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    Youre Next

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    We're back from our break this week with a home invasion double of You're Next and Funny Games. Also: The Princess Bride, The Internship.

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    Nudge: An Educational Revolution

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    This is the first broadcast for Next Generation Global Education.  Learn about who we are and what we believe in. Find out what the "Matrix of a Learner" is.    Why are we in Cameroon? Where will we be going next?  Who will we be interviewing next?  And how you to can be an educational revolutionary

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    Choosing our Next President - Are you the Right Person

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    I am very concerned about the future of this country.  We need to be participants and not nay sayers.  Our next President has a lot of problems to face and will need all the support of this country behind him or her.

    We elected a Prsident who was a former actor and divorced and made one hell of a President.  Don't look at our candidates as whether they are accomplished politicians more as if they would be good CEO's.  We need a good CEO for the US so that he will make a statement to the rest of the world and be a good steward of our economy.  He/She needs to be the best of the best and restore the polish and stature to the rest of the world.

    I am open to hearing suggestions of who would make a good President - let's get out of our own way and do what's best for this country - it can be a really thankless job but we need someone with character and fortitude.

    Are you up for the job?

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    The Catch Up Show! Its been a while

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    Its been a while since my last show, so we're going to talk everything! Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, I'll get as much as I can in. Who's loving baseball's next wave? Joc Pederson, Mookie Betts, Kris Bryant anyone? All that and more, hoping to get some calls! Be sure to tune in!

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    Season 2 Week 13 "Its not about skill, its more about will"

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    This season in Madden has truly been a test for our entire league, with guys dropping out and others stepping up, its been a challenge to remain focus at times, but for some teams they have been geared up the entire season and have weathered the storms that have come. The Panthers still leads the league with an undefeated season, however the Rams and Niners are right on his trail in the NFC, followed by the Cardinals, Redskins, Cowboys, and Saints. Over the AFC the defending champs of the AFC Houston Texans remain steady @ 11-1, with his only loss a slim one to the Panthers, or he could be undefeated as well. The Broncos continues his dominance in the AFC West with a slim 2 game lead over the Chargers and Chiefs, the Pats went up 2 games over the Dolphins in last weeks win, and the Steelers holds a 4 game lead in the North. There are so many important games coming up in the next 3 weeks that the playoff picture should be much clearer. Don't give up, keep fighting, make the right moves, and try and make the least mistakes is my message to the entire league. Next season is going to be even better, and then Madden 16 comes out, so stay patient and stay focused. 

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    Are We Living in the End Times?

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    For the next eight weeks, we are discussing the debatable topic of End Time Prophecy, which is a series of catastrophic events that occur before the return of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that we're currently living in the Last Days and that Jesus will return soon? Various books in the Bible support the prophecy of the End Times. Everyone needs to know the truth!

    What are the signs of the end times? What can you do to prepare yourself? Our intent is not to frighten you but to share knowledge with you so you can be aware of what's going on in the world and not just be oblivious and caught off guard.

    Some people may believe that God is cold and unloving because of the chaos and violence in this world, but God truly does love us and doesn't want to harm us. Stay tuned and learn more as we delve into this exciting and informative discussion.


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    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show ~4-19-15~

    Sun...3pm (pst),..5pm (cst)...6pm (est)

    Taguila Mockingbird..Tanya Oaks-Brooks..& Many More TBA

    Will Talk About Hillary Clinton Becoming Our Next President..

    What it will Mean To Women..Our Country..The World..

    MSG me if You Would Like To Join in..



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    DTBM: The Season of "Re": Reconcile to be Reconciled

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Dying to be Married" with Winston & Sondra

    a Broadcast brought to you by Kingdom United Ministries Network

    Call (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts or join the LIVE chat

    "Irreconcilable differences" have been the grounds upon which many marriages have ended.  Although in secular relationships this has been adapted as an acceptable reason for granting a divorce, should this ever be the case in a Christian marriage?  Can two Believers ever arrive at the point of irreconcilable differences?  Are all marriages "reconcilable"?  What do you do when you're at the crossroads of facing the ugly truth of whether to reconcile or not?

    Join us for this week's broadcast as we continue in our "Season of "Re" series.  Call in for the LIVE broadcast by calling (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts or join in the chat.  Visit our DTBM page to get more information by going to www.kingdomcomenet.com.  "Like", Share and Invite others as well.  You are welcome!



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    The Maven Manifest

    in Women

    Mavens are made not born! So this will be simple to help you on your way to:
    1.Getting more clients and customers.
    2.Getting repeat business.
    3.Getting the quality referrals you deserve.
    All by following the next 8 shows to learn the steps necessary to build your MAVENhood.
    Want more...
    What is a Maven?
    Listen and learn.....

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    in The Bible

    Next week 4/1/9/15 at 2:00 p.m. we will learn from our speaker, Apostle Dr. C.N. Turrell, Presiding General Overseer of Apostolic Truth Ministries Worldwide, what Faith really is.

    We will learn why it is necessary to have Faith in our lives for now, and in the future.

    So please come and hear Do You Know Your Bible.

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    Police brutality, Hillary Clinton, Religion laws and sex toys!!!!!!! OMG

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    Has police brutality gotten way out of control? Is Hillary Clinton the right woman for the job? Are people using the religion freedom law act to profit their business? Can a woman get pregrant from using a sex toy? We have the answers to these burning questions and a lot more to discuss on the next addition of The Absolute Truth with your host with the most The Hot Rod with Sean Black and Anitra B.


    Where we tell it like it is!!!!!!!

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