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    143 – GOP Finally Backs Trump, Muslims Rape Europe, Clintons Release Trump Poop

    in Politics Conservative

    Well good old Bob Dole, the senator that never saw a tax hike he couldn't vote for, was dragged out of retirement this week. What was the big event for him to come out for? It was to let us know that Trump would be better than Cruz. The old line party crusties are scared to death of Cruz because he won’t make crappy deals with democrats that hurt our nation. They think that since trump is a businessman that he will. I hate to tell them that they are wrong. His business will be that of the USA and so he will NOT make crappy deals either. It appears that the army of moslem “refugees” are hell bent on invading Europe and one of their tactics is rape. NICE…Who would have ever thought that would happen? Also, the Clintons are releasing information about their dealings with Trump due to a FOI request…Yeah right!

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    Neil Haley Interviews Author and World Traveler Paul Gentile

    in Education

    Paul Gentile loves to travel. He and his wife have been traveling and exploring all life has to offer . He was in the Coast Guard after college, expanding his world and beginning a life-time love affair with the sea. Paul moved up through various positions in education; teaching, counselling, college admissions, and eventually Dean, and he wrote numerous articles on education and economic development for area newspapers. Upon retirement, Paul and his wife decided to return to Italy, enroll in a cooking school, hike the Tuscan country side, swim the Amalfi coast, and  find Paul's roots. Upon returning, h would write about it.

    The result - the book, Dolce Far Niente: Sweet Doing Nothing. Paul speaks at Libraries, clubs and organizations on travel topics and expanding upon the book; working as much as ever, and enjoying every day. He splits his time between suburban Pittsburgh, PA and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. After over a year and a half of doing research and traveling to the locations where his grandparents lived, he wrote a second book, "Salvatore and Maria: Finding Paradise. It is their story, the story of the immigrant experience, and raising a family through hardship and challenges.

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    1/18/16 LATEST ECONOMIC UPDATE with MBA's Mike Fratantoni, SVP & Chief Economist

    in Finance

    This year has started out as one of the most volatile New Years ever.  Many are wondering if all this volatility will change the MBA's 2016 forecast.  Therefore, we have invited back as our special guest, MICHAEL FRATANTONI, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Michael will be providing his latest economic update and will be answering the following questions:  

    Given the latest economic data such as the December jobs report, retail sales, etc, what can we expect for Q4 GDP? 
    What might be driving the volatility? 
    What does it mean for the economy? 
    Given the Fed's December hike and the market's reaction, what are the potential next steps from the FOMC? 
    Any updates to the MBA rate and volume forecast given the latest data? 
    Are there any new trends developing as it relates to credit availability? 
    Any indications on how TRID is impacting profitability?

    Those are just some of the questions we will be discussing in today's "hot topic" segment.  Don't miss this important and informative podcast and tell others about it.  

    David Lykken, Host of the "Lykken On Lending" program...  Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals. 

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Lost and Found

    in Women

    At the end of a very intensive Business and  Personal Leadership Mastery with beautiful ambitious participants and I'm now looking forward to seeing where all of this new and revised knowledge will land once I get home.  What’s new?  What’s no longer needed?  What have I lost and gained from this experience?

    It's Wednesday, and I'm due to connect with you, yet I'm running on adrenaline and needing to follow my own wisdom.  

    The morning hike today up into the foothills in Golden, Colorado was breathtaking, literally and figuratively!   Yet, it took e a while to enjoy it as I was walking fast, looking down at the path so I wouldn't slip on ice/snow and I was annoyed.  My new pair of gloves, bought just weeks ago, now was missing the left hand.  AARGH!  Not the way to start my busy day, retracing my steps and calling the places I'd been over the past 5 days.  Whole Foods hadn't seen it.  The hotel checked their lost and found, 2 other gloves, neither mine.

    Yet, I breathed deeply, partly because of the thin air due to the elevation, and partly to calm myself. I found my center, felt the Mother Earth magnetic pull holding me and realized that the morning's agenda of packing, eating, showering and dressing, checking out, as well as prepping for my time on stage, was a bit ambitious of a plan.  And, I got the clear message, that this is not anyone else's stress, the day will go just fine, and to be in this moment.  What a gift!

