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    Pick Your YOGA Practice: Megan McCrary

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    On the suface it may appear that yoga is yoga is Yoga, but you take a closer lookand you'll dscover myriad different yoga systems and lineages. There are dozens of yoga tyles to choose, and while yoga is for evryone, not every style is the perfect fit for every one.

    My guest today is Meagan McCrary she is the author of the new book "Pick Your  Yoga Practice. And she is helping us to explore and understand different styles of Yoga to help improve our health and ultimately our entire lives. Please visit Meagan at www.MeaganMcCrary.com 

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    Yoga Practice: Forward Folds, Spinal Twists and Meditation

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    Join me for my first yoga session on Breathe Sexy Live!

    I have been teaching yoga for the past two years in a local community, but have now decided to take my practice on the road. I will be sharing music, ideas, and uplifting thoughts throughout this program. 


    On this episode of Breathe Sexy Live we are going to keep it simple with forward folds, spinal twists and a little meditation. This will be a great energizing session for your entire body as well as calm and relaxing for your mind. 

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    Meagan McCrary - Pick Your Yoga Practice

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    Welcome to Everything Yoga: Smart, Simple & Straightforward with your host Meagan McCrary, giving yoga a real voice from a practical perspective.

    L.A.-based yoga teacher and freelance writer, Meagan McCrary has immersed herself in the American yoga scene, taking classes, researching and interviewing prominent teachers for her upcoming book, “Pick Your Yoga Practice: Exploring and Understanding Different Styles of Yoga” (New World Library, 2014). 

    Continuing from last week's conversation, Meagan dives deeper into the differences among vinyasa-style and alignment-based class. Herself an alignment expert, she shares why holding the poses is benificial, along with her personal teaching style and what her classes are all about. Meagan also shares what she's noticed teaching yoga at Equinox, where the teachers are primarily vinyasa flow or power yoga, and some of her students' reactions.  

    Bottom line: American yoga has become as diverse as the Americans who practice it. There are a number of styles, hundreds of studios and thousands of teachers—not everyone is going to like every stye. But you don't know until you know, and Meagan is here to let you know what's available in ways of practicing yoga. She doesn't care where or what style you practice, just that you get in your bodies, start breathing and become present. 

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    The Injury-Free Yoga Practice with Steven Weiss

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    Although yoga is considered a practice that promotes health and vitality, it is also becoming a common cause of injury with a high incidence of shoulder, back and knee complaints.   So how do we continue the love of our yoga practice, without the risk of irritating old injuries or creating new ones?   Tune in to learn: How you can learn alignment principles & take charge of your own health The importance of following the "design of the body" during yoga practice rather than a stylized form passed down through various gurus & teachers How the awareness that yoga promotes can be a powerful tool to heal & prevent injuries   Steven Weiss, MS, DC, RYT is a yoga teacher, chiropractor and nutritionist with over 32 years of experience. He teaches anatomy and nutrition for yoga teaching trainings and is the author of "

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    Carin Gorrell: Editor-in-Chief of Yoga Journal

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    Carin Gorrell, editor-in-chief of Yoga Journal, is this week’s guest, and she directed the re-launch of the world’s leading yoga media brand, redesigning the magazine from cover- to- cover.

    Beginning with the October 2014 issue, Yoga Journal and its website debut a cleaner, more modern design, new departments, engaging graphics, and easy-to-navigate content.  The rebranding is all geared toward serving the needs and aspirations of today’s smart, sophisticated, and ever-growing diverse yoga practitioner.  “The yoga community is growing and becoming more diverse daily, and with that growth, their needs and desires are evolving,” says Gorrell. “We want to better reflect and serve that community by delivering on their call for a more welcoming,inclusive voice; more accessible instruction that meets them wherever they are on the mat; and more timely news and trends.

    The debut issue features on its cover internationally known yoga teacher and social media luminary, Kathryn Budig who now writes a weekly online Yoga Journal column "Find Your Inspiration."

    Listen now and learn about yoga’s news and trends, the future of yoga, and even the more controversial issues that are happening in today's yoga community.

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    YTC Radio, Yoga with Thea Pueschel

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    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.  

    Thea Pueschel is an artist of living, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher. It’s her objective to guide people to their most authentic selves and expression without apology. She empowers her students and clients through teaching self-compassion, resilience and autonomy.  She is looking forward to launching Inspired Core in 2015 a body positive yoga practice that works with your functional anatomy, range of motion, building strength and passion. Retreats, teacher trainings and classes will be among some of her offerings.

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    Interview: Paul Hsieh on Radiology in Practice

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    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh will interview Dr. Paul Hsieh about "Radiology in Practice" on Thursday evening, 18 December 2014, at 6 pm PT / 7 MT / 8 CT / 9 ET on Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Most people have seen cool medical imaging devices such as CT and MR scanners on TV shows. But what do those machines really do? Advanced medical imaging has revolutionized patient care in the past 25 years, allowing doctors to make diagnoses more accurately, quickly, and safely than ever before. Radiologist Paul Hsieh will discuss the basics of modern radiology (x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine), how these different tests work, what they show about the human body, and how they help doctors take better care of patients. 

