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    I Love You But Not Your Kids!

    in Relationships

    Being single and dating creates so many challenges!  If you are a single parent and dating, that adds another element to your life.  If you are dating responsibly, you get to know the person and then determine if it will proceed to the next level of being in a relationship.  That next phase requires meeting the child or children.  What if you feel he or she has all the qualities and characteristics you are looking for BUT you finally agree to meet the kids and everything goes downhill from there?  You meet a child or children that are the epitome of rowdy, rude and misbehaved children!  What do you do?  Join us to as we discuss these dynamics and share your opinion or experience.  

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    "Fa All Of Y'all" hosted by Djb-one

    in Entertainment

    Now y'all know when Djb-one is inside the Red Carpet Room every Saturday nights, he definitely brings the heat by playing that old school R&B, Zydeco,Blues,Rap,Soul and Funk music when he steps up to the turntable. Welcome to "Fa All Of Y'all" hosted by one of the doppest old school DJs on Blog Talk Radio. Every weekend you can expect him to cater to all your house party needs by taking you back, then bringing you foward with his funky music selections. You'll also have the oppurtunity to hear Djb-one's 30 min concert series, where he'll feature an artist of his choice. Lastly, if your not too tired from all that sweating and dancing, stick around to hear his commentary called "controversy" which is always a serious topic that folk wanna hear about. So as you can see from reading this introduction, this show will definitely be worth tuning into every Saturday evenings. Now as Djb-one always says, get cha popcorn ready and find yourselves a good seat inside the red carpet room, cause we bout to have a funkin good time on the network that keeps it 100 with every episode we produce, Diversity Of The Minds. You can also interact with the host by dialing 516-531-9334.

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    Frenzy, JoeDoe (Power), Strebor Relyt of TGFTR on HLT0's Sunday HOT Delight

    in Indie Music

    Frenzy is an artist catching many producers’ ears from Sacramento to Denver. JoeDoe is looking to add a little bit of love and prosperity to somebodys' life or maybe help change them for the better.  Strebor Relyt (Temesis) never to be overlooked with his unexpected sound, a rap vocalist. Find him on the tracks,  Tragedy5280, Darkclouds, Tragic Visions, and most recently Horror Film and Starting Line. Frenzy, JoeDoe and Strebor Relyt with the rest of the crew TGFTR  has flows and when they touch the mic, the magic shows. 

    HLT0 is proud to present Frenzy and JoeDoe Power of TGFTR on our anniversary show November 22, 2015. We were coming back live on air in 2016 and realized, it’s anniversary time and what better way to broadcast  informing the world, Hip Hop is not dead yet if, you’re listening to Frenzy and JoeDoe Power TGFTR. Music influences the decision we make and the way we think. ` JoeDoe 

    Rude Morales on theghettotruthmagazine.blogspot.com. There has been some changes with the TGFTR tune in to hear for yourself the talent that could beat any mainstream rap artist down.

    Tune in for the hot pix  in unsigned artist.  Music Will Be Radio Edit.



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    "Fa All Of Y'all" hosted by Djb-one

    in Entertainment

    "Fa All Of Ya'll" is back in the house with another fire show!. If your into that old school Soul, R&B, Rap, Zydeco,Funk, as well as 70s,80s and 90s music, then your in for a treat when this musical genius puts it down on them 1s&2s for your weekend party. Come hangout with one of THE baddest Djs on Internet Radio, tonight inside the Red Carpet Room for an explosion of old school music. You'll also hear his commentary called "controversy" which he will discuss one of his serious topics of the night. And lastly, expect to hear a 30 min live concert featuring one of Djb-one's favorite artists from the pass to present. So grab ya popcorn in get here early to reserve your spot for an evening of Fa All Of Ya'll with the one and only, Djb-one, You'll love the experience!. Presented to you by the listeners #1 choice for Internet Radio listening, Divesity Of The Minds. If you have a request in song, shout out, or you'd like to chop it up with the Dj, please dial 516-531-9334.

