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    in Pop Culture

    This week, kim thompson, Stoker, and Kevin Vollmers discuss microaggressions, in particular microaggressions in the racism vein. Some questions they'll ponder and topics they'll discuss: 

    Are racials microaggressions actually microaggressions or are they flat out racist?
    Do White people use the term microaggressions to get a pass, as in, "Oops! I wasn't being racist. I meant no harm. I realize that was a microaggression." 
    Korea microaggressions.
    US microaggressions.
    White privilege and White suppremacy.

    Tune in and join the conversation on Wednesday, April 29th, 7:00 am Minneapolis time/9:00 pm Seoul time. 

    [Reference: No, You’re Not Imagining It: 3 Ways Racial Microaggressions Sneak into Our Lives via Everyday Feminism]

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    Tangela Walker and Gary Yoon

    in Blogcritics

    Tangela Walker is an inspiring entrepreneur. She is the creator of the "Go Pillow" and has been featured on Homekeepers, Montel Williams and more!


    Gary Yoon is a Christian Career Coach.

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    Boston Mayor Race: Sam Yoon

    in Politics Progressive

    The progressive Asian-American on Boston's City Council is gunning for the long-term mayor. Sam Yoon joins us to say what's still wrong after 16 years of the same mayor. He has specific solutions.

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    WAMS talks with business expert Yoon Cannon

    in Entrepreneur

    Business Growth Expert Yoon Cannon is a Marketing & Productivity Coach for business owners and executives to help companies and firms rapidly increase their sales and profits. Audiences relate to Yoon Cannon because she speaks from the voice of a seasoned entrepreneur. Having started, developed and sold several companies herself she understands the unique challenges firms and business owners go through on a daily basis. She is real and authentic. Join WAMS as we talk business with the expert Yoon Cannon Friday September 24th at 1 PM ET.

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    The Final Cut Ep.59 Interview with broadcaster Kristen Yoon

    in Entertainment

    Entertainment news. Interview with broadcaster and cake aficiando Kristen Yoon.

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    Helene Atwan, Beacon Press & Howard Yoon, Ross-Yoon Agency

    in Books

    Joy Radio is featuring a series about a great resource for writers, Words & Music, A Literary Feast in New Orleans. For a glimpse of this festival, dedicated to good writing, coming up November 28-December 2, tune August 23 at 11:30 a. m. EDT, to hear Helene Atwan, director of Beacon Press, with Howard Yoon, a partner at Ross-Yoon Agency, both non-fiction experts,discuss issues such as How to get your book read at a first class publishing house? How to maneuver the complex maze of creating non-fiction? Why writers should register for the Words & Music.  Helene began her career at Random House and has worked at Knopf, Viking, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and Simon and Schuster. http://beacon.org. Howard, an agent for 20 years, specializes in narrative nonfiction, history, science, religion, culture, business and food. http://rossyoon.com. Visit http://wordsandmusic.org  or e-mail Faulkhouse@aol.com to learn more about the conference and to sign up today.
    Future Joy Radio shows on Words & Music: April Eberhardt, April Eberhardt Literary, specializing in new era publishing, with Brandy Rivers, literary manager/producer for film and television at Gersh Agency; Carole Desanti, Penguin editor and author of The Unruly Passions of Eugénie R., with Deborah Grosvenor, Grosvenor Literary Agency, both fiction experts; Webster and Ginny Younce, editors at Simon & Schuster and Penguin, respectively.
    To listen to W&M archived shows visit http://pattiewelekhall.com/joy-radio-2/2011-guest-calendar-joyradio/

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    Grow your business using Linkedin

    in Entrepreneur

    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Yoon Cannon as they discuss how to "Grow your business using Linkedin."  Whether you're proficient in the use of Linkedin or a novice, Yoon will provide great information to move you closer to making money leveraging Linkedin.

