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    Interview with Yetunde Oluwasegun, CEO & Founder of The Voice In Me

    in Religion

    Yetunde Oluwasegun is the founder and CEO of The Voice In Me, LLc (TVIM).  Yetunde established TVIM to help Women break the silence; discover their voice and masterfully own their power. Traditions and myths no longer imprison their mindset. Filled with increased Faith, Reawakened Talents and an Empowered Mindset, they maximize their fullest Potential. Nothing gives her more joy than to act out the different characters/ behaviors/ attitudes that people might have encountered through their life’s journey and know how to deal with such characters.  Also an accomplished songstress & actress; lead singer for the $10,000 Award Winning D.C Large Choir during the How Sweet the Sound contest – 2008 and the D.C Black Theater Festival.

    Yetunde will be talking about Elminating Negative Thoughts and Welcoming Postive Thinking using Biblical standards and approach. 

    Join me on Tuesday September 16th, 2014 at 6:30 - 7pm.

     Dial in at (646) 478-5589  

    Yetunde Oluwasegun



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    Art is the highest form of expression. Art transcends language and barriers to penetrate through the soul of a people. Nations can be revitalized or reduced to rubble because of its art. Is it this power which makes elected elitists push to ban or outright hide potent pieces of Art? You were never meant to know this- but you will  this Thursday. ILLEGAL ART EXPOSED .


    Nigerian born Atlanta artist Yetunde talks about her art, butter that can heal you, and the her life as a nomadic merchant.


    2/27/14 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, QUESTION, OR LISTEN ON YOUR PHONE

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    Yetunde, Senses the Cleansing Storm

    in Entertainment

    January 31, 2009 is the milestone, it is a Quarter years of the Naija Girl. It is 2 plus 5 telling us, it is the time of a perfect rebirth. Yetunde, Musician/Poet/Songwriter/Producer/Singer comes forth with her 3rd CD. This artist accomplished with so many gifts bless listeners with the release of "Senses; the Cleaning Storm" . Mieasha Stroud of Sunday HOT Delight chit chat with Yetunde to discuss the fruit of her experiences and Yep...It is HOT!!!!

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    HLT with Guest Yetunde and Sunshine Brown

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Cambridge Jenkins IV with Ghetto Gospel and Mieasha Stroud. This is an open mic and Hotwordz spin the talents of indie artists across the country. We have a delightful and entertaining live interview with Musician/Singer Yetunde and Musician Sunshine Brown.

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    in Education

    You ALL KNOW what time it is!!! This show is a continuing of the ULTIMATE BUILD SESSION series where WE the SISTAS will be coming forth STRONG on the Nation Building tip.  Bruce Dixon will be coming thru as PROMISED to ad to the Build and let the COMMUNITY at LARGE know whats up with this "OCCUPY" bizness...as well as get and KEEP us up to speed on where we are as a PEOPLE and what the AGENDA is and MUST be. Brother Ashanti will ad on as well as a few other guest tba. ALSO, let us come together with the Empress Yetunde as she gives us an update on her stat with immigration.   We will BUILD coming with PURE SOLUTIONS!!! we are NOT about the CHATTY CHATTY round here...we are MAKING REVOLUTIONZ HAPPEN on A CONSTANT!!! ZALUTE to the OUTLAWZRBG FAM as well as the TEMPLE OF HIP HOP,  PROJECT BLOWED, BPC & Original Griots Global....SOUND THE ALARM!!!! 

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    Nigeria At 51: Be The Change

    in Lifestyle

    Nigeria is 51 today. There are parties, parades, galas, awards, arguments, and exchange of verbal and physical assaults, all in commemoration of Nigeria's birthday. But what are we really celebrating? Better yet, what are we doing to change the status quo?
    Today's show is co-hosted by two members of The Seun Akinsanya Project (The founder, Seun Akinsanya and Yetunde Aina, the Director of Operations), a non profit organization that caters to the educational needs of public school students in Nigeria. Talk about being the change! Tune in and be informed.
    E-mail: radio@verastic.com
    Twitter: @verastic
    Skype: verastic
    Text: 1.443.934.9039
    Call in number: 1.646.929.1905

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    Sankofa Spirituality with Imakhu Shekemet - Guest Abiodun Oyewole

    in Culture

    From The BlakeRadio Network Archives February 2004 - Nu Afrakan Renaissance woman Imakhu Mwt Shekemet also known as Eyele Yetunde interviews Abiodun Oyewole one of the founding members of the music and spoken-word group "The Last Poets" - Imakhu is a storyteller, singer, dancer, spiritual drummer, choreographer, spoken word artist, writer and director who has built a reputation not only on her diverse talents, but also upon her wit and love of people. Because of this she has crossed many chasms. Throughout her thirty year career Imakhu Mwt Shekemet has performed shows and presented workshops at theatres, festivals, schools, libraries and on Televison - www.Imakhu.com

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    Club Meeshee...You Know It's GOOD!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Join host Mieasha Stroud for another lovely edition of Club Meeshee. This is the last day of Black History Month, and I'm bringing in some more little-known Black History facts. Be sure to make it a year-long learning experience' as history runs DEEP! New music from artists Yetunde, Raden M., Theresa that Songbird, The Invincible K.O.N., and Warrior. Club Meeshee is ON...you know it's GOOD! Host: Mieasha Stroud

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    Keep It HOT with The Hotwordz Crewsaderz

    in Entertainment

    The weather is getting a little colder here in Atlanta, but the Hotwordz Crewsaderz gonna keep it hot on Hotwordz Lyrical Theater. “it’s a Wednesday thing baby” and we got local Indie Artist Koffee, Peace, Yetunde, just to name a few, We spinning the soulful Mocha B., Spoken Word Artist, Hip/Hop Rapper Delacruz, The Final Poet with that California love, PMI of Savanna, Ga. The list goes on. Tune in September 30, 2009 7:30 p. – 9:30p. (EST) We’re gonna blaze it up live from e2 Coffee House located 749 Moreland AV SE, Atlanta, Ga 30316. Call 347-945-6182 for the open mic always on blogtalkradio.with the ultimate open mic only at e2 keeping it HOT with the Hotwordz Crew.

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    Hotwordz Lyrical Theater Sparks HOT Indie Tracks w/3RD Creek

    in Entertainment

    Today's show is dedicated to the independent artist. Here at Hotwordz, our main objective is to give artists the spotlight by giving them a stage to showcase their talents. The mic will be open for the entire show, so call in to show us "How do YOU create?". We'll also spin the HOTTEST tracks from indie artists from all over, so KEEP IT HOT... RIGHT... HERE!!!! Hosted by The Hotwordz Crewsaderz: Mieasha Stroud, Blair Leon, and Ghetto Gospel