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    Youth Entrepreneurship

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    "Around the world, youth are struggling to find work. And although the reasons are well known – poor education, poor governance, poor economies – the problem is only growing. In both developed and developing counties, youth-centric solutions are scarce."   - From "Opportunities for Youth Development," a joint presentation from IDEO and the Rockefeller Foundation     Is youth entrepreneurship the answer? If so, how do we encourage the growth of small, youth-run business ventures in developed and developing contexts alike? Whose role is it to create the right landscape for these entrepreneurs? What are the larger social consequences of youth joblessness if action is not taken?       FEATURING: An interview with Richard Tanksley, Senior Faculty Member for the Class of 2013 at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), in Accra.  

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    Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship

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    Our theme for July is "Being Atlas" and we are continue with the burdens of entrepreneurship. Joining us will be the Money Mom Apryl Moore-Beasley. We will talk about encouraging our youth to pursue Entrepreneurship.

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    Replay: Preparation for Successful Youth Entrepreneurship

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    Hear special guest Gayle Jagel, Founder and CEO, Young Entrepreneurs Academyexplain exactly how her organization creates high school entrepreneurs that start successful, sustainable businesses.
    In numerous communities throughout the U.S, urban youth have already begun to start small businesses. Unfortunately, many are not prepared for success, and their businesses will fail.
    Gayle Jagel’s organization, Young Entrepreneur’s Academy(YEA!), has a record of preparing young entrepreneurs for successful business ventures.  
    YEA!, launched in 2004 with the support of a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, is a groundbreaking program that takes students in grades 6-12 through the process of starting and running real businesses over the course of a full academic year.
    In YEA!, students take all the real and necessary steps to launching an enterprise, including  brainstorming ideas, preparing a business plan for their enterprises, pitching their business ideas to real investors at the YEA! Investor Panel presentation, and developing marketing materials and preparing to sell their products and/or services to customers at the trade show and elsewhere. As with all entrepreneurs, they learn that new business or non-profit creation requires determination, courage, and motivation.
    Read more about this at Economic Soul Radio

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    Bowman Lusambo- MMD National Youth Coordinator

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    Mr Bowman Lusambo is the National Youth Coordinator of the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD), also popularly known as the MMD Die Hard Youth wing and outspoken on national or party politics. Mr Lusambo is known for his radical stance on issues affecting the youth and has often found himself at odds with the party's top ranking officials, particularly on his stance concerning the embattled party president Dr Nevers Mumba whom he has supported unreservedly. He recently castigated government for not safeguarding certain sectors of the job market for indigenous youth based on the report issued in parliament through a ministerial statement concerning work permits which were issued to foreign workers. Mr Lusambo is our guest on PERSPECTIVES to discuss the plight of the youth in Zambia 

  • Youth on the Rise March 28th

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    Come learn, share and discuss with our youth.

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    Youth Group Bible Study w/ GkMikey msg IT'S THE LOVE

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    Frontline Ministries invites you to join us Tonight Youth Group Bible Study w/ GkMikey &Pastor Michael Ristick


    This two hour program will feature a time of prayer, praise, and worship in which we encourage all callers to call in with their prayer needs, and testmony.

    After the word we will be taking your phone calls with questions and comments on tonight's teaching. We will also give or callers the chance to make a life changing decision by offering the sinners prayer, and the opportunity for those who feel they have walked away from or are no longer serving God the way they shoud to come back with the rededicataion prayer. Doctrine Bible Teaching Ministry We Beileve The Father Son Holy Spirit, Jesus Is Lord & The Gifts & The Rapture, John 3:16-17 Rom 10:9re

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    Some Type of WAY Cafe! Celebrate Youth!

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    Celebrate youth and giving them encouragement to keep faith in Jesus Christ. Amen!

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    Episode 33: My 9 month raw vegan journey and the joys of detoxification

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    Healing is in the midst of the person that commits to transform and change their health. I know I've become a small every brightening beacon of light as I reach higher into the health and detoxification  mountain for total wellness. Listen to my progress and interpretation of the bodies slow and increasing process to detoxification and rebuilding of the body.

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    GUEST (2)

    Dwaine Lewis 37 year old from Mandeville Manchester Jamaica. He began his vocal journey as a child, deeply inspired by his family. The house was always filled with music, of course having seven sisters and three brothers, him being the youngest, they were always giving him musical inspiration. He’s a very versatile writer and performer. Currently, turned rapper and DJ, freestyle being his strong suite, he loves to be the life of the crowd and giving his all in every performance.

    GUEST (1)

    Chesapeake, Ohio Native Joshua Lee Coffee is the ultimate definition of a rags to riches life story.  Struggling with the support of his family, only having his grandmother as his rock and raised him, he took life by the horns and conducted his own destiny and dreams. First studying to be an electrician for Heat and A/c and soon after following in his father’s footsteps, become a trucker for 3 years. Only realizing that wasn’t his calling.  Becoming a strong individual inside and out, pumping iron constantly. Shaping his true potential throughout his mind, body, and spirit. Becoming a fitness trainer, and helping others along their journey as well.

    “I needed a positive outlet and that was one of the hobbies that my dad had so I figured that we could have that in common. I got really interested and started doing lots of research on nutrition and training. Soon my body was changing and I wanted to be able to start helping people get healthy and fit as well. In 2013 I joined an amazing company called ViSalus. 

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    Ep 66 -YSS - Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

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    In this episode Annie and Sarah discuss what to do if your child is distaright about the one directions spilt. They disucss, the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to Zayn Malik.

    Join Sarah Newton (www.sarahnewton.com) and Annie Fox (http://www.anniefox.com)  as they answer the fundamental question, what makes youth successful? What empowers them? What makes them want to change? Why do they behave the way they do and most importantly, how can we positively impact and influence them? Together, Sarah and Annie have over 40+ years experience in the youth field. Sarah, an ex-police officer in London, started her consulting business 14 years ago and is well known worldwide for her TV and radio work. Annie is a parenting expert who has been answering teen email questions since 1997. Join them on The Youth Success Show as these two seasoned experts  share their ideas, thoughts, perspectives and tools to help youth thrive.

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    Kids Of The Kingdom w/ Monica Young

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    Your children can now discover the mysteries of the Kingdom through Word,songs,stories,and skits with Monica Young ..Watch your children grow in their knowledge of the Word of God through this special radio program just for our youth.

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