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    Episode 370 Uncounted Security Officer Injuries-Deaths

    in News

    Good morning everyone and Welcome!

    The Private Officer Beat radio show is live and in person broadcasting today from the beautiful State of North Carolina!

    We're sharing today's Breaking News and talking about the hot subject of misclassifying security workers to avoid regulations,

    insurance and licensing and how it is creating real problems with identifying security officer injuruies and deaths and workplace violence.

    What do you think? Is this a problem? Do you think that ti's wrong?

    Today we're also introducing a new service called Private Officer Prime! A premium service for business members and individual members who need

    extended services!

    A great show is on tap for you today!

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    Policing The Police

    in Politics

         In today's crazy, fast paced world, there seems to be a lot of wrongdoings going on in the ranks of our public servants. We've all seen it on COPS where the officer places cuffs on a citizen for "His Protection".... Well, who is cuffing the cop for the citizen's protection? That's where I would worry. There are so many things wrong with that picture.

         Tonight's episode on Real Talk with SUFYR is on Policing The Police. Hopefully, we will enlighten you and give you the courage to say, "I'm not taking this anymore!" It's time for the BS to end! It's time for The People to STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

         Give us a call at (914)205-5370 to talk live on the air with Richard and Junior Starita!!! We will have some special guests as well to help answer your questions.

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    The libertarian Perspective on Police Accountability

    in Current Events

    It seems that lately the police have been able to get away with murder.  Literally.  There seems to be little that is being done to hold police officers accountable for their actions.  From minor incidents like the practice of using their emergency lights to run red lights to killing of our pets to the blatant murder of our citizens.  Over the past several years we have seen many examples of police brutality and murders justified by those tasked with investigating these crimes.  But, as we know, when the police investigate themselves, they always find a way to call the misbehavior justified. 

    Tonight, Loki and Robert will discuss this trend in police behavior and offer some solutions to remedy this situation. 

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    Policing the Police (Part 2)

    in Politics

    Join us for part 2 of our multi series, Policing the Police. We will be joined again by Naz and DC. These two gentlemen were our first two callers of our radio show launch. They blew us away. They took our show to new realms of the likes that we had not considered. These two Atlanta citizens are wise beyond their years and in our last episode, they took the bull by the horns and laid it out for everyone to see. Well, they will be back this time with even more insight. 

    Join us live on air. You don't have to agree with us, You just have to have an opinion. We want to hear from you. so call in at: (657) 383-0227 or hit us up at our show chatroom. Get involved!!!

    Tune in and sit back as your hosts, Jaime & Jason, along with Naz and DC, dive full force into this topic. We will be discussing police tactics that are used to make you feel vulnerable and helpless, get you to give up your rights, and intimidation tactics.

    We are going to be giving away more prizes and we'll be spinning up more hit tunes. So stick around and become a TFT warrior. 

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    Policing the Police Part 1

    in Politics

    How did we go from protectors and crime prevention, to violent instigators and revenue collectors? In a time of turmoil and a growing police state, what can be done to reform a broken system and restore faith in our law enforcement? The Final Thought dives into these and other questions in an attempt to get to the bottomm of the story. Why are rape kits going untested, murders going unsolved, and violent crimes increasing while victimless offenses, fineable offenses, and revenue collecting on the rise? We answer theses questions and more tonight with our premier episode.

    Join us and call in. Wether you agree or not, we want to hear from you. Joins us live on the show at (657) 383-0227 or meet us in the show chatroom and share your thoughts during the episode.

    Call in and have a chance to win tonights on air giveaway. It's going to be an awesome show. We invite you to participate and join in on the conversation with your hosts, Jaime Potts, and Jason C. Kubin.

    Sponsored in part by ComStar Computers, RAS Aquatics, Ron Paul Speaks, and Spot-a-Cop.

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    Police Brutality From A Black Cops Perspective

    in Politics

    Eric Josey and Mike Grays From 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care Speak Of Their Experience On The Police Force.

