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    5 Yr-Old Forced To Sign Suicide/ Safety Contract-Out Of Control Ed System

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    How can an educational system even consider asking a 5 yr old to sign a suicide/safety contract.  Excerpt from Al.com:

    The school counselor used the system-wide safety protocol that school system officials were instructed to use in any situation in which "a student indicates they may be considering any actions such as hurting themselves or hurting someone else," she said. "Unfortunately, with this incident, the one size fits all." 

    This is the problem with schools all over the country today.  There is a "one size fits all mentality" and it is causing havoc because Common Sense has left with the new age of the Common Core Standards Initiative.  Come and hear more about what is behind this story and it's time to study what's being planned in the field of Counseling.


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    12 yr old Tamir Rice and 28 yr old Akai Gurley TheWWShoW

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    12 yr old Tamir Rice and 28 yr old Akai Gurley TheWWShoW
    I mite say something you mite not like.
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    Please Plan To Join Myself, Sherry P, And My Co-Hosts, Sharolyn Payton and Quinton Morgan As We Welcome Our Special Guest, Tiffany Emerge Boyle, CEO Of Emerge The Magazine. The Topic Of The Show Will Be "Being An Entrepreneur and Maintaining Healthy Relationships"" The Please Plan To Tune In And We Will Hear You There!!!

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    30JK -- 2 yr. ANNIVERSARY (part 2)

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    Well, here we are again with PART 2 of this MONSTER JAM!!!

    If you thought PART ONE was something... you ain't heard **** yet!!! COME ON IN AND TELL EVERYBODY!!! You know you want to!

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    See what I told ya, 30JK Nation? "HOTTEST... HYPEST... HAPPIEST".. this is what I do; ya dig? Plain and simple, baby!

    Come listen and have some fun with us!!! You will have a great time; I promise you!!!

    And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... COME ON... LET'S GOOOOOO!!!

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    30JK -- 2 yr. ANNIVERSARY (part 1)

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    WOW!!! Look how far we've come in JUST 2 YEARS!!!

    And... we've only begun to scratch the surface! I started it all with Kathleen Bradley ("Price is Right"; "Friday").

    Who'd've thought that it now has come to this?! 60 episodes now... and it is all because of YOU!!!

    Join me -- JK --  as we celebrate the 2-year Anniversary of this VERY SHOW... PARTY FAVORS FOR EVERYBODY!!!
    And of course... the party starts the second you get here!

    THE NUMBER: 347-857-2310; www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE -- BE THERE!!!
    Miss me... and you miss out! Who wants some?!!

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    #faith simple instructions on faith to be successful this yr

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    #faith is something we try to buy but you can't buy U into faith you have to go to possess your faith 

    Faith is only as far as you take it it's not coming to you in a simple package at times it takes time to build and develop the structure in times of being lonely and frustrated 

    Faith is your faith real or is it fake sometimes you can take a survey and say where is my faith today and how far should I take it 

    Faith this is only step one of faith which is your mindset . . . . 

    Www.facebook.com/howtoradioshow or email me at jaimesjournal@gmail.com

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    RENAISSANCE RAPPIN’/KITM-Al Greens Sister Missing/Afro Man/82 yr old Kills Teens

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                 The day starts off with Eric Harris and Mark, his brother on a show called, Renaissance Rappin’.  A couple of education driven Black Americans that talk (that’s where the rappin’ comes in) about today’s drama and critical situations.  The employment crisis for Blacks, political representation, celebrity talk, and questions and answers that plague our country.  This ain’t kindergarten or high school, this is mind elevation and the raising of the plateau on mountains of stress relation issues that have potential correction abilities.  Join them 347-205-9366 –


         You know these guys – you either love them, or hate them, or you’re in the middle, you haven’t figured it out yet, but you keep coming because one of their main ingredients is L A U G H I N G.  KINGS IN THE MORNING confronts racism, prejudice, KITM talk crazy and zany, and they’ve got a platform of information that will truly enlighten you.  The only MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY show that comes on daily.  8am every morning, 5 days a week.  347-205-9366. Get on the line, and get connected! 

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    O.C.W.M. 5th Yr. Anniversary Message

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    People have told you “your dreams will never come true.” Do not believe the dream killers.
    People may have not been able to see or understand why GOD chose you for your task, so they tell you and others that “you are only dreaming” do not listen to the dream killers.
    People may say “no one will ever marry you” do not listen to the dream killers.
    People may say that; “You will never stop doing drugs or drinking, or over eating, get out of debt or be happy” do not listen to the dream killers.

    They may say “your ministry is not legitimate or up to par (Because God Is Doing A New Thing In You they do not understand) “do not listen to the dream killers”
    The only people that win the race are those who never quit.
    Tell the dream killers “Bump what it is you have to say, I am remaining in position to possess ever promise that God has made to me!” Tell them “You will not destroy my faith” When they try to step; on you, over you, or push you out of the way, that they may have the spotlight. 


    Jacob knew that his time had come when he refuse to let the angel go, the woman with the issue of blood made her way to Jesus because she realized that was the time for the release and was determined to receive, even if came from his hem, it was her opportunity and she was not going to pass it up.
    You have waited long enough my brother/sister, hear God and move into position and get ready to be blessed.
    This is a word from the Lord. Let the church hear what the spirit of the Lord has to say to the church!

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    Tamir Rice: 12 yr old Black child shot, this time in Cleveland by a cop as usual

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    I am getting really angry about these kinds of stories.  i don't know how the kid behaved but he was a kid.  Cops can't be gun happy.  It's really sad and tragic.  I have a 1/2 Black child who is six ft 2.  He does not play with guns or have fake guns., he is just a student who works at McDonalds at age 16.  I am pissed off in general that this shit happens in America.  The kid might as well have lived in Jerusalem or Beruit.  His life is worth nothing to law enforcement.    Whether somebody is to blame and the kid was reckless or not, its still a major disappointment.  I don't foresee the future of America getting any better.

    Jon shares 1 police pullover story in which he may have been falsely accused.  He also talks about overcoming temptation.

    The last short segment is about a writer named Ed Raymond for the Duluth Reader who keeps dissing religion.  He will do anything to make religion look bad.  He also came up with some loosely based homosexual theory and tries to plug his theoryt into historical groups such at the 12 disciples.  Jon, Jane and Bob blow this man's weak arguments straight out of the water.

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    Freakin Awesome Paranormal Shows 1 yr Anniversary

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    Join Ryan and Holly as they celebrate the show's 1 year anniversary.

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    Start A New Health Care Career At $50,000/Yr and Your Training Paid For

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    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells us how to start a new health care career at $50,000/Yr and your training paid for.



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