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    Buried Treasure Of The Week: YOUNG GUNS 2 - Sometimes Sequels Are Better

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    Sometimes sequels surpass their originals. Take GODFATHER PT. 2, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX 2) and the THE BOURNE SURPREMACY. While perhaps not in the same status, 1990s YOUNG GUNS 2 - directed by New Zealand's Geoff Murphy (the critically acclaimed UTU and THE QUIET EARTH) and written by John Fusco (THUNDERHEART, HIDALGO, SPIRIT:STALLION OF THE CIMARRON), would outdo the "MTV Western" tone of it's predecessor to emerge as one of the better straight-up westerns of it's decade; managing to not only bring back original participants Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips, but also lassoing such new luminaries as James Coburn, William Peterson, Viggo Mortensen and Scott Wilson. Includes archival audio commentary by Estevez, Fusco, Phillips, Sutherland and more; as well as excerpts from Alan Silvestri's now classic score, and (of course) Jon Bon Jovi's Oscar nominated / Grammy winning tune "Blaze Of Glory".  Also dig the "side by side" comparisons of the actors alongside archival images of the true-life personalities they portray within the film.

    * Enjoy our "TUNEPLAY" SUITE (AND MINI "MAKING OF" ESSAY) ON ALAN SILVESTRI'S "YOUNG GUNS 2" SCORE @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_4OGHLH5Pw

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 7 - Young Guns

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    In today's episode of Paintball Dynamics, hosts Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes speak on young'ns in the sport of paintball. They will also share a little insight about their young players and how the team is a mentorship program for youth in all walks of life.Invest in your players and they will invest in the sport! It will be fun and as usual thrown in puns. - All Paintball! All the Time!(PBD)

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    Mike Norris Former Oakland A's Pitcher Cy Young Winner

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    Former Major League Player Michael Kelvin Norris (born March 19, 1955) a right-handed starting pitcher who played with the Oakland Athletics (1975–1983, 1990).Norris is best remembered for his spectacular 1980 season. He went 22-9 with 24 complete games and a 2.53 earned run average, while also earning the Gold Glove Award. However, he was not awarded the American League Cy Young Award; Steve Stone of the Baltimore Orioles, who had a record of 25-7, was given the honor. Norris also placed 15th in the MVP voting.In 1981, Norris posted a modest 12-9 record, again earning the Gold Glove Award and also earning an All-Star berth he was denied in 1980. Norris spun a complete game shutout in the first round of the playoffs against the Kansas City Royals and pitched well in the AL Championship Series against the New York Yankees despite getting hit with a loss there.Many believe[who?] that Billy Martin inflicted a heavy workload on Norris, which threw out his arm. He was never able to return to his former stature, and after the 1983 season, he played for the independent San Jose Bees. He made a brief comeback as a relief pitcher in 1990, posting an ERA of 3.00 in 27 innings. As of 2014, he is the only player to win at least one game with Oakland in three different decades.An addiction to cocaine shortened Norris's playing career. In 1999 he was diagnosed with cervical myelopathy, and he had surgery in January 2000 at the California Pacific Medical Center. After recovering, Norris took up golf as a hobby. In 2007, he appeared with Dave Stewart, Mudcat Grant, and Vida Blue in a regular season game between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics.Norris was well known for his distinctive green fielding glove.

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    We Will Make 'Ya Famous (Hopefully) - Young Guns

    in Automotive

    HOLY COW this show is packed.  Wall to wall talented dudes chatting about what it's like to start from the bottom, and work up the ladder in a myriad of different racing series.  Tonight is an opportunity to introduce you to a few of these young gun drivers.  While these guys may not be wearing chaps and slinging a six-shooter they are facing huge frontier-like challenges such as; raising money, pleasing sponsors, and running the business.  All of this going on while keeping their steeds staying shiny side up and riding at their very best!  Catch our chat with this great group of guys, and show them all your support!  13:45 Jay Havens (@jayhavens), 32:40 Chris Holter (@cholter7), 55:24 Mike Taylor (@MikeyTRacing), 1:10:39 Tyler Cooke (@TylerCooke116), and 1:26:18 Andrew Hobbs (@AHobbsRacing). The Wheel Men are proud to be partnering with Safelite to bring you this week's action packed show! http://www.safelite.com/

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    You are to be transformed by the reality of the New Birth and of Jesus teachings on the Kingdom of God.  Understanding the Kingdom of God helps you understand God's reign from heaven to and through you.  Jesus did not come just to bring you salvation alone but to transform you into the sons and daughters of God and Ambassadors of the Kingdom.  This discovery of God's Kingdom agenda will help you understand God's Word more fully and will launch you into the fulfillment of your divine destiny.

