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    Stand Up and Be Counted! You Can Make a Difference!

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    PROTEST!  Speak Up!  Do Your Part!
    Today, more than ever, we, good people, have to stand together to right the wrongs of fellow citizens, our government, and anything else where there is personal and social injustice, where there is religious persecution, where there is abuse of any kind.
    Today, we have Jeff Wiesenfeld, who organized a massive protest of "The Death of Klinghoffer" at the Metropolitan Opera.  Rabbi Joseph Potasnik was a featured speaker and It was attended by such notables as Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki. 
    Rabbi Diana S. Gerson also joins us today to talk about the importance of community involvement, your involvement, where you can make a difference.  You can stand up and be counted, and you should get involved.  
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke !

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    Yes You Can Make It After A Car Accident

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    Tough times often produce unknown courage and strength.  Most come out on the other side with a great deal more knowledge and understanding.  Yet, while going through the struggles, many people injured in car accidents need encouragement through some of the hard times.  Nothing is better than talking with someone who has navigating these trouble waters.  The wisdom, knowledge, and support can change outcomes and make the pain and suffering a bit more tolerable.

    Yes, you can make it after a car accident.  Back to a life that brings pleasure, joy, and challenges which creates growth.  Join me, ESTRA today in this discussing this topic.

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    Finding Solutions to Hunger, Poverty & Inequality: Kids Can Make A Difference

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    Welcome to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change. I'm Sharon Ann Wikoff and delighted to be speaking with Larry Levine co-founder along with his wife Jane of Kids Can Make A Difference® (KIDS), a program of the International Education & Resource Network (iEARN).  KIDS is  an educational program for middle- and high school students, focuses on the root causes of hunger and poverty, the people most affected, solutions, and how students can help. The major goal is to stimulate the students to take some definite follow-up actions as they begin to realize that one person can make a difference.

    Larry has taught the KIDS program in many schools in New England and Metropolitan New York City. He also edits the KIDS newsletter, which is sent to more than 13,000 subscribers.  Prior to KIDS, Larry was Executive Vice-President of marketing and sales for an international corporation based in New York City. Larry is a member of the WhyHunger Advisory Board.

    Jane, in addition to her involvement with Why Hunger and KIDS, Jane received a Doctor of Education degree in nutrition and education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As a nutrition educator, she has researched, written, and lectured extensively about how food marketers target school children and about the ethics of the nutrition profession's complicity in such marketing efforts. Previously, she wrote the "Nutrition Watch" column for Why. Magazine. Prior to beginning her studies in 1987, Jane spent 18 years with Fortune 500 companies as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project manager. Jane is a member of the WhyHunger Advisory Board.


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    Juvenile Delinquents - Can You Make a Difference? John Bell

    in Youth

    "If you see something, say something".     Hear from John Bell how you can recognize the signs and play an active role in putting a halt on misbehaving juveniles before they get to be delinquents.

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    You Can Make A Difference

    in Self Help

    In This show I will talk about how all the components of Real Wellness...mental/emotional. physical,social and Spiritual must come together globally if we as humanity are going SURVIVE.
    I  want to let you know about the Internet Movie Into the Light
    that I am creating and how you can contribute and play a part. I think you will find this discussion quite fascinating and one we all need to have on a consistent basis.

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    How would you make a difference with $5000? Let's talk.

    in Design

    We're geeking out in total tool-loving style at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo. And we're asking everyone: How could you make a difference with $5000? Join us.

    MyFixitUpLife is heading to the annual Remodeling Show and Deck Expo, ready to announce Rebuilding Together's 'Tradesperson of the Year.' To celebrate the trades who give back in their communities around the country, we're testing (and rewarding) the skills and knowledge of attendees among the power and prowess from inside the 'Tool Alley' at the Remodeling show and Deck Expo.

    And while Mark may rule the pages and airwaves of MyFixitUpLife with his tool afficionado attitude, self-proclaimed tool-geek Kayleen McCabe and long-time Rebuilding Together volunteer is joining Theresa as co-host on this special episode of MyFixitUpLife talk. Kayleen's got game, too. She's a licensed contractor, host of DIY Network's 'Rescue Renovation,' and the 2009 Stud Finder winner.

