.com enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases).

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    Nips: February 1, 2016

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    Get caught up on the latest news from around the pulp and paper world in our weekly program, including updates from Expera, Catalyst, Verso, Madison Paper, Neenah, Rayonier Advanced Materials, Glatfelter, Domtar, Plum Creek, Veritiv, DuPont and more.
    Nips is a weekly show of contemporary information related to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. Hosted by Jim Thompson, the voice of the worldwide pulp and paper industry.
    Listen live at 7 a.m. EST on Monday, 1 February 2016, or anytime afterward!

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    White Buffalo Radio-Zayra Yves, Artist, Poet and Activist

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    Zayra Yves is an International Award Winning Artist, Activist and Creative Writer from the Bay Area. Zayra writes of love, passion, pain and the mystery behind all human experience. Her creative expression is evocative and it speaks to a place deep inside of you that, once called, awakens—and once awakened, changes you forever. Zayra’s creative writing is published in numerous print journals, anthologies, on-line e-zines and magazines: The Zimbabwe Situation, Panhandler Quarterly, Voices for Africa, Eyes of the Poet, Kreativ, Reflections IIT Madras (India), Edge Life Magazine, Poetry Life & Times, Astropoetica, Alehouse Press, 34th Parallel, Feeling is First, Memoir (and), Aquillrelle, The Enchanting Verses International Journal, The African Legend Series, and The Cherry Muse. She has appeared as a featured artist and/or guest speaker at: New Sun Celebration; CIIS California Institute of Integral Studies;   UniVerse of Poetry; BlogTalk Radio, The Awareness Network, Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color and The Legacy Project.

    "Zayra Yves is a Divinely inspired poet in communication with the Sacred and our Ancestors."- Linda Tucker, CEO & Founder of White Lion Trust Foundation

    Zayra Yves  zayrayves.com

    White Buffalo Radio is hosted and produced by Rain on the Earth, sponsored by the White Bison Association home of the sacred White Buffalo herd. Blog: medicinetalkradio.wordpress.com

    Music:  Intro Arizona Spirit  Outro:  White Buffalo from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo, Bigger than Real released by Sacred Mountain Records

  • "Black Wall Street: How Do We Get There?" - AFROCENTRIX on KLJN 107.7 w/Ed Smith

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    Why do so many Black Americans and other shades of color, feel comfortable working for another person’s business, rather than focusing on eventually having their own even if they need to hire a business manager to run it? 
    Why do Urban Blacks feel more compelled to hustle, rather than work for “The Man”?
    Is it because of his inner 'Entrepreneurial instincts', or is it generational programming, which leads to abstinence of the 'slavery-based' mentality, of having to work for ‘Mr. Charlie’ to feel secure?
    Why is it that people from other countries can come to the U.S. and get great jobs or start businesses or acquire wealth with real estate, while Black folks born and raised here in this country, can't get jobs as fast or as well, nor get property or business loans so easily?
    Why do people of the 'Urban persuasion' feel its okay to “hustle“?
    Why do people feel its more lucrative to sling drugs, rather than work in a corporate office?
    Why is it 'fact' that black people in this country cannot build enough wealth to sustain their families through generations (Also known as 'Generational Wealth'); such as the Rockefeller’s, DuPont’s, Getty’s, Vanderbilt’s, Fords, Walton’s etc.?
    How can a people come together and create profitable network that creates and maintains its own infrastructure?

    CALL (914) 205-5481 and press "1" to speak live on the air.


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    "Fanny Custer" at West Point

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto reads from Chapter 2 of Jeffery Wert's book, "Custer." George Armstrong Custer spent four eventful years as a cadet at West Point, graduating last in the class of June 1861.

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    Navigating Change Using Indigenous Wisdom: Gifts to Transform Your Life

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    Dr. Anita Sanchez, of Mexican American and Native American/Aztec heritage, is a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) with luminaries like Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson, John Gray and more. For 35 years, Dr. Sanchez has provided transformational training to leaders and their teams in Fortune 500 corporations like DuPont, Hewlett Packard, IBM, ATT, Xerox, Conoco and many more. Anita weaves indigenous wisdom and modern brain science to inspire and equip women and men to live their higher purpose so they lead their fullest lives in service and joy. She co-authored 3 books and her personal favorite book and latest work: The Four Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Leaders.

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    Bugler's Assembly: The Class of 1861

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto relays her New Year 2016 wishes to her listeners, and starts off the 2016 show year, reading from the preface and first chapter of "The Class of 1861: Custer, Ames and Their Classmates After West Point"

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    Nips: January 4, 2016

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    Get caught up on the latest news from around the pulp and paper world in our weekly program, including updates from Stora Enso, KapStone, Rayonier AM, Domtar, Resolute, DuPont, International Paper, APP, Huhtamäki and more.
    Nips is a weekly show of contemporary information related to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. Hosted by Jim Thompson, the voice of the worldwide pulp and paper industry.
    Listen live at 7 a.m. EST on Monday, 4 January 2016, or anytime afterward!

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Hard Earned/2015 The TV Year Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our lead feature: Hard Earned, Al Jazeera America's miniseries, which won the network's first DuPont Broadcast Journalilsm Award this week. Joining in: Hard Earned series producer Maggie Bowman and Cynthia Kane, AJA's senior commissioning producer of documentaries. Also on tap: Marc Berman, editor-in-chief of the new venture Programming Insider.