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    RI 02 Guns, Fireworks, or I Hate You

    in Comedy

    Rob and J are back with a full episode. Rob will talk about the worst hipster on the planet. They'll discuss post fight speeches, crazy articles and Marriage Equality. Join the fun! 

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    Aliyah Moulden, Kandice Bliss Foods , Jewell Robinson

    in Lifestyle

    At age 13 Aliyah is destined to be one of the most acclaimed singers of her generation. Aliyah is a Super-Vocalist-Powerhouse, Triple Thread performer, who leaves audiences speechless. Savvy musicians of musicians compare this young artist to legends such as Aretha Franklin and Adele. 


    Kandice/Bliss86FoodsBio: ChefKandicefromInglewood,CAhashadpassionforcookingherwholelife.Herpassionforfoodwent fromnotjustgoodfood,buttohealthytastyfood. Withafamilyhistoryofcertaindiseasesitbecame herpersonalmissiontonotonlyimprovethehealthofherandherimmediatefamily,butusethefoods alongwithexercisetomaintainahealthylifestyle. ChefKandicestartedBliss86Foodstoshareher passionofhealthylivingandgreatfoodwiththeworld

    Jewell Robinson: 
    Born in San Diego and raised in Morrow, Georgia
    • Home owner in Imperial Beach and have two energetic dogs; Jake who is 4 and Charlie who is 2
    • Black belt in MCMAP
    • Active in local community events and volunteer work
    • Enjoy dancing, reading, and home projects in my spare time
    • Licensed Insurance Agent in CA, GA, NJ, TX, MD, VA, and FL 
    • Graduated from the University of Georgia
    B.A. in Political Science
    • Over 16 years in the U.S. Marine Corps
    • Two deployments to Iraq
    • Worked in 3 Wounded Warrior Hospitals
    • Green Belt in Lean 6 Sigma

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    Upbeat w T. Hayes, R. Young, James Blacker, Hazel Moore, Rose Ferraci, Pink Bel

    in Comedy

    Four for the world's leading light workers join Tom Hayes, Rosemarie Young and Rebecca 'The Metaphysical Flight Attendant' Tripp, in a discussion of "'Heartfelt'; The Fifth Dimension; Freedom from Fear; and Joy. James Blacker, Rose Ferrachi, Hazel Moore and Tracy Polowich are advanced light workers skilled in their individual healing and life coaching techniques. This is a major symposium of the warmest hearts in the fields of body, mind and spirit healing. Listen or join in on the discussion as we explore the next step in humanity's shift to a New World. 

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    Effingham County Navigator Team receives grant from Enmarket Encourage Health

    in Business

     (SAVANNAH, GA) Tuesday, August 25, the third lecture in the 2015 Enmarket Encourage Health Education Series, “How to Train for a 5K,” will be presented by Chris Ramsey from Fleet Feet Savannah. After the sudden loss of Robert Espinoza, Ramsey will present the lecture in honor of his memory. Ramsey has worked alongside Espinoza for 4 1/2 years.

    The Encourage Health grant donation will be presented to the Effingham County Navigator Team, a not-for-profit support group and recreational program for children with special needs and different abilities. The group provides recreational activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer, cornhole and bowling.Founder and President Pauline Shaw talks with Laurie Ross today about the value of this donation.

    The Effingham County Navigator Team will also be raising funds on Saturday, August 29 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the enmarket located at 6188 Highway 21 South in Rincon. During this “Enmarket Dollar Day” there will be opportunities for the Effingham County Navigator Team to receive $1 for every car wash, $1 at their charity table and $1 donations will be accepted at the enmarket cash registers.

    This Enmarket Encourage Health presentation will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Auditorium of the Savannah Morning News, located at 1375 Chatham Parkway in Savannah. A healthy lunch will be provided by local business sponsors. Attendance is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are required at Healthy Savannah’s website, http://healthysavannah.org/event-signup-how-to-train-for-a-5k/.


    more information can be found at: http://www.effinghamcountynavigatorteam.com

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