    Yes, remodelers and deck builders do geek out on tools, many of them also use their skills to help their communities. We'll be talking with Grundy, host of DIY Network's Cool Tools and Blog Cabin, and Charley Shimanski, CEO of Rebuilding Together, and amazing tradespeople about their passion for building, their favorite go-to tools, and why making a difference matters to them.

    And we're asking everyone: How could you make a difference with $5000?

    Join us Thursday, October 23th at 1pmET as Theresa and Kayleen talk to Chris Grundy, Charley Shimanski, and amazing tradespeople.

    Come visit us during the day on Thursday, October 23rd at the Tool Alley at the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in Baltimore to find out how you can win Lowe's money from us, and tell us: How could you make a difference with $5000?

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    You Can Make IT

    in Spirituality

    Staying in the race is only a part of it. What happens when you are given a test while running your race. Join me on the Love Lift Jesus Ministry at 9:30pm



    Make sure you connect with me on emonya_love@yahoo.com

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    How Gratitude Can Make You Healthier and Wealthier

    in Self Help

    When you ride the highway of life called... gratitude, it takes you through life in a more balanced, joyful, healthy, harmonius and abundant way. The attitude of gratitude spreads to all those around you and can even be infectious, creating happiness and joy in the lives of all you come in contact with. So, why don't we always live from an abundant of gratitude?  What robs us of feeling grateful for everything in our life?  We will explore in depth what it takes to always be riding the highway of gratitude.

    Call 626-231-0306 and share with us what you are grateful for, every caller gets a downloadable gift from me.


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    Can You Hear Me Now? Annie and Author of Tear Down This Wall

    in Relationships

    Dale Ingraham, is the Author of Tear Down This Wall This book exposes the sin of sexual abuse and gives clear guidelines in dealing with offenders, victims and their families. The author knows first hand how difficult it is to discover that someone you loved and trusted has betrayed that trust and has victimized many vulnerable individuals. He knows how easily one can be convinced that it is better to keep silent than to face the difficulties of exposing an offender and having to answer the questions that will arise from the community, families, and legal organizations. There are no easy answers, but these issues must be faced head on, in spite of the difficulties.

    Dale and is wife Faith travel the country presenting Seminars on several subjects, but tonight we talk about relationships, trust, and the struggles that Survivors can have finding and maintaining what it takes to be happy and at peace.

    Speaking Truth in Love Ministries addresses the difficult issues of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence within the body of Christ by: Raising Awareness about abuse: Doing Training on how to prevent abuse: Promoting Healing for those who have been hurt by abuse and Teaching people how to deal with abuse and hold offenders accountable. 

    Call in is encouraged and lines will be open

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    Can You Hear Me Now with Annie O'Sullivan, Connie Lee and guest Jo Eden

    in Self Help

    Annie O'Sullivan and have candid conversations concerning the past and much more importantly the future.  Our guest have walked your road and come out the other side.  


    Tonights Guest Jo Eden is a wife, mom and grandmother who tells it like it was to be an abused child, yesterday and today.  Phone lines will be open and the chat room will be up! The Show is live!  It's good to be back!

    Your Hosts: 

    Annie O'Sullivan, Blogger/Speaker and Author of, Can You Hear Me Now? 

    Connie Lee, Connie Lee/FACSAFoundation.org/Founder/President/ 318.540.4464

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    How Creating Change Can Make A Difference

    in LGBT

     Now that Creating Change is over organizations and individuals take away information, ideas, tools and developing relationships with others working toward change internally and externally for the LGBTQ community. CWT4R was able to capture photos and videos of planning, discussing and the start of implementing change in 2104. There is one thing that could be heard n Plenaries’, workshops and even in the hallways everyone could agree upon which was the community has a lot of work to do. AT this conference there were so many up incoming young leaders that expressed they are looking for tools, partnerships, and continue support from the community as they began working on an agenda that affects their generation.Join us tonight as we give you a recap of the conference from our lens. Talk about what we were expecting and what we experienced. We will talk about organizations that are in the fore front of the movement for change. We also will talk about who had a strong representation at the conference and how they seem to have a clear understanding of there part in this movement and how they are preparing themselves with conversations, networking and training to find where they fit now and in the future for CHANGE.

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