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    Penny Thrift Budget Saving Wedding Tips

    in Women

    Penny Thrift Budget Saving Wedding Tips will discuss ways to spend less money on things you can control and leave more money after the wedding in the piggy bank.  Tricks for where to save on items in your budget line. This is an episode you can't afford to miss!
    Need ideas and suggestions now visit: www.adiyaffairweddingsandevents.wordpress.com

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    Wedding Planning Questions From Brides and Grooms

    in Women

    This show will answer common questions that couples are challenged by when planning their upcoming wedding. This episode will include advice on Gift Tables, First dances, Seating Charts and Wedding Toast plus some extra planning tidbits. Be sure to tune in!
    Perfectly Planned,
    A D.I.Y. Affair Wedding and Events
    Chattanooga's Exclusive Wedding Coordination Boutique

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    JaguarZone (11-9-15) Proof in the Pudding

    in Football

    Jeremy "The Impact" York reviews the Jags loss to the Jets, explains how the "Proof" of this team is in the "Pudding" and gives his 3 keys to victory over the Ravens on Sunday! Join him in the JaguarZone, presented by Impact Media!

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    Help Dress Your Wedding Guests

    in Women

    Help Dress Your Wedding Guests will discuss professional advice on helping wedding guests select what attire will be most appropriate for your wedding day.

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    Rachel Hauck debuts The Wedding Chapel on Life Lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Why are there so many unreconciled father-children relational issues. Author Rachel Hauck reveals secrets in her new book- The Wedding Chapel.

    What inspired the plotline of The Wedding Chapel?

    Why did you choose to marry a classic love story from the 1940s

    with a modern tale of romance gone off course?

    What would you say is the major thread or theme that runs throughout The Wedding Chapel?

    Has a communication breakdown ever caused issues in one of your important relationships?

    Taylor and Jack marry impetuously, eloping only a few months after reconnecting, and they almostimmediately start having issues. Why is the

    first year of marriage so hard? What advice can you offer to young married couples?

    How can we defeat negative patterns such as bad relationships or substance abuse, which sometimes

    seem to run in families??

    How have you seen God at work even after you or someone in your life made a poor decision?

    Those who have a complicated relationship with their earthly fathers

    may struggle with a having healthy relationship with God as Father. How can they reconcile what they believe about God with what they’ve

    experienced with their earthly dads?

    Are there ever moments when we should give up on our dreams?

    You feature a villain in the book whose life ha

    s become rife with bitterness. Have you ever been tempted to

    give in to anger or jealousy? What do you hope your readers learn from this character?

    In your book The Wedding Dress you included some rich symbolism that showed how God impacts history and our lives in ways we don’t always see or understand. Did you incorporate any of that imagery in The Wedding Chapel?

    When you sat down to write

    The Wedding Chapel

    , what impact did you hope it would have on its readers?

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    HereafterIsNow Wedding w/Brother Rudolph & Sister Lachele Muhammad

    in Culture

    ~ASA? ~ Family , peace to everyone,,, I Am so excited about this show particular show because we talked about having a wedding show when Brother Rudolph and Sister Lachele were hosting the What's the 411/911? program.. They were in courtship then but are now Newlywed for nearly two months.... Tune in as we Celebrate their Union, wedding officiated by Student Minister Stanley Muhammad,, check it out BLOGTALK-STYLE    ....  CALL IN @ 347.857.4514   4PM pST, 4PM mST, 5PM cST,6PM eST

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    Featured Guest: Dean Nasifoglu, President & CEO of Wedding Day Diamond

    in Business

    The vault is hosted by Lisa Bissell, President & CEO of Pure Grown Diamonds (www.puregrowndiamonds.com)

    Featured Guest: Dean Nasifoglu, President/CEO of Wedding Day Diamonds (http://www.weddingdaydiamonds.com)

    Grown Diamonds—Eco Advantages
    In a recent environmental impact analysis, Frost & Sullivan (F&S) concludes the impact of the Pure Grown Process is seven times lower than Diamond Mining. 
    Mined diamonds disturb more land, produce more mineral waste, use more water, create more air emissions (carbon, NOx and SOx), use more energy, have more environmental incidents, result in more lost time injury (both in terms of frequency and severity) and have a higher occupational disease rate.  Based on their calculations, F&S further concludes that mined diamonds represent more than 7 times the level of impact as compared to grown diamonds.
    •           The analysis concludes grown diamonds use less than half the energy of mined diamonds.
    •           The Analysis concludes the grown process reduces the impact on the Earth by lower mineral wastes, water usage and air emissions by several magnitudes.
    •           F&S concludes the grown process reduces the impact on the Earth by lower mineral wastes, water usage and air emissions by several magnitudes.