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    We Are Dealing with a lot of Issues and Y'all act like Every thing is Okay

    in Entertainment

    The Struggle is within Our Own Race.........It look like it won't change as a Whole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    The History of Jet Skis - Bad Brad Southworth - Episode 1

    in Sports

    Welcome to The History of Jet Skis! Where we will share with special guests the memories, races, rescues, industry, triumphs and rides with us as we build your Jetski community to preserve the heritage and legacy for future generations to enjoy. We are constantly added new content, so visit often! We appreciate your participation, together we can chronicle the data from the early years of the sport and industry, so the present generation knows where we came from.  

    The History of Jet Skis is a part of our Kanalu K38 - WAKE OF FAME Awards

    Guest presenter:  Bad Brad Southworth aka 'Rude'

    Host:  Shawn Alladio

    Which Generation are you?

    1. First Generation-1973-1979
    2. Second Generation 1980-1989
    3. Third Generation 1990-1999
    4. Fourth Generation 2000-2009
    5. Fifth Generation 2010+

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    SRWM ~ Author Toni Dupree

    in Blogs

    HOUSTON We Have a SUCCESS! Toni Dupree ~ "Whose Fork is it Anyway"

    Join us November 11th, 2015 at 5:30pm Central / 6:30pm EST

    Toni has been featured in the Gospel Review magazine, 40'z Rock calender as Ms. December 2014 and ceator of the app "So Rude Houston" She volunteers for Makeover 101, illas of Winkler and a hose of other organizations. #WhoseForkIsIt on #SoRealWithMadelyn

    Let's Get Social with Bestselling Author Toni Dupree Online at:

    Twitter: @Iam_etiquett

    Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/EtiquetteStyleByDupree

    Website:  www.EtiquetteStyleByDupree.com

    Hear you November 11th, 2015 Call in LIVE: (347) 326 9924  OR Conference Call: (712) 775 7085 Access Code: 479358#

    Playback Call: (712) 775 7089  (same access code)

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    Fa All Of Y'all hosted by Djb-one

    in Entertainment

    Please join Djb-one for another fire Saturday night of "Fa All Of Y'all." This musical genuis is about to help take your weekend to another level of entertainment. If your old school, or even new, then you'll certainly enjoy our party mixes form the 70s 80s 90s and today's era of music.  From Funk, Soul, Zydeco, R&B, and old school rap, this beast have all you need to get you to your level of fun. You can also expect to hear Djb_one's 30 minute concert series, where he will feature an artist of his choice. And lastly, if your not too tired from dancing and sweatin it out, you can get a dose of his POWERFUL commentary called, "controversy" which will consist of speaking on a topic of his choice. So you see, we have a packed show, full of entertainment for your pure enjoyment. Now join us by clicking the play button, you'll love the experience that Diversity Of The Minds gives to you. Studio call in number is 516-531-9334

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    Religious But Mean And Rude vs. No Religion But A Good Person. UTwS #155

    in Lifestyle

    There are some people that can quote scripture at the drop of a dime, pay their tithes, pray and fellowship on a regular basis in church. Sometimes these same people are really hard to put up with on a personal basis. They are sometimes very rude, judgemental, stingy and sometimes straight up mean to most people. God may be the only ones that can put up with them.

    Then you have some people who never go to church or have no religion at all but they are some of the sweetest people on this earth. They may be kind, helpful, understanding, loving and generous. More like the salt of the earth.

    Which one of these do you respect more? Which one of these would be more heaven eligible in your opinion?

    Do you think that you can make it into heaven without a religion or being religious?

    Does being a good person to your fellow man hold any weight to your salvation as far as you're concerned?

    Of course we can never know for sure who is going to heaven or hell but which one suits your taste while you're alive and on earth?

    Which one would describe you or would it be something else?