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    Buried Treasure Of The Week: YOUNG GUNS 2 - Sometimes Sequels Are Better

    in Film

    Sometimes sequels surpass their originals. Take GODFATHER PT. 2, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX 2) and the THE BOURNE SURPREMACY. While perhaps not in the same status, 1990s YOUNG GUNS 2 - directed by New Zealand's Geoff Murphy (the critically acclaimed UTU and THE QUIET EARTH) and written by John Fusco (THUNDERHEART, HIDALGO, SPIRIT:STALLION OF THE CIMARRON), would outdo the "MTV Western" tone of it's predecessor to emerge as one of the better straight-up westerns of it's decade; managing to not only bring back original participants Emilio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips, but also lassoing such new luminaries as James Coburn, William Peterson, Viggo Mortensen and Scott Wilson. Includes archival audio commentary by Estevez, Fusco, Phillips, Sutherland and more; as well as excerpts from Alan Silvestri's now classic score, and (of course) Jon Bon Jovi's Oscar nominated / Grammy winning tune "Blaze Of Glory".  Also dig the "side by side" comparisons of the actors alongside archival images of the true-life personalities they portray within the film.

    * Enjoy our "TUNEPLAY" SUITE (AND MINI "MAKING OF" ESSAY) ON ALAN SILVESTRI'S "YOUNG GUNS 2" SCORE @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_4OGHLH5Pw

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 7 - Young Guns

    in Hobbies

    In today's episode of Paintball Dynamics, hosts Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes speak on young'ns in the sport of paintball. They will also share a little insight about their young players and how the team is a mentorship program for youth in all walks of life.Invest in your players and they will invest in the sport! It will be fun and as usual thrown in puns. - All Paintball! All the Time!(PBD)

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    We Will Make 'Ya Famous (Hopefully) - Young Guns

    in Automotive

    HOLY COW this show is packed.  Wall to wall talented dudes chatting about what it's like to start from the bottom, and work up the ladder in a myriad of different racing series.  Tonight is an opportunity to introduce you to a few of these young gun drivers.  While these guys may not be wearing chaps and slinging a six-shooter they are facing huge frontier-like challenges such as; raising money, pleasing sponsors, and running the business.  All of this going on while keeping their steeds staying shiny side up and riding at their very best!  Catch our chat with this great group of guys, and show them all your support!  13:45 Jay Havens (@jayhavens), 32:40 Chris Holter (@cholter7), 55:24 Mike Taylor (@MikeyTRacing), 1:10:39 Tyler Cooke (@TylerCooke116), and 1:26:18 Andrew Hobbs (@AHobbsRacing). The Wheel Men are proud to be partnering with Safelite to bring you this week's action packed show! http://www.safelite.com/

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    Review of Week 3 of Weekly Racing and Waycross for NeSmith Touring Division

    in Sports

    7:30 - Cruz Skinner - Winner at Talladega Short Track and new Sunoco Young Guns Challenge Point Leader

    7:45 - Chase Edge - NeSmith Touring Division Winner at Waycross Motor Speedway

    8:00 - Landen & Branden Harris - 6 Year-Old Landen is Crew Chief on Flomaton Speedway Winner/Dad Branden's NeSmith/AR Bodies Street Stock 

    8:15 - Richie Stephens - NeSmith/AR Bodies Street Stock Division Winner at Talladega Short Track

    8:30 - Cliff Williams - NeSmith Weekly Racing Series Winner at Whynot Motorsports Park


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    Curious Times – Medium Jen Young

    in Spirituality

    No readings tonight, however if anyone wishes to call in with a problem or concern they’d like to talk out and receive some coaching or guidance for, we will be happy to take those calls. 

    Jen Young is a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, channel, healer and spiritual empath. She feels, hears, sees, tastes and smells what spirit has to offer, sharing that information with great sensitivity and compassion. She possesses and shares the insight and wisdom of being an eternal student and teacher of the spiritual gifts that are constantly awakening within her.

    Jen was called by Spirit at a very early age and has grown into a sensitive, who is strongly attuned with the earth energies. She is an advocate of the environment and ever aware of our duty to preserve, protect and work with those earth energies that support and shelter us always. Her profound faith in the Universal source of all creation has been a firm foundation for all she is and will become. Her mission is to not only protect the environment in which we live, but to be of service to those who need reminding of the magic and wonder that is carried within all of us.

