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    Learn About Foraging for Wild, Edible, Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms

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    I had a great time getting to meet Abby personally when I persuaded her to come and teach at one of our local Preparedness Meetings.  Her style of teaching was so 'hands on' even for a classroom setting that everyone walked away learning so much - and she has so much MORE to share!  

    Listen to this episode and get in contact with Abby to learn even more of what the forest provides for us!

    Abby Artemisia is a botanist, herbalist, and professional forager living in the small community at the base of Mt. Mitchell in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She was raised and received her botany degree in Ohio. She has worked on organic farms across the country, including the west coast, where she learned about plant medicine and spirituality from Native Americans. She became a mom and started her own herbal tea company and an apprenticeship in herbalism. Now she teaches about edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms while foraging as much as possible. Her mission is to inspire nature (re)connection and health empowerment.





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    The Back to Basics Kitchen: How to transition your kitchen to real, whole foods.

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    It dawned on me the other day that for years I've been teaching back to basics cooking, real food recipes and not once did I ever consider the beginning of someone's journey.  

    Transitioning your 'typical' convenience kitchen to a back to basics, whole food kitchen really does have a starting point and some simple steps along the way.  Here are the points that I'll cover in this episode:

    Start with just ONE item first!
    Read Labels
    Buy Ingredients Only
    Learn to salvage mistakes
    Prepare for the dishes
    Learn how to create your own make-ahead secret weapons
    Stock your pantry and plan by what's on hand
    Play with your food!  

    Remember, just because you may not have been gifted with the domestic gene or raised by Betty Crocker - You can do this! If I can, anyone can!

    Best Blessings!

    Donna Miller

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    Surviving on Shoestrings: How to Curb your Cost of Clothing

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    In this Episode, Donna shares ideas on where to buy clothes cheaper, how to approach shopping to spend the least amount needed and caring to stretch the life of your clothing after getting it home.  All these tips combined will help in curbing your clothing cost for you and your family.

    For suggestions and questions feel free to email Donna at: SurvivingOnShoestrings@gmail.com

    Have fun and enJOY the journey!

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    Does God Call us to Prepare?

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    I am so glad to have as my guest one of our Distinguished Contributing Authors, Jason Hunt !

    As if the title wasn't warning enough, we are going to talk about our Faith and how we believe God does call us to Prepare and what is lacking in the denominational church when it comes to helping others hear that call to prepare.

    Jason Hunt is the owner of Campcraft, LLC a survival outfitter and outdoor ministry located in Kentucky where he leads classes in wilderness survival, preparedness and wilderness medicine. He is also an instructor at The Pathfinder School and television host for both “Pathfinder TV” and “Campcraft with Jason Hunt”. You can learn more by visiting his website at www.campcraft.us

    Jason grew up in the outdoors of Southern Indiana engaging almost daily in what nature provided as a playground, but it wasn't until after a ten year stint as a pastor that he felt God call him back into the woods for what would be perhaps the greatest adventure of his life. Jason first received his training in survival from civilian and military experts by way of his martial arts experience which spans thirty years. Jason is the author of The End Times Christian and is host of the weekly television series Campcraft airing in Louisville, Kentucky. 

    Youtube: www.campcraft.tv

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    Helping Communities Prepare and Supporting First Responders

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    I am so glad to have as my guest one of our Distinguished Contributing Authors & Friend, Janet Liebsh!

    Bill and Janet litterally wrote the book on the vastness of being prepared.  It's not a novel or fluff - this is a book chock full of easy reference scenarios. You may find yourself faced with a tense situation and need the cool, simple steps to help you focus.  "IT'S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it?" is my favorite 'go-to' reference book.

    Bill & Janet Liebsch are the founders of FedHealth, a publishing and marketing company formed in 1999 to help the public focus on preparedness and health-related issues. We also are the authors and publishers of "IT'S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it?" and are dedicated to developing programs that primarily benefit First Responders, schools and volunteers. Get a sample of the content with this free mini-ebook  HERE 


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    The 21st Century Homekeeper: Storing Winter Vegetables & Thanksgiving Plans

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    The 21st Century Homekeeper: Bringing old-fashioned skills into the 21st century.

    Brought to you by:  PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

    Sylvia Britton hosts the 21st Century HomeKeeper here on Your Preparation Station. Her shows present a wide variety of topics in the areas of preparedness, homesteading, survival, and agrarianism. Sylvia uses her experience in homesteading, homemaking, historical re-enacting, and teaching to bring interesting and helpful information to her listeners each week.

