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    On this edition of REAL TALK W/ MVP we dive into celebrity religions. There is alot of talk of this yeezus character: Is he real? Is he a god? Is he a she? Who started this religion? Why did it start? Is Kanye West apart of this new religion? Well we will sort all that out plus what happens when you misplace your faith?. We will also so have the Quote of the Day and Scripture of the Day, and please don't forget about On the Couch!

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    The Collective: Brooklyn Nets, 'Yeezus' vs. 'MCHG'

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    Hosts: Martin Soaries, Tommy Hill, Jason & Lawrence Reels
    NBA - We discuss if or why the Brooklyn Nets have the best starting five in basketball, the evolution or disappearance of the big man, and who needs to have the biggest return from injury for next season.
    What We Hear - Our music segment begins with our hosts and any callers sharing what they've been listening to during the week.
    'Yeezus' vs. 'MCHG' - We debate the contrasts of Kanye and Jay Z's new albums and what makes one differ (or better) from the other. 
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    The aftermath of a main event

    in Sports

    IBS Yeezus talks about mayweather pacquiao

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    NBA Round 1 Playoff Talk

    in Sports

    IBS Yeezus chats it up about the 1st round of the playoffs with Brian Malone of IB

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    The Platform with Matthew Kirsch

    in Sports

    IBS Yeezus goes toe to toe with Filipino boxing fan and Manny Pacquiao supporter Matthew Kirsc

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    The Collective: NBA Finals, Yeezus, Jay-Z

    in Entertainment

    Hosts: Martin Soaries, Tommy Hill, Lawrence & Jason Reels
    - NBA Finals: We conclude our weekly analysis by discussing the Miami Heat's repeat and the continued legacy of LeBron James. We will also preview next week's NBA Draft.
    - What We Hear segment: Our hosts share what we've been listening to this week.
    - 'Yeezus': Impressions from our hosts after another week of listening, and we attempt to rank it amongst the other five Kanye West albums.
    - Jay-Z: 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' announcement, discussion of what it could mean
    - Movies and TV: new trailers released and what our host has been watching

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    Kanye West Is Our Lord GOD

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    In The Name Of The Lord-.Kanye West "Bible" replaces every mention of God in 'Book of Yeezus' w/ Kanye. I expose a blasphemous  book called "Book of Yeezus" a "modern new age bible"! In this "bible" the word God is replaced by Kanye. The world is so lost and in need of the real bible & Jesus! “In the beginning Kanye created the heaven and the earth… And Kanye said, Let there be light: and there was light. In a sense, Kanye’s awesome and orchestrated spectacle is truly a religious experience.”We will explore the so called pastors who prey on the weak and uneducated in the name of the Lord. plus box office..Join us in studio  let's have a conversation

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    Kurt Cobain, Jesus, UFOs, puppets, & Elephant Talk

    in Current Events

    Call in- (347) 826-9733 In case you haven't noticed, America is on a crash course to destruction. That's why we bother to make these shows; to remind you and show you all that time really is short, and that we the people have no influence over the direction America is headed. THE SHIP IS SINKING. WE'RE JUST POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS. 

    "The United States government just went from “Please, baby, don’t leave me,” to frustrated threats and whining.

    After the UK announced it will join new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member late last week, Germany, France and Italy decided yesterday to follow Britain’s lead and join as well."

    Dollar getting dumped, meaning GCR (Global Currency Reset) is on the rise, as the solution to the coming calamaties. No matter how they try to spin that the death of the dollar is the next best thing, rest assured, it will be the biggest step into the NWO next to the elimination of the Second Amendment. 

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    Vagina Worship, Penis Worship!!! idol worship!Sin Series

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     Have you ever wondered why Washington DC has a phalic symbol above water in front of the White House? What  about the square and compass of the masons or the dome which is the womb. . Vagina and penis worship is a form of idol worship that extends as far back as anciet Babylon. What does Easter/ishtar have to do with body worship ie sex rituals? With the popularity of 50 shades of grey, I figured it was time to discuss the many forms of idol worship. Social media has given us a new way to acquire new converts for self worship. Beyonce who calls herself Queen Bee (which signifies her as a goddess to be worshipped) posted a pic of her at the Last Supper in the place of Jesus. Of course Jay Z who coined himself with the name Hova, in place of Jehovah has his hands in her present state. She even has a chucrh in Atlanta. Kanye calls himself Yeezus in place of Jesus signifying his allegiance with satan and his demand for worship. The albums titles I AM NAS, I AM SASHA FIERCE is idol worship at its finest. Booty popping or twerking as we now call it is nothing more then ass worship. Are we aware of this idolatry or is it all subconcious? What penalty does idol worship bring? Are we under judgment for this or is it innocent cultural practices? So join us tonight at 10pm central. You dont wanna miss this live episode!