    Dr. Paul Hsieh is a radiologist in practice in South Denver. He is the co-founder of Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM). He blogs offbeat tech news atGeekPress. 

    For more details about this episode, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    Proclaim It: Nicole Cordoza, Founder of Yoga Foster

    in Business

    Proclaim It Radio presents Yoga Foster with Nicole Cardoza

    Nicole Cardoza launched her non-profit after her volunteer initiative as a yoga teacher in schools made her realize first-hand the importance of quality, accessible programs that increase creative aptitude. She has trained with Om Schooled, Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindful Schools, and is a former piano teacher. She's a regular contributor to Mind Body Green and Do You Yoga, a GOOD Local leader in NYC, a 2014 PHA Innovation finalist, and has been noted as one of the Top 10 Millennials Who Are Changing the World by ABC and featured on NBC's primetime show School Pride for her volunteer initiatives.

    Featured Guest:

    Nicole Cardoza

    Call in and Press 1 to ask a question

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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--HEALTH SOLUTIONS: Blood Thinners

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    BLOODTHINNERS”-do they really thin the blood?
    It has become common practice to give elderly human, baby aspirin daily for the purpose of thinning their blood.
    Now what does it mean:  “thinning the blood?”
    How can aspirin thin the blood? Well, it does not. What we call blood thinners are medi-sins that prevent blood from coagulating.
    What are the side effects of daily aspirin usage?
    Stomach ulcers, intestinal bleeding, increased risk of pancreatic cancer, kidney damages, eye damages…
    The benefits of blood thinning therapy taken from Dr. Mercola site;
    Study Comparing Blood-Thinning Therapies to no Antithrombotic Therapy
    • Participants included 279 patients who were diagnosed with heart failure that required diuretic therapy
    • Participants were divided into three groups, aspirin therapy, warfarin therapy and no antithrombotic therapy
    Results of the Study
    • Aspirin and warfarin didn't provide the patients with any valuable health benefits
    • There didn't appear to be any substantial differences of incidences of death, nonfatal heart attacks or nonfatal stroke in the three groups of the study
    • Patients in the aspirin group had increased chances of experiencing serious gastrointestinal problems
    • Patients in the aspirin therapy group were twice as likely as the patients in the warfarin group to face hospitalization for cardiovascular complications, particularly worsening cases of heart failure during the first 12 months following the study

    If you want to thin the blood isn’t it normal that you reach for water first?

  • The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell, TReb & Aridif Speak of Earth's Chakras

    in Spirituality

    FRIDAYs, 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific-- The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell 

    The Earth Experience explores our soul's expansion through our human experiences on Earth. Join Kalina tonight for a very special show where TReb and Aridif speak about our beloved home we call Earth, Gaia, Boomadevi, etc. Whatever you call her, we're going to explore each chakra of the Earth, where these vortices are located, and how you can bring your own positive love, and release to the planet when it comes to grounding and gridworking. Along with this, we'll ask TReb and Aridif what we can do in the face of Earth's own releasing energies, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and the like. Is there a way we can soften the climate patterns in the geographic locations we reside. Find out tonight with special co-host chaneler Rob Gauthier (channeler of TReb and Aridif) as Kalina asks the questions that have been on minds of many. 

    DONATE HERE ~ www.tinyurl.com/kalinadonate

    Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/Kalina.Angell?fref=ts

    Network Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenmentEvolutionNetwork 


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    Dr. Frank A. La Batto~Psychic Dental Specialist

    in Paranormal

    Dr. Frank A. La Batto was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. After his first OBE at 18, he attended programs at The Monroe Institute©, developed abilities in conscious expansion, rescued souls who transitioned, and worked on many levels in the non-physical. He has become aware through his personal life-journey the reality of the continuum of life on all planes of existence. Accessing the other side is an essential birthright readily available to all. He is psychically assisted by his daughter, Linda, who transitioned on May 7, 2012 at the age of 27. Linda works with him in the physical and non-physical as their journeys intertwine.  He is twin souls with his daughter and it’s extremely rare when not born as identical twins. This book will help millions to understand what their children bring to them as teachers, guides, and angels. Pure unconditional love heals the wound, pain, sadness, and anger of the physical separation when we lose a child. He shares with us experiences and proves that the gifts our loved ones present to us are real, normal, and natural. Dr. La Batto maintains a special dental practice. He did a two-year fellowship in Plastic Surgery at NYU working with children born with facial deformities. He volunteered for three years in the Child Life Clinic at RWJ Hospital as a lay person making children laugh, playing games, visiting those in bed, and preparing parents for the transition their children would undertake. Dr. La Batto has a variety of interests: travel agent, piano player, oil painter, and voice impersonator. Growing up, he worked many jobs: paperboy, dishwasher, cashier, and manager of McDonald’s. He ran track in grammar and high school winning medals, and coached track at his grammar school. Linda contacts and helps many people on this earthly plane and many souls who have transitioned. Look forward to his upcoming book!  Dr. La Batto resides on Long Island with his wife Susan.

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