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  • 02:01

    Shakin Forsaken Radio Episode 2

    in Wrestling

    Shakin Forsaken Radio

    Episode: 2


    - "The Forsaken One" Pyris

    - Papa Shaker

    What happens when two of the biggest icons of WU join forces to take Blog Talk Radio by storm for two whole hours? Well simple, Shakin Forsaken Radio happens. Join your hosts Pyris Alucose and Papa Shaker as they tackle all events in Wrestler Unstoppable and even get your opinions on the current events. Now keep in mind, THIS IS A IN CHARACTER ONLY SHOW.

    Rules For The Show:

    - No Out Of Character AT ALL (unless absolutely necessary) Breaking this rule will instantly get you booted from the show

    - No talking over the hosts with the sole intent of preventing them from speaking. They will mute your ass without any hesitation

  • 00:46

    Forsaken Radio Special Return Episode

    in Wrestling

    "The Forsaken One" Pyris

    The Forsaken Midget





    Pyris' Alts and Strikes and Mass Firing's in XZW

    Rules for the show:

    If you want to call in feel free, but if you go OOC you will be ejected. If you intentionally speak over the hosts to prevent them from speaking you will be muted so they can speak.