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    "Another Fork in the Road" Jeannette Davidson-Mayer, Caregiver - Military Spouse

    in Education

    When Jeannette Davidson-Mayer’s husband, DeWayne, had five brain injuries - the result of his active duty in Iraq - Jeannette became his caregiver. To combat this 24-hour job, Jeannette redesigned her kitchen to become the family’s “Central Command Post."  Jeannette will discuss how she, DeWayne, and their daughter make this system work for them.

    Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one more chin-up, an IED blast, or a door literally slamming one in the face are just some causes of traumatic brain injury. College, walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, or the coveted job quickly slips from reality as dreams turn to struggle. These unexpected life-happenings that divert one from his or her chosen path in life can be devastating.

    But as Yogi Berra once said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Life is all about choices!

    To learn more about me, please visit my blogs.

    Survivng Traumatic Brain Injury Blog: survivingtraumaticbraininjury.com

    Donna's Blog: donnaodonnellfigurski.wordpress.com

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    What do you REALLY want?? - with Catalyst Yogi

    in Education

    16/17 April 2015 - 5pm PST (US), 8pm EST (US), 10am AEST (AUS) - approx 2 hours.
    Hi Everyone,
    In this weeks show hosts Tammy Anahata, Amy Brimicombe are joined by Catalyst Yogi, an Indigo Scout committed to help guide people to live in the new age of Aquarius. He is also a trained Energy Healer, Writer, Reader and certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Catalyst Yogi will be talking about his journey and about his very practical and straight forward approach to the evolutionary process we are all part of. Please note that Chris Hales is travelling for the next few weeks and will be back around mid May.


    So the burning question, one which we fail to ask ourselves at the time when it matters the most:

    "What do we REALLY want?"

    Come join us as we candidly voice aloud ‘conversations with self’ and ponder questions such as:

    Why we made certain things unattainable simply because we were too afraid to connect with our true desires? … and How do our conflicting conversations with SELF keep us out of alignment with what we truly want to experience? What is it that you are waiting for anyway? What happens when the inner world is at odds with the outer world? What is the missing elusive ingredient?

    Join us weekly as we discuss, explore and uncover the genesis of our illustrious manifestations and creations!!

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    Awaken Your Third Eye w/Susan Shumsky, DD

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the author of 11 books, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, and New Page. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent more than 45 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition. Her books have been published in several languages worldwide, and several were #1 Amazon.com best sellers. They include: Divine Revelation, Miracle Prayer, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Exploring Meditation,Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, The Power of Chakras, and the upcoming Awaken Your Third Eye. Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra. She served on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years.A sought-after media guest and highly acclaimed professional speaker, Dr. Shumsky has done over 650 speaking engagements and over 675 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman's World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, nationally syndicated TV and radio on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and William Shatner's Weird or What? She is featured in the movie 3 Magic Words.

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    Enter The Womb Series: Self Preservation & Self Love with Earth Mother!

    in Spirituality

    We are getting closer to the Enter The Womb Conference. This week our one and only Earth Mother, Ifasayo Egujobi is taking the stage to discuss Self Preservation and Self Love. Y'all better come on and get in with this very power life coach, yogi and spiritual teacher. It's time for sisters to learn how to put themselves first with no apologies! Be loving, nurturing, and fierce! 

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    Greetings From Beyond Radio

    in Paranormal

    Greetings From Beyond Radio and host Rich Valdes welcomes Deb Lantz (para-Momma).  She is a psychic/medium and spiritual counselor. www.deblantz.com  

    Paranormal Consulting Agency's website is pcateam.net

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    in Music

    Actress / Comedienne, COCOA BROWN will be my upcoming Guest on Entertainment NOW on The fiery performer, whose credits includes a starring role in Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed comedy series “For Better or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network, her one-woman show “Cocoa Brown – Off the Chain” on Bounce TV, releasing her new comedy CD “One Funny Momma”, which is available now on iTunes and co-starring in the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster “Ted 2” with Mark Wahlburg. Don't miss it and for more show information please visit www.facesofsuccessradio.com!

