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    Jesus Lives

    in Religion

    About Mrs. Sharon Pellom


    Sharon V. Pellom is the eleventh child from a family of fourteen. She grew up in a small town in N.C. She graduated from Meredith College. She obtained an Associate degree in Science, a BA in Sociology and Minor in Education.


    Sharon owned and operated STS (Software Training Services) for fifteen years. She is the wife of the retired Atlanta Hawk basketball player Samuel Pellom, and mother of three sons.


    Sharon now is a Published Author of the book, HE LIVES, A Living Testimony and an Internet Radio Host on the BlogTalkRadio.com network. Her show is called, Jesusandwe…Talk, What’s On Your Mind, Let’s Take It To The Word…


    These 17 testimonies are of her life’s walk on this earth with Jehovah God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Opening up her eyes and heart to the Lord has given her insight on who the Father is, who His Son is and the Holy Spirit.


    She has learned that you must want this walk for yourself. You must “Ask, Seek and Knock.” The Father is waiting with open arms. You will not remain the same. She believes man can't give you what is meant for you from the Father. Jehovah has a plan, a plan yet to be completed. All are in that plan. It’s like being in a movie having your very own part to play. All parts lead back to the Creator. So “Ask, Seek and Knock”. Study to show yourself approved and do not leave your salvation up to any man. God does work through man, but the relationship is a vertical one, with you and Our Father.

    “Come as a child. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World…”


    And no, she is not a Jehovah witness, but do witness for Jehovah!

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    Days of our Lives Veteran Special

    in Television

    Here comes Tony, Patch, and Bo! With the 50th anniversary of Days of our Lives approaching, soap experts say this fall is action packed and ready to entertain you! With rumors swirling around possible storylines, who knows what's next for the recently struggling soap opera! Several veterans are returning while the several newbies are exiting the canvas? Could this fall bring surprises that relaunch NBC's only running soap? We shall see!

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    Past Lives.. true or false ?

    in Spirituality

    Chat about Past Lives.. is there such a thing and if there is, does healing a past life benefit us.  Valerie and Jo have differing views on PL .. listen to these spiritual and spirited friends discuss their views.  Jo and Valerie will also be offering free readings during the show and will be available to answer questions through live chat.

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    Madness Monday: Black Lives DO Matter

    in Entertainment


    We still need donations for tomorrows CMXD event in LOS ANGELES donate to our paypal @ DymondsRadio@Gmail.com

    Why are we separating the Black Lives Matter movement into Black Women Matter, or Black Men Matter ? That is the problem we have, we collectively build something together as ONE race only to end up separating because of GENDER. How do we fix this? How can we address both genders within the Black community without others trying to separate us?


    “If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” - Malcolm X

    Tune in to The Dymonds Radio Show tonight at 10 PM PST & call in @ 347-996-5750

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    Shattered Lives: Dr. Cindy Hatfield Inside the Mind of Criminals

    in Current Events

    Shattered Lives Radio host, Donna R. Gore, continues interviews with experts who work with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI). She welcomes renown criminal profiler, Dr. Cindy Hatfield to talk about what goes on in the mind of a criminal.

    Using her expertise and knowledge, Hatfield has consulted on several high-profile crimes and is able to is able to analyze a crime scene and give a detailed description of the criminal's probable behaviors, habits, appearance, psychological make up,  and if they are a danger to others or themselves.

    Not only has Dr. Hatfield worked with investigators on high-profile crimes, but she has worked with federal corrections, undercover, with juvenile gangs, and of course, with CCIRI Executive Director, Sheryl McCollum and her students offering her expert opinion on cold cases.

    Tune in for the conversation about crime, profiling, and the upcoming "From the Scene of the Crime" teaching tour with experts and students affiliated with CCIRI.

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    Meritorious Manumission and The Conditional Support for Valuing Black Lives

    in Current Events

    Today in Luqman Nation, Jacquie Luqman will be examining the Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710, what it was, what it meant, and how it relates to some reaction of conditional support to ongoing protests in the growing Black Lives Matter movement.  We'll be talking about Feddie Gray, protests in Baltimore, the rights of Americans and why they don't always seem to be extended to Black people.  It's all connected.

