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    12 yr old Tamir Rice and 28 yr old Akai Gurley TheWWShoW

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    12 yr old Tamir Rice and 28 yr old Akai Gurley TheWWShoW
    I mite say something you mite not like.
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    Tamir Rice: 12 yr old Black child shot, this time in Cleveland by a cop as usual

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    I am getting really angry about these kinds of stories.  i don't know how the kid behaved but he was a kid.  Cops can't be gun happy.  It's really sad and tragic.  I have a 1/2 Black child who is six ft 2.  He does not play with guns or have fake guns., he is just a student who works at McDonalds at age 16.  I am pissed off in general that this shit happens in America.  The kid might as well have lived in Jerusalem or Beruit.  His life is worth nothing to law enforcement.    Whether somebody is to blame and the kid was reckless or not, its still a major disappointment.  I don't foresee the future of America getting any better.

    Jon shares 1 police pullover story in which he may have been falsely accused.  He also talks about overcoming temptation.

    The last short segment is about a writer named Ed Raymond for the Duluth Reader who keeps dissing religion.  He will do anything to make religion look bad.  He also came up with some loosely based homosexual theory and tries to plug his theoryt into historical groups such at the 12 disciples.  Jon, Jane and Bob blow this man's weak arguments straight out of the water.

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    5 Yr Old Forced To Sign Suicide -Safety Contract--Perspectives with Linda Murphy

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    Hear interview with Linda Murphy as we try to figure out the out of control Education System being led with the one-size fits all mentality of Common Core.  Unfortunately,  Common Sense is being left behind and so are the children.  The Common Core Standards Initiative is setting up children to be harmed when Parental Authority is replaced by "nationalization" by people who thinks the Government Collaborative Efforts are better.  Facts such as more parental input makes dramatic difference (as in the undeniable success of homeschooling are ignored.)

    Get informed and stand in the Gap now.

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    Start A New Health Care Career At $50,000/Yr and Your Training Paid For

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    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells us how to start a new health care career at $50,000/Yr and your training paid for.



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    12 yr Old Shot - Murdered

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    NEW LIFE ORDER - is now the new order of life. We are the common voice of humanity! TRUTH in the midst of confusion. A place on the planet where ALL walks of life are welcome! ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE WAY OF LIFE...RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! All we need is love, because God IS Love!

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    Will and Thunder Welcome 16 Yr Old Metal Screamer, Gabbie Rae

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    We are honored to have the chance to interview Gabbie Rae, the sixteen year old vocal powerhouse is riding her current momentum by releasing the official music video for her first single "Scream" as well as the song for purchase on iTunes and all other major digital media outlets on Tuesday October 7th. She will be joining us for an interview and a few songs at the start of our second hour.
    Often referred to as “The Next Generation of Classic Rock” Gabbie Rae has been on the fast track over the past year making guest appearances and opening slots for Queensrÿche, Stryper, Great White, Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger), Mike Tramp (White Lion), John Corabi and Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses).
    Gabbie Rae performed on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in March sharing the bill with the multiplatinum selling likes of Tesla, Cinderella, Winger and many others. She is confirmed to return to the Monsters of Rock Cruise which sails in April 2015.

    You probably won’t have to wait very long for Gabbie Rae’s next venture as this girl doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

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    Please read this article my Empath skype friend sent to me http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/26687514/charges-omegle-chat-meet-up-turned-into-nightmare-in-burnsville-basement

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    Media BlackOut on Gay Founder of Human Rights Campaign Arrest for Sex with 15 YR

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    There is an unprecendented media black out on the crimes of homosexuals.  What is even more stunning is that the co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign, has been arrested and indicted for raping an underage teen, who is 15 years old.  Yet, the mainstream media, hasn't touched this story.  Not only has Terry Bean, the sixty something pedophile rapist, been arrested, but now new reports show that his former boy friend, who is 25 years old, has also been arrested for SEX crimes with underage kids.

    Terry Bean is an Obama Supporter and friend.  He is a democrat.  He co-founded the largest anti-Christian pro-sodomy lobby in the country and this isn't newsworthy?

    Former homosexuals are now calling for accountablity.

    We're also going to play you two very different examples of the child Samuel Brinton who claims to have been tortured by conversion therapy.  Today, we are exposing the LIES and the deception of the homosexual and lesbian lobby.  


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    13 Yr old Advocate for Alopecia and Princess Nevaeh

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    Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth patches on the scalp and can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis).

    Meet Kaiya

    Kaiya is a 13 year old advocate for Alopecia. Kaiya was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in the 2nd grade  but in the last 
    two years her doctor believes she has Alopecia Universalis b/c she doesn't have any hair on her arms or legs.Kaiya is a strong, warm,loving young lady that loves the Lord. 

    She along with others and her mother are on a mission to raise awareness for Alopecia in all people, especially African Americans. Listen, as she inspires us to be who God has called us to be. 



    Author Spotlight

    Author Paulette Harper releases her new childrens book, "Princess Nevaeh"

    Six year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is. She will soon learn that her wish to be a princess takes a little more than just asking. Lessons on self-discovery are taught by her Mimi who makes her understand that being a princess takes work . http://pauletteharper.com/books/princess-nevaeh/index.htm



  • Evangelist Charlette says MERRY CHRISTMAS on RADIO to FAVORITE PEOPLE

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    8:00 AM...MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014...On Radio. FROM: Evangelist Charlette Jones


    SO MANY SINGERS, R&B STARS...... and  a few nice Gospel Stars have inspired me .............AS I FINISH MY MOVIE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT MY GREAT GRANDDAD PASTOR MOSE WRIGHT - EMMETT TILL.    ....................  I want to say a SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS  ..............  Hear what I have to say and find out which STARS are mentioned in this 2014 Radio Broadcast on CHRISTMAS MORNING 2014 ....................  and hear the story of Christmas  - HIP HOP FASHION!  -   1st time ever done ................A HIP HOP  ..................  AFRICAN MUSIC ............. CHRISTMAS STORY.

    The real start of Christmas!  MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS



    1st born  - Alonzo Smith  (my granddaughter - his only child) Sierra Synique

    2nd born - (only other child)  Clarence Chris Banks - his children

      lovely 8yr old  -   Aliyah Banks  (R Kelly's wife's namesake)

      grandsons   2 & 3 yr olds     Michael Jordan Banks / Clarence Chris Banks


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    Coffee Cup #6 Life is yr playgrnd & yr not living it if your not playing a fool!

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    That's right! Angels, life is for living, having fun, not playing it safe being behind walls and fences. We are here to have a good time and the world is our playground and Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy will be sharing with you ways in which you can begin having FUN with life!
    Who says that we are to take life so serious? To the point that Perscription Drugs is the number one drug problem in America today! Angels, there is a new way so grab your cup of Coffee and sit down and listen to a wonderful conversation on how to PLAY WITH YOUR LIFE!

    Tuesday Sept. 23 4pmPAC/7pmEST right here!

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