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Celebrating The Message of Trust and Hope

    in Spirituality

    Tonights episode will depict what our beloved Savior Jesus did on the cross at Calvary and the Message of Passover as well. We are to trust and hope in God who loves us so much , He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in Jesus as their personal Lord and savior receives remission of sins and is saved unto eternity. Share this hour with your friends and family. I will also be playing some selections of music, and hope you will all join me tonight or in the archives. God bless you all. Have a Wonderfully blessed Ressurection Day and Passover :) Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527













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    Real and Raw: Communication and Good Sex

    in Lifestyle

             In our next episode of Real and Raw Radio, MisterDirect and Mr. Finesse will discuss the importance of women telling men EXACTLY what they want, as part of guaranteeing a good sexual experience.

             Why do some women believe that a man should know how to please them sexually.  “Well, you just oughta know,” oftentimes is the statement that women make.  This is the thing:  It would be arrogant of a man to think that, because he knows how to please A woman, he knows how to please ALL women.  Likewise, it is presumptuous -- and reflects a bit of game -- that a woman does not need to know what pleases HER.  




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    SavannahBlack's Conscious Attack Presents: The PO-LICE Hates Black People!!!

    in Culture

    They Kill Black Folks On A Weekly Basis, But This Time It They Got Caught Without A Doubt With Their Hand In The Cookie Jar. A White Policeman In Charleston Shot An UnArmed Brother In The Back After He Fled The Scene Of A Traffic Stop. The Amazing Thing About It Is The Officer Was Arrested And Charged With Murder......WHAT! He Got Charged With Murder? What Was So Different About This Case From The Countless Others That Didnt Even Result In An Indictment? We'll Talk About This Case And Others And Weigh The Differences Of The Out Come. We Can't Move Past This Until We Come Up With A Remedy For This Situation. I'll Also Talk About Other Racist Hatred Against Black Folks The World Over.........THIS MUST BE DISCUSSED FAMILY!!!... .Also On this episode Mr. Black will mix a little bit of Music, Poetry, Comedy and Real Talk to speak on how The System Of White Supremacy is taking over black culture, and also on events that happened during the week that effected the black experience of those living in Amerikkka and around the World.... Please call in, I would like to have your feed back on what We can do to help build a better Youth for not just Today,But Tomorrow As Well!!! .The Call in Number is 1-347-850-8030....Tell Your Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Freinds And Even Your Crazy Ass Homeboy Pooky Pooh, That Savannahblack Conscious Attack Is On And It's Going Down.....Oh Yeah The Theme Is....Watch Your Back!!!!

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    The Sports Cage Fight Hard MMA Kickoff Show

    in Sports

    Listen to The Sports Cage at www.blogtalkradio.com/thesportscage Saturday April 11, 2015 at 3:00pm central standard time. The Sports Cage Radio Show kicks off our Fight Hard MMA preview coverage for their April 18th card at The Family Arena. Set your calendar for our special fight week kickoff show 3:00pm Saturday. We will talk about the upcoming Fight Hard MMA card, our #TSC Fight Hard MMA coverage and Prime FS. Catch The Sports Cage with your host Debo, Executive Producer Dustin Hill and Producer Cam. We will be joined by special guest Prime FS Promoter Shane Rice and Mary Elizabeth representing the Prime FS ring girls. Both will discuss Fight Hard MMA and activities to expect fight night. Remember on fight night to sit in section 109 The Sports Cage fan section and meet The Sport Cage staff and Fight Hard Nation fan favorite fighter Susie "Momma Beast" Wyatt.

    Join The Sports Cage Saturday April 11th at 3pm central standard time with your host Debo, Dustin Hill and Producer Cam. We talk about Bellator, UFC, and much more with

    The Sports Cage call in #: The Sports Cage 10 to 1030pm. Call #TSC  Hotline # 646-721-9822

    The Sports Cage Sponsors: St Louis Tattoo Company, Sub Zero Cryotherapy and Scrap Soldier Clothing & Fight Gear “ Worn By Champioms for A Reason”

    You can also listen to: The Sports Cage via: Player FM, ITunes, Stitcher Radio, Blubrry & CastRoller

    Follow “The Sports Cage” on- Facebook facebook.com/thesportscage , InstaGram: sportscage247 & Twitter @debo88mma & sports_fixx

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