    Jacquie also has a Pet Peeve she's got to get off her chest.  And Abdus has some rather interesting news.

    Pour a cup and join us in the discussion.

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    Shattered Lives: Victim Assistance Program

    in Self Help

    Shattered Lives Radio and host, Donna R. Gore, are proud to present yet another valuable resource and information for listeners. An in depth look at victim services will be the topic of the show, relating the expansion of services for victims of crime and violence.

    As Executive Director of Victim Assistance Program, Leanne Graham sees herself as a leader of the “second generation mass,” carrying the tradition of those who pioneered the victims’ rights movement in the 1970’s. Coming from a family with backgrounds in various areas of the criminal justice system, Graham has been exposed to it’s diversity, as well as it’s needs.

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    Shattered Lives: Children and Grieving

    in School

    When children are victims of a disaster, a school shooting, or perhaps the loss of a classmate or someone close to them, we, as parents, teachers, or mental health professionals need to know how best to assist their grieving process.

    As the media reports on school shootings, deaths of children, and tragedy beyond comprehension, one comforting thought is there are trained professionals ready to step in during and after the crisis to help children deal with the loss.   

    Returning Shattered Lives Radio guest, Dr. David Schonfeld is tops in the field of child bereavement and now heads the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (NCSCB) which "aims to help prepare professionals working in schools, health care settings, and other community sites to be better prepared to meet children’s needs during and after crisis and loss."



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    My Redeemer Lives - What a Healing Jesus

    in Spirituality

    My Redeemer Lives - What a Healing Jesus

    My Redeemer lives, He lives in me and is my Hope of glory.

    To be raised up with him, to be brought into the Fathers house

    To know him and the power of his resurrection.

    Christ our hope and confidence in eternal life.

    The life of the Father, the Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead.

    On my Way to Heaven – The Journey

    Think of that song, relating to our walk with the Lord in this life.

    I need to realize that I am Heaven bound, this world is not my home.

    Jesus wants to spend time with us every day.

    It is the joy of my salvation that gives me strength to live the new life.

    The new life comes by believing in Jesus, asking him into your life, your heart and be my God.

    He is the only way to heaven, he is the only way to obtain eternal life.

    And when you have received him, you will know it.. its like drinking living water.

    You feel alive like you never felt before. The beauty of the Lord and his creation is revealed to you in a new way.

    Life looks and feels different, all of a sudden you know that all things are going to work out.

    Because you have Jesus, you know that God is hearing your prayers and knows the desires of your heart.

    He is going to work things out for the good.

    So we can sing and give Paise to God for his goodness and revealing the life of his Son to us

    Have and great Easter Holiday… knowing He is Risen

    Peter Coach

    Well, I’m on my way to heaven

    My journey gets sweeter every day.



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    Ask Dr. Applewhite “Do “Disabled” Lives Matter?”

    in Education

    The latest protests in the U.S. media are chanting that “Black Lives Matter” In the interest of humanity "all lives matter". However, we must address the injustices to African Americans and other minorities, specifically those with disabilities. All shows feature Vet2Vet Talk with Mitch Caviness and Veterans include tips for Healthy Minds for Healthy Bodies and Legal Advocacy with Dr. Beverly Poellnitz and Lenora Arnold   Your one-time or monthly recurring tax-deductible donation of $5 or more to White Apple Institute will support our radio broadcasts, and allow us to continue helping Adult Learners/Students and Veterans with disabilities reach their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE.  Click on RADIO to listen to archived episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite (formerly Student2Teacher) Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7.  

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    Wisdom Wednesday: Black Lives Matter

    in Entertainment

    The Dymonds Radio Show Presents Wisdom Wednesday: Black Lives Matter

    This show is in remembrance of all the Black Kings and Queens who've been killed by police.

    Tonight we want to have an open discussion about police brutality and what we can do collectively to make this world a better place for the youth.

    Tune in at 10 PM PST and call in @ (347) 996-5750 PRESS 1 if you want to voice your opinion.