    Listen in for this brief message and let's talk soon if you are ready to learn some quick tips and tricks to regain your center, composure, confidence and connection to Self.  I promise I wont' waste your precious time and that there will be at least one FREE resource you can put to use immediately!  


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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Jan 11 2016

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA will discuss commercial real estate, current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron will discuss: There are loan programs for 1 Day Out of Short Sale, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy; Existing Home Sales dropped sharply, Ron will explain why; What are the projections for home appreciation in US & CA; What are the Myths about Home Down Payments;  Thinking of Buying a Home_ 3 Questions Every Buyer Should Answer First; Why you should avoid “skip a payment” offers on your debts; One Rate Hike Down; How About Another; Mortgage Minute; Word on Wealth; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·       Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio



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    Accidents - NON-DOT Re-portable but still Major Accident

    in Work

    8 January 2016 TalkCDL will be finishing up this weeks string of topics on accidents by covering NON-DOT Re-portable accidents that are still considered a major accident, just because its non-dot doesn't mean your in the clear, listen to learn why. We will also be covering some Friday Fun topics, you are trying to get home but you see a hiking trail ad decide to go on a hike instead! Some awesome stories to come! We appreciate all of our listeners and everything you have done to support this show.

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    in Christianity

    BIBLEBOOKCLUB: OT:GENESIS 13:5-15:21, NT: MATTHEW 5:27-48, PSALM 6:1-10, PROVERBS 1:29-33

    In today's OT scripture, Abraham and his nephew, Lot had a lot of cattle and the land could not provide enough food for their cattle. Their workers began arguing about the land. So Abraham told Lot they should separate and whatever land Lot chose, Abraham would take whatever land was left. Lot picked the best land and Abraham stayed in the area of Canaan. After Lot left with his group, God spoke to Abraham and spoke to Abraham: Genesis 13:14-18 (TLB) After Lot was gone, the Lord said to Abram, “Look as far as you can see in every direction, for I am going to give it all to you and your descendants. And I am going to give you so many descendants that, like dust, they can’t be counted! Hike in all directions and explore the new possessions I am giving you.” Then Abram moved his tent to the oaks of Mamre, near Hebron, and built an altar to Jehovah there. FRIENDS, GOD GAVE ABRAHAM THE LAND WHERE ISRAEL IS NOW LIVING! THEY ARE STILL LIVING IN THE LAND GOD PROMISED THEM! THE SAME GOD WHO MADE PROMISES TO ABRAHAM, THE SAME GOD GIVEN US PROMISES IN THE BIBLE! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! HE WILL FULFILL HIS PROMISES!

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    The Merry Christmas Show

    in Culture

    At this sacred time of Christmas, we celebrate the holiday with Grace Kellogg who speaks from her experience as a Christian. Grace was raised in Orange County and comes from a family of five. After high school she attended college at Hope International University and will be graduating with a degree in Cross-Cultural Business with a minor in Bible in the spring. In her spare time she loves to hike, play soccer and read.  She attends Stonebridge Christian Church and is also involved in their children's ministry.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Clinton-Trump Cabal

    in Politics Conservative

    The three-year Juniper hack; The Dow plunges 367.29 points after Fed rate hike; Obsolete U.S. bomber overflies ChiComm-occupied South China Sea; Southern border surge of illegals "new normal"; Cruz Christmas Classics; Hillary Clinton: "Donald Trump is ISIS's best recruiter"; Donald Trump: "WAAAAAAAH!!!!"; ISIS has tens of thousands of blank passports ; Paul Ryan gets his turn; Trump defends Vladimir Putin's political murders of dissident journalists; and why Steve Harvey's career is over.

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    Navigating the Trade: Top Five Facts Expose Stealth Bear Market

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: A colossal preponderance of evidence both technical and fundamental is building to suggest the probability of a major dislocation lower for high profile U.S. equity market indecies is at critically high levels. Our job as traders should always be to push probability to the highest level before taking a position. As my esteemed colleague, Bill Jacobs, likes to say,”we are in the business of mining for edge" and understanding how macro events may impact market direction is part of that process.

    Bear market evidence:

    S&P500 equally weighted index (See Blog)

    High Yield Index collapsing - HYG vs SPY (See Blog)

    Commodities prices collapsing (Oil is the proxy) - USO vs SPY (See Blog)