    Yoon Cannon's Bio:

    "Leading Authority on Business Growth & LinkedIn Expert"

    Top business coach and LinkedIn marketing expert Yoon Cannon helps coaches, solopreneurs and small business owners achieve dramatic results in attracting more clients with ease.

    Over the past 20 years, Yoon Cannon has started 4 successful companies and sold 3 of them. She is a leading authority on business growth.  Yoon has been interviewed by CNN Money magazine, Inc, Entrepreneur, Executive Travel, Phila Business Journal and more.

    She is a dynamic keynote speaker. In her signature talk: Attract Clients and Build 6 Figures on LinkedIn, Yoon shares her inside strategies on how you can use LinkedIn to generate 6 figures in new business.

    To learn more about Yoon’s business coaching & keynote speaking visit www.ParamountBusinessCoach.com.

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    Spotlite Radio Presents Host Jessica Stern & Guest on 3/22/14

    in Entrepreneur

    Loretta Jordan at 1:00PM

    Tony Robinson at 1:12PM

    Yoon Kim at 1:36PM

    Jay Music at 2:00PM

    Scott Rawlins at 2:24PM

    Ben Jackson at 2:48PM

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    Attract New Clients and Build 6 Figures on LinkedIn!

    in Entrepreneur

    Don’t miss this game-changing interview where you’ll learn actionable tips you can apply right away to help you:

    Attract a flood of new clients
    Build your expertise
    Create 6 Figures in your business
    Fill your events 
    Get speaking gigs and more! 

    Business growth coach & LinkedIn marketing expert Yoon Cannon reveals:

    The #1 most important thing you must do on your LinkedIn profile that 99% entrepreneurs miss 
     The biggest LinkedIn myth that is leaving $100,000 on the table
    Simple 6 step formula for 6 figure LinkedIn success

    Become part of an Amazing Community www.matchentrepreneurs.com

    where you collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs to boost your sales and grow your business.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: w/ GM Don Baird

    in Sports

    Sunday 1/12/2014 6 pm Pacific Time

    The Dynamic Dojo welcomes Grandmaster Don Baird!

    Grandmaster Don Baird (Masters Hall of Fame, 2009) is 4th generation in a colorful lineage of great masters. His own master is Suh, Young-ik who trained with the well known Park, Chul-hee, the founder of Kang Duk Won. Master Park studied with Master Yoon, Byung-in the founder of Chang Moo Kwan (one of the most prominent martial art systems in history).

    Great Masters of the past are well rounded individuals that not only were involved with the fighting arts but also the healing, writing, music, painting and calligraphy arts. Master Baird is no different in that respect. Areas of his accomplishments include chi kung healing practices, fine art photography (www.donbairdphotography.com), writing poetry, composing and performing music (www.clarinetpro.com). His performance career includes being a featured soloist, principal clarinetist with several symphonies and playing for most of the major studios such as Warner Brothers, Disney and MGM.


    Grand Master Baird has been featured repeatedly in Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Inside Karate, and Fighting Stars, he has also been interviewed by Fred Rogin (twice), worked with Jay Leno, and featured along with Arthur Ashe in the 80′s TV series called “The Otherside of Victory”, a show dedicated to featuring professional athletes that are the very best in their field. Grandmaster Baird and Arthur Ashe were presented in the pilot of the series, “The Otherside of Victory” first aired the half hour before the Super Bowl.

    In 2006 he celebrated his 30th year anniversary of teaching and almost 47 years of training in martial arts. With this and many wonderful accomplishments behind him, Grand Master Baird isn’t close to slowing his tireless pace of mastering himself and guiding others to do the same.

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    Earl Rush Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Today's guets is the lovely and very talented Luz Rodriguez. Instructor, performer, choreographer, and Director of Alma De Luz ladies group. Luz along with James Yoon aka Big Jimmy Shimes Yoon  recently opened the DC Style Academy Dance school and has gotten great reviews for their curriculum and their awesome style of teaching