    This week Sylvia talks about storing winter vegetables, shares a few favorite links and offers two delicious, easy old fashioned recipes for you to try. Sylvia is also giving away her Thanksgiving Planner for FREE to her listeners so head on over to http://ChristianHomekeeper.org/  and check out her eBooks to get your free copy.

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    The Back to Basics Kitchen: Couponing Made Simpler - Not Extreme!

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    Brought to you by:  PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

    Part of building your Back to Basics Kitchen is stocking the pantry.  One of the keys to stocking it is keeping a budget.  But do coupons freak you out?  Seem like a waste of time?

    On this episode I talk with the creator of a tool that I've used for YEARS! If couponing ever confused or overwhelmed you, you may like this free website!

    Jenny Martin is the writer behind SouthernSavers.com, one of the leading frugal living websites in the South. Her goal is to teach a purposeful, relaxed approach to saving money on almost everything you buy. As a mom of four little girls eight and under, Jenny’s focus is on finding ways to coupon, deal hunt, and shop in the quickest, most time conserving manner – that way you can get back to what’s truly important, like playing games and coloring with the kids!

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    Surviving on Shoestrings: FREE Cash Back Rebate Shopping Does Exist!

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    If you’ve looked into cash back shopping or cash back rebates and been kind of  taken aback by how very complicated they become, if that’s you and you’ve been there…  you’ll be excited to listen to my guest Frank Atkins explain this  FREE way to get real, easy cash back for buying things we already buy!

    Find out how to start earning REAL cash back at http://www.EarnCashRebates.com.   I began using this way of shopping and have already received cash back on things from bed sheets to car parts! I’m surprisingly thrilled with it thus far! And it’s FREE to join!

    Yes, seriously you can start saving back real cash each time you shop (even at discount clubs that already offer bulk savings and discount sites like Wayfair and more) and after you’ve save money with them you can still put cash into your account and begin building your stash of cash back.

    You can pocket real cash rebates on top of savings already offered.  And this one is easy not complicated like so many of the others out there.

    Visit http://www.EarnCashRebates.com and you’ll see this FREE and easy way  you can start seeing your real cash back rebate potential.

    Best Blessings & EnJOY the show,

    Donna Miller

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    Surviving on Shoestrings - Tips to Save money on the Chore of Laundry.

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    Brought to you by:  PREPARE Magazine & Millers Grain House

    Making do with what you have, stretching what's on hand and finding joy in the journey is what it's all about to thrive while surviving on shoestrings.  Maybe you don't have to do any of these tips now, but who knows, one day you might choose to stretch things and the cost of doing your laundry can be added to that list!

    This week’s episode of Surviving on Shoestrings Donna will cover:

    What does it really cost to do laundry the typical way?
    Is this one of those ‘controllable’ expenses?
    Indoor lines, laundry mats and stains – oh my.
    Does wear and tear really factor in to your laundry plan?
    Watch this video -  Airing our Dirty Laundry 

    For suggestions and questions feel free to email Donna at:  SurvivingOnShoestrings@gmail.com

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    Survival Medicine, Doom & Bloom, Plus Prepper Fun & Games

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    Donna catches up with another great guest in this episode.  Dr. Joe Alton and his lovely wife, Nurse Amy have been great supporters of PREPARE Magazine and have articles regularly printed in the print issues.  In this episode, Amy is unable to join us due to other responsibilities with their ever growing service to the preparedness industry, but Dr. Bones (Joe) and Donna catch up on all that the Dynamic Doom & Bloom Duo have going on!

    Joe Alton, M.D. (aka: Dr. Bones) is a member of Mensa, collects 19th century medical books to gain insight on off-grid medical strategies. He is the co-author, along with Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. (aka Nurse Amy), of the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Survival Skills “the Survival Medicine Handbook".  The opinions voiced by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are for post-apocalyptic settings only; in normal times, seek modern and standard medical care from qualified professionals.

    More about the Doom & Bloom Survival Board Game 

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    The Back to Basics Kitchen - Using Fall Favorite Foods

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    Brought to you by Millers Grain House

    In today's episode our hostess, Donna Miller shares how to use some of the best of the Fall/Autum produce that is in season.  These foods are not only high in nutrition, but the nutrition is targeted right to what you need for the dark colder weather ahead. 

    Also, because it's harvest time, the cost is much lower than foods that are out of season.

    If you have other ideas or questions please email Donna and she can address them in an upcoming show!  Thanks for listening.

    For more tips on a back to basics living, get your Free Digital Subscription1 to PREPARE Magazine