    Jen has a compassionate spirit and is able to help others seek the source within, to find their pathway to self-awareness, understanding and to that link we all carry within to the source of all creation. She is a humble and quiet energy that has unique gifts that make her a true gift from spirit to all of humanity.

    To contact Jen or inquire about a private reading please visit:  www.jenyoung.ca

    To Contact the Host: www.curioustimes.ca  www.facebook.com/curioustimesradio

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    THE POWER OF PERSUASION with K-Luv & Apostle Natalie Young

    in Lifestyle

    Join Apostle Natalie Young RHL Ministry Radio's  " THE POWER OF PERSUASION " with " K Luv " Kimmy found herself living on the streets at a very young age. She spent the majority of her teenage years in rugged downtown shelters, on a journey through the world alone with little family support.. Kimmy developed a strong Christian faith as this developed the soul message in K-Luvs lyrics. Her lyrics now took the form of music where she strives to relate to youth that face some of the same challenges she did growing up. K-luv has performed at many events including concerts at local churches, artist showcases and internet radio interviews and has recently been invited to speak at local Catholic Schools in the Toronto area. For booking pls email kluvbfly@gmail.com : You can preview some of her music, including her debut single I Made It @souncloud.com/k-luv-4 or preview more music on reverbnation.com/kimmyluv Follow her on twitter @KimmyKluv/  Facebook @KimmyKLuvv


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    Jen Young: Intuitive Interviews Tim McCann!

    in Motivation

    Join me for an hour with one of my favorites...TIM MCCANN!!

    We will touch on many topics that are relevant to all of us...

    -Overcoming major challenges

    -Physical/Mental/Emotional FITNESS

    -Addictions and Patterns

    -Self Employment

    -Kick Ass Attitude!

    Oh yeah...it's gonna be fun...

    We will also have a sneek peek into the month of JUNE...bring it!!!

    See you all WEDNESDAY, May 27th at 10:00am 



    Check Tim out at: https://www.facebook.com/tim.mccann.589

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    Psychic and Mediumship Abilities in Children, Teens, and Young Adults.

    in Spirituality

    Every consecutive generation of children faces new and difficult challenges that the ones before could not even fathom. Lately, we are hearing of more and more children, teens, and young adults with psychic and mediumship abilities. Growing up this way can be difficult in the least as fear and peer pressure can cause them to shut down. Join us as we open up our show to some teens and young adults as they share their experiences of growing up with the gift. Listener questions are always welcome. Remember to check out T Shirt campaign at http://buy.teespring.com/among-the-realms-blogtalk-radi?utm_keyword=rdr

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    Tony Cincotta and Steve Young discuss DF Baseball May 28

    in Sports

    Join Tony Cincotta and Steve Young of Rotogrinders as they discuss Thursdays slate of Major League Baseball games. They will have all the pitching matchups, overnight odds, Las Vegas run totals. Yes, YES, YES there selections put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride.  These guys love unicorns

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    Kingdom New Birth w/Bradley Young

    in Christianity

    Rediscovering the power of your Kingdom Citizenship through understanding your new birth from a Kingdom perspective.

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    SMR Hip-Hop Stop presents Young Ceaz

    in Hip Hop Music

    Call in: 646-478-5863

    Chat: "The Crib" Chatroom

    About The Hip-Hop Stop: Smart Mark Radio airs the show that's taking the Hip-Hop World by storm, the SMR Hip-Hop Stop, Wednesdays on BTR! For the past year, Underground Hip-Hop Legend, "Lyrical Miracle" R-I-C & Co-Host, Rizkee Biz interview rap stars on the rise.

    The Hip-Hop Stop's guest list is a who's who in Underground Hip-Hop, headlined by appearances from Cryptic Wisdom, Wildcard QM, Thaddaeus Royale, Choppa Clique, Die Lyf, Steelo, Twisted Insane, Tony Sin, & more, plus the ladies doing their thing, DJ Rhiannon, Tenny-T, Venom Stay Drippin', Reverie and the list goes on. We also put a huge emphasis on today’s top independent talent from all over the world.

    The Hip-Hop Stop also features appearances by members from Soundshroom.com, Rubber City Entertainment, Fame Gang Entertainment, Redcon-1 & more.

    The SMR Hip-Hop Stop is Sponsored by smartmarkradio.com & is an award winning podcast.