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    Latrina Wilcher- This show will be rescheduled at a future date

    in Women

    Once a month Latrina Wilcher goes out into the community to hand out slices of cake and pie in heart-shaped boxes. Latrina's goal is to help the homeless people in Los Angeles “one pastry at a time.” “These treats are not the healthiest in the world, but it costs money to get a cupcake or cookie,” said Wilcher, a South L.A. native. Wilcher calls her project Sweet Tri Pastries. It emerged from Wilcher’s insatiable desire to help others. She also volunteers sharing her story and doing marketing for I am a Girl, a documentary on the obstacles and perseverance of women fighting for equality in the 21st century. She is writing a children’s book to help children in the foster system cope with their experiences. Tune in listen to Latrina Share her story.

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    SEC Smack Radio Episode 3

    in Football

    Our 3rd episode and ready to break down the 2015 Schedules and see who has the Cup Cake Schedule. What's going on with your basketball team? Signing Day is approaching. How will your school fare?

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    Hudson Leick is back on Chatting With Sherri!!!

    in Entertainment

       Chatting With Sherri is very happy and proud to have the lovely and talented Hudson Leick back on the show to chat about all the exciting things happening in her life. Her book Yum is now available on Lulu! She will be appearing at the last Xena Con this year. She will teach her dance class and her wonderful yoga class at the con. She will also chat about the week long Prague retreat. Join us!



    Music by "Cowboy Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    PAIRED: Cajun to Creole - Talking Louisiana food

    in Food

    Louisiana food is distinctive created from more than 300 years of food traditions that combines influences from Mexico to Africa, Europe and Native American cultures. Gumbo is a dish that combines two or more meats or seafood that combines influences from African, European and Native American cultures.

    The name comes from the Bantu word for okra, a fiberous plant that is eaten in soups, stews, fried, sauteed and steamed. 

    Gumbo is also a perfect example of what makes Louisiana food unique and it tells a story of where you come from. Made with seafood, your from the coast.  With meats like venisor or squirrel, your family has a history of hunters and living form the land.  Gumbo is normally served with rice, but if you spoon it over potato salad, your heritage comes from Germany.

    Join guest host Jim Picht along with Lousianians Bill and Laura Weatherford, all Louisianian foodies ready to talk Gumbo to King's Cake.

    Paired explores the foods you love every Monday at 6:30pm EST. The CommDigiNews Hour are the daily shows from the writers of Communities Digital News where you can find every story you need to read.



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    Bobbo's Block Anniversary Special

    in Radio

    Tonight we will be having a midnight show for our anniversary episode of Bobbo's Block! One year ago, I cracked up the show and stayed this journey that we're still on today! It will be me and the crew and probably some of our friends dropping by, so keep your computer locked toBlogtalkradio and let's have some cake!!

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    New Book - A Theory of Cooking 2

    in Parents


    Welcome back to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am you Host for the show

    Today we are here to share with you several updates and the launch of our new book

    The book is A Theory of Cooking 2

    The book is available on Blurb.com

    The book is a A Collections of Family Recipes and Fun

    A Picture Book

    The book brings to you illustrations and a timeline of our cooking theory,

    Created by Tammi Joyner and Marquel Green

    Enjoy our family recipes and contact us on facebook.comAuthor website

    A free preview of 15 pages is available at Blurb.com

    The book celebrates our development

    It offers a picture of Marquel's 18 birthday cake - ideas for cake shapes and layers

    It offers a picture of our 2 year anniversary cake here on A Theory of Parenting Blogtalkradio.com

    It offers food pictures of our 4 of July celebration 2014

    It offers pictures of new holidays we plan to celebrate like

    National Hamburger Day and National Ice Cream Day


  • The Ignorance Equation- Let Them Eat Cake!

    in Politics Progressive

    This Week The Ignorance Equation brings in their 50th episode with Author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, Linda Tirado, to talk about Poverty and Income Inequality in America.  And Cecily McMillan stops in with An Occupy Update.

    So tune in this Sunday for all the Audio Poverty we can Disperse into your Financially Burdened Ear Holes.

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  • LIVING LINKIE STYLE with Linkie Marais and Guest: Dr. BBQ-Ray Lampe!

    in Food

    Welcome to the "Living Linkie Style" Radio Show with Linkie Marais

    It's all about Outdoor Entertaining! TONIGHT IT'S ABOUT TAILGATING!!