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    Nexxlegacy Sports Radio with guest Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd

    in Sports

    Host: Charles iambranded Madison & Phil Phille Rodriguez

    Guest: Former NYPD officer Michael Dowd

    Call (713)955-0720

    We tackle difficult topics in police, criminal, and corporate culture.

    The only way to improve the future is to learn from the past.  Michael Dowd is a former NYPD officer and current ethics consultant.  He discusses the ethics of policing, police corruption and misconduct, and the understanding of the "blue code".  Mike engages with current police forces as well as firms on Wall St. to help them improve their understanding of ethics and the importance of increased monitoring through technology.  Schools and Universities have reached out to have Mike lecture their students and provide a resource to many criminal justice and criminology majors.


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    Can We Eliminate The Police Force and Still Have Law and Order?

    in Women

    The recent Police AccountabilityTask Force report showed that police have been extraordinarily abusive toward citizens in a way that is undeniably racially biased. Today in a Press Conference, Rev. Jesse Jackson is calling for meaningful police reforms. But can we really reform an organization that evolved out of the old Slave Patrols? There are societies that function without police, and the people live in peace with each other.  Is it time to eliminate the police all together as an entity that keeps "law and order"? At this point, it seems that in some communities, police are seen as the problem, not the solution. So, if someone robs you at gunpoint, who do you call? If someone breaks into your home, who do you call? If someone steals your car, who do you call? If someone threatens to inflict bodily harm on you, who do you call? Is there another way we could keep the peace without police? What would a community look like if constant patrols were not in place? How can we create future communities that exist without an armed police patrol? Retired police officer T. C. McCoy gives his point of view.

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    Fighting for a Free and United Community w/ Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr.

    in Motivation

    On this much anticipated and very special Second Season Finale, the boys discuss with the Philadelphia Police Commissioner what Sen. Bernie Sanders terms "over-policing" in African American communities. How do community leaders, guardians, and role models across this great city and every city, especially young men like Nick and Erik best keep the number of "missing blacks" from increasing by incentivizing our at-risk citizens toward prosperity instead of prison.

    Nick and Erik also touch on what enlivens the Commissioner most to fight for the great city of Philadelphia and what our Philadelphians must do to activate greatness inside of themselves.

    It's been another epic ride. We hope to leave you all with something tangible and invigorating until we meet again in July.

    Thank you Family. You're Destiny is Greatness.. because God Did It. We'll holla

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    in Politics Progressive

    Join Us thursday night 7GMT , 8pm CAT When we host Zambia Police Spokesperson Ms Charity Munganga Chanda as we discuss how Zambia Police  hopes to tackle the murders , road mishaps and the service the provide to the community.

    Listen in on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire 

    Call in on 00 1 347 838 8065(USA)  , 00 44 114 360 1992 (UK) or SKYPE : CrossFireZambia 

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    HR Examiner Radio: Lisa Sterling, Executive VP, Chief People Officer, Ceridian

    in Business

    Lisa Sterling is the Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer for Ceridian. Lisa’s focus is executing the global people strategy combined with leading the vision on the Dayforce Talent Management offering. Lisa originally joined Ceridian in June 2015 as Vice President of Dayforce Talent Management, responsible for global product strategy for Talent technologies; managing relationships with industry experts and alliance partners; leading product management and positioning go to market strategies, and executing on current and future product offerings.

    Lisa has over 17 years of experience in people, process and software design and execution. Her broad range of expertise covers recruitment, onboarding, performance, development and retention technologies. In addition to her focus on people and technology, Lisa serves as a thought leader to the market and to Ceridian’s talent clientele.

    Prior to joining Ceridian, Lisa ran the Talent Technology Solutions organization for Mercer. Previous to that, Lisa worked at Kenexa as a Partner and led the design and deployment efforts of the organization’s performance, succession and career development solution. She was also instrumental in driving the product strategy of Ultimate Software’s talent management offerings in her role as Head of People Engagement.

    Lisa has a true passion for people and products and uses all available avenues to influence and promote new ways of bringing the two together in a way that drives business outcomes.

    Lisa holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.