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    Xiro Xone News Grand Prix Suzuka Japan

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    The Grand Prix race at Suzuka Japan, marked the fifth consecutive win for the unstoppable Sebastian Vettel. The only thing it did not do was, secure the 2013 Formula One Championship title, as some had predicted.  

       Coming in right behind Vettel was the impressive Mark Webber,  who ran his last race in Formula 1 at Suzuka. Following Webber was Romain Grojean, who was happy and quite humble to have made another podium for the season. The Lotus driver, was in the lead for half the race before being overtaken by the two Red Bulls.

       Lewis Hamilton, to the disappointment of many, did not make podium