    Pure Grown Diamonds Guarantee
    Pure Grown Diamonds represent more than a technological advancement. We represent an increase in confidence that the diamonds our customers adorn themselves with are guaranteed to come from a source free from conflict and a strain on fragile ecosystems.


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    Planning Your "Beautiful Wedding" with Carmen Hocking - The Wedding Planner

    in Romance

    Hey Everyone Thanks For Listening!

    Planning a Wedding and not sure where to start?  Well, look no further guys, your prayers have been answered!  Every couple desire to make there Wedding Day as beautiful and memorable as possible, and my special guest today, Carmen Hocking, owner of  "A Beautiful Wedding", joins us to share her expertise on how  to simplify this process and create the "Beautiful Wedding" of your dream!   

    You know, what's really important, is that you don't break the bank in accomplishing this goal and still end up with a  "Wedding Disasters!"  Whether it's due to lack of planning or simply trusting in someone who lack the passion or expertise for this type of service. Whether you realize or not -  your marriage has already been compromised by the negative energy of not getting off to a good start. How many of these stories have you heard about?  Real Talk!  

     Tune in to see how  "A Beautiful Wedding " can help you plan your Beautiful Wedding!


    Remember to say a Prayer and I will talk to ya'll on the air... D'Luv









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    Life Saving Tool

    in Prayer

    Margy is sharing on how you can change the way you do invitations and take it to the next level.  Why waste your time and money on invitations when you can send a video invite instead Even if you cannot do every invite by video at least you saving money because stamps can be costly. For a limited time only you can order yours. So here's how it work .. You will send 8-10 pictures with wording but not long wording (see video below for example). Click Here to Order  <<  see sample video here..http://www.divasforhire.com/getting-married-video-announcement/

    There are so many different occasions you can announce besides your wedding. Some examples would to announce your business, upcoming party, child birth, holiday party, Christmas card wishes, happy new years, or just become you love someone. Click here for your Click for Video Announcement Ordering .. click here to see sample video http://www.divasforhire.com/getting-married-video-announcement/ 


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    Is It Ron Vincent's Wedding Day?

    in Writing

    An Excert from Wedding Day:

    Bryan Flynn loves to catch fish on the Yellow River in Florida's Panhandle. He loves to drive couples to and from their weddings in his limo and he loves to stay out of people's business until one day he receives a gift that turns his world inside out.


    From Ron Vincent:

    "Unlike Wedding Day, the language will not blister skin. But I hope to make you laugh, perhaps shed a tear or two, and encounter characters who entrance you. If I had to categorize Wedding Day, I would call it both a satire and a romantic comedy. Heavy on the satire part. I hope all my Kindle reader friends enjoy the story. For my soft cover readers, I will be doing signings in Northern and Southern California this year and the South - as in the southern U.S. this summer." 


    A brief biography:

    Ron Vincent grew up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and has graduate degrees from Texas A&M and the University of Notre Dame. He has taught high school students in California's Central Valley for almost thirty years. His comic novel Mother's Day reflects the cadences, humor, and eccentricities he remembers growing up in Okaloosa County, Florida.


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    Day With Daddy Resources

    in Prayer

    This story have greatly touched my heart.  I was listening when I head Arvin Poole speak from his heart about this organization that he started.  AS tears fell down his face Arvin Poole shared his story and why he has such a great interest in helping fathers an

    Empowering fathers. Strengthening family.


    Day With Daddy is a social online community that provides fathers with tools and resources necessary to plan and organize activities that are designed build stronger relationships with their children. website http://www.daywithdaddy.org.


    Day With Daddy founded on Feb 19, 2012 and formed as a Texas not-for-profit organization February 13, 2013. We connect fathers who spend limited time with their children with resources https://www.gofundme.com/homelessdads   For contact  click here.


    Day With Daddy is close to the Executive Director’s,Arvin Poole, heart and is his passion. As a divorced father, Arvin has learned first-hand that being a parent is a work in progress role that requires on the job training.Day With Daddy is a selfless purpose


    Written by Arvin Poole. Go to the site for read