    Linkie's Special Guest: Ray Lampe : DR BBQ!

    Linkie Marais exudes a passion for life and it is evident in her cakes, food, art and her ability to create beautiful things. Her resume includes creating specialty cakes and desserts for such noted individuals as Barack Obama, John McCain, Frankie Vali and Patrick Kennedy. She has cooked alongside Guy Fieri, Giada de Laurentis and of course, her fellow Food Network Stars.

    Her story has interesting roots – an immigrant from South Africa, she has been passionate about food as far back as she can remember. Her first food memory is of helping her Mom make a “Welcome Home Cake” when her Dad was returning from the war. Growing up in South Africa brings to mind some great memories – Covering ripening fruit on trees with plastic bags to keep monkeys from stealing it; family and friends gathering at braais (cookouts) where whole sheep were BBQ’d on a spit while singing songs around the campfire; and living where it is OK to “test drive” an ostrich. South Africa’s wide open spaces and beauty made it easy for her to fall in love with the outdoors.

    Join Linkie and her guests as they explore the Great Outdoors of Entertaining!


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    Mark Sutton - Vegan Pizza; Musician, Lisa Marshall; YOUvolution; & Back on Track

    in Self Help

    We LOVE pizza!!  

    Mark Sutton is the author of the 1st ever Vegan Pizza Cookbook, "Heart Healthy Pizza," with a forward written by one of our previous guests, Howard Lyman, The Mad Cowboy.  Mark has been employed as the Visualizations Coordinator for two NASA Earth Satellite Missions, a freelance interactive multimedia computer consultant, an organic farmer, and head photographer.  Mark has produced work for two Nobel Prize winners (on global climate change) and helped create UN Peace Medal Award-winning high school curriculum.  He's currently the editor of the Mad Cowboy e-newsletter.

    Mark Sutton will join us to talk about his book, which contains over 100 plant-based recipes for making pizza. Through the imaginative use of grains (oats, quinoa, millet, and others) as well as legumes (such as chickpeas, black eyed peas, white beans, dal), sometimes nuts, and various vegetables (artichokes, carrots, corn, etc.), Mark has created 60 unique "cheese-like" sauce recipes that range in taste texture from a delicate velvety to a custard firmness. Most are gluten-free!  With recipes for pizza crusts (including gluten-free versions), "bottom sauces" & total pizza concepts, this book will help anyone create the most healthy pizza possible.  Yum!!  

    We'll be joined in the studio by Ben Gibson, founder of YOUvolution whose "mission is to bring hope to the hopeless and empower the hopeful!"  We'll talk about following your dreams.

     And we'll be talking with Lisa Marshall and the muisc that she has been making in the Austin scned the last few months.

    And Part II of getting back on track with tips for riding life's ups and downs.

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    TwinkleCat's Year 2, and even StarCat's Year 42!

    in Moms and Family

    Belated {hey, daddy's gotta work early mornings} Annual Happy Birthday show, to Both the Ladies in my Life. Drop on in and yell a "Happy Birthday" at them with 323-443-7201

  • Hot Sugar ; Celebrity News, Twitter, reality Tv and Porn

    in Entertainment

    Hot Sugar is back  for 2015  and  they have all the exclusives, all the drama all the sex  and all the real talk  you can handle    Hosted By India Morel and Heaven " Hollywood" Clark   co hosted by Mz_OD and Arie Goode

    Intro   India Morel   and Heaven Hollywood

    Introduction to the Sugar dish  The Cast


    11p    intro  Yall Know what it is  D'ezo Ft Cassidy

    11.05   Terrorist attack in Paris

    11:10   George Zimmerman  arrested again

    11:15   Scaff Beezy on red carpet with new girl and Nicki responds with Meek and Twitter post

    11:25  Mike Hukabee calls Jay-z a pimp 

    11:32  Blue Ivy gets a gay pride cake 

    11:35   What's going on with Kylie Jenner

    11:38  Kim Kardashian another Vogue shoot

    11:40 Adrian Broner disses Jay-z and Rihanna

    11:43  Keyshia Cole trying to walk out on the bill

    1145  The New Aids  scare in  

    11:55  foxy tries to shade ashanti

    11 57  Empire  biggest premiere ever


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