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    Young people and Politics

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    The young's perpective on the politics of today!!

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    Young people and Politics

    in Politics

    The young's perpective on the politics of today!!

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    young people on the move

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    We focus on young people their dreams their realities through 4 stages: High School, College, 5 years out of college and 10 years out of College.  We will  look for the dreams of our young people in High School and College.  And talk about the realities  of our 2 guests 5 and 10 years out of College.  Kimberly Baughman will be our co- host.

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    YOUNG PEOPLE TALK AND SHARE - it takes a village

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    You remember the old adage Children should be seen and not heard? Yet you had to respond verbally whenever an adult asked you a question. If you spoke too softly you were reprimanded in public with Speak Up so you can be heard. This may have left that small child confused, not knowing when to speak or when to keep their mouth shut. Did you ever say to yourself you wished the adults would simply listen to what YOU had to say? Well now's your chance to listen to the youth of today. They too have a lot to share when we truly listen. However the opportunity to tell their story is seldom given to them.

    A diverse group of young people from across the nation join in this conversation and talk openly about what they experience on a daily basis and other concerns they share. Youth from middle and high school to college and beyond. Youth both in rural and metropolitan areas will be live to discuss whats on their minds.

    Special guests tonight include my granddaughters, Geneva Vanderhorst with her youth group STING Inc and Tammy Kinney with a group of youth representing Winder Georgia organization Women In Action. 

    Support the youth by listening in on the show. 

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    YPSC-Young People Serving Christ - With Malisha Williams - ELRC Inc

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    These days serving Christ with sincerity in our youth is a rare thing. Young people that are doing Christian ministry in some form or fashion are only in the light because they like the notoriaty it gives to them. They like being told how well they danced or how well they gave spoken word on the bible, or how nice the poem is that they wrote or how well they sing or act or whatever applies. But it is never about God. 

    This robs God of His praise and HIs glory in the gift that He has given to them. If you are ministering in your youth and it doesn't matter how well you do whatever it is that you do. If it's ALL about you then God is NOT in it and your whole message becomes lost in translation.

    But when people can see and feel your worship, and are moved to worship because of your worship or ministry... then you have delivered a good message, and God is well pleased. Young people who love God have a message too... just be sure that your message is not a mess. Let your ministry be God centered. 

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    YOUR PRIORITY.....There are some young people that are NOT understanding this :

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    There are so  many young people that DO NOT understand about the term amd definition of what having YOUR Priority in line and handling your business. Many are living in this world with a backwards concept about life....Living at home with your parents and NOT helping out is called a liability....you are not understanding what it is to really live in this world. Partying, drinking, having relationships that are not going anywhere, NOT obtaining a job that is decent enough to pay standard basic rent: Living with your parents and not being ACCOUNTABLE/RESPONSIBLE especially with a child/children are involved..making FACEBOOK/TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM YOUR GROUND BASE FOR CONVERSATION. Being SELF Sufficient and independent is IMPORTANT!! But how is it that this concept does NOT register..Let's talk about it!!

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    Young People that WANT to be GROWN...But can't get their priorities in line....

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    There are so  many young people that want to be grown, however the way that they are thinking is messing up not only their OWN lives, but the lives of others....Let's chat

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    Young People Making A Difference In Their Community

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    Tune in to be inspired by a group of young people who decided that they would make a difference in their community by starting a project called 'Knitting Hope'.  
    They knit hats for newborns and cancer patients and fund raise for their materials.  
    Even the youngest among us can make a difference by choosing to step up and take on a project that inspires them.  
    We are so excited to be able to share their story with our listeners!

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    Live Interview with Felicia G. Meadows, M. Ed, Counselor~Coach~Consultant

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    Ms. Felicia Meadows currently works as a Professional School Counselor. She has worked in the field of education for almost 20 years and has experience at each level from elementary to high school.  In addition to being a counselor, Ms. Meadows is also a Youth Coach. She uses her skills and experiences efficiently to empower students, parents and other individuals to create fulfilling educational and life experiences, which embodies her motto “Step Up Your Life”.  As the Founder and CEO of Tomorrow’s Future Coaching and Consulting, Ms. Meadows empowers young people to find their passion and purpose so that they can create the life of their dreams.

                Ms. Meadows earned both her Bachelor of Science Psychology Degree and Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Bowie State University and studied with the Institute for Life Coach Training to become a Life Coach.  She has taken coursework in Urban Education from Johns Hopkins University to enhance her skills working with diverse populations. During the 2012-2013 school year, Ms. Meadows was a member of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’s Education Committee and served as moderator for the Congresswoman’s 2012 Annual College Fair. She has continued to serve on Congresswoman Edward’s Education Committee. Ms. Meadows has also presented as a panelist at several conferences, summits and symposiums with topics ranging from College and Careers to turning your Dreams to Reality.

    Join me Hezekiah L. Montgomery Host of The Man In The Mirror and my lovely Co-Host Nichelle Johnson as we interview, talk, laugh and have a great time with this CONSCIENCE REBEL of the Air Waves. 


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    bridges programming, talking to young people about the HREM

    in Energy

    Yesterday, Jeff spoke to 30 young students (at a seminar) at University of Mass., Amherst about the HREM.   We will talk about their reactions and the impressions we got from the experience.  

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    Do young people adequately plan for the future?

    in Youth

    Join us as we discuss young adults and whether that plan for the future practically and adquately Thursday at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio.