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    Keepin it Real

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    Presented by Paul Doucette & Tishauna Williams

    Well? We keeping it real! All aspects of expression are in flux and evolving. SO let us evolve with it and openly discuss all that is without judgement. An open forum for a variety of topics, it all depends on where the flow of beingness takes us!

    Come along as we delve into our own potential and explore this many faceted universe!

     Our guest is Yona Curtis: Spiritual life coach, Aura energy reader, Channeler, Shaman, Higher communicator and Past, Present, Future Seer!

    Excerpt from Yona's bio via her website:

    I came into this life with extra sensory abilities, tapping into them now and again in my formative years. Now I have stepped into my path to heal, help, and share my knowledge and visions openly.

    I show people that they have the power to create and change fundamentally; that 'they' are the divine, and give them advice on how to do this. I aid in connecting them back with universal energy and teach them how to do it for themselves again. I show them where to look within, using my second sight so they can heal themselves. I give them their power back, teaching them that they never lost it, just forgot that it is within. I pass messages on from past loved ones' spirit guides and higher beings.

    Yona's website: http://yonacurtis.wix.com/yona-curtis

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    What is wisdom?

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    I will talk with Yona Spiegel about her spiritual path and her professional work, including her aspiration to be a singer and song-writer. 

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    Minister(s) Louis & Felicia Dixon (Numan)- Sexuality

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    Tonight we will continue to discuss the destruction of the world through abominations in the Black Community.
    Homosexuality is a being labeled by Black Leaders as something that they feel like they can perfect by going against and mocking the Creator.  The Creator created you; How are you going to defeat him.  Your arms are too short to box with God.
    Please Tune In............................................................................

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    Vickers Tree Shamanism w/ Yona author of Rapid Enlightenment thr Initiations

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    Yona began clinical counseling, spiritual growth and energy work in 1987. Beginning in 1993, he received spiritual initiations by several world-renowned, fully self-realized, East Indian and Tibetan Saints and Spiritual Masters.
    Yona also received several spiritual initiations from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and from one of his teachers His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa (Lamasan). Lamasan recognized Yona instantaneously and embraced him affectionately upon first meeting him in 1995. He knew Yona from past lives together in Tibet. He told Yona that he was Yona’s “Root Lama” (main spiritual teacher) for all lifetimes.
    Yona was visited on the subtle level by; Lord YHWH (Yahweh), Lord Christ, Mother Mary and Father Joseph, Lord Buddha, Kriya Babaji Nagaraj and the 18 Siddhas, and many others, which are too numerous to list.
    Yona can telepathically transmit spiritual consciousness, and empowerment's to others through mere intent, even over the phone. He utilizes this skill in thousands of individual sessions and in many spiritual empowerment workshops.
    He spontaneously experienced a level of enlightened spiritual awareness known as “Bhava Samadhi” (the Breathless State) lasting two months.
    In 1992, Yona’s Christ-Self walked-in to his body. He was in this Christed State for the next ten days during which time people would become blissful around him (within ten feet of him).

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    The Moe Green Poetry Poetry Discussion hosted Rafael F J Alvarado & Brett-Candace

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    Join Rafael & Brett-Candace as they Talk to Terrance Hayes bout his new Lighthead

    Terrance Hayes was born in Columbia, South Carolina on November 18, 1971. Raised by his parents, James and Ethel (Seabrook) Hayes, Terrance became a well-rounded athlete and scholar. In high school, Hayes was an accomplished athlete as well as a creative writer and artist. His accomplishments on and off the basketball court paved the way for his acceptance into college and Hayes eventually earned a scholarship allowing him to attend Coker College.

    Hayes continued to do well in college, and his athletic and academic achievements earned him Academic All-American distinction. During his senior year, one of Hayes’ professors turned his attention to poetry and Hayes knew he wanted to write poetry for the rest of his life. Majoring in English with a minor in Fine Arts, Terrance received his B.A. at Coker College in 1994. Three years later, in 1997, Terrance’s love life prospered along with his education. He married poet Yona Harvey and the couple eventually had two children, Ua and Aaron. Hayes went on to earn his M.F.A. from the University of Pittsburgh that same year and decided to put his teaching, writing, and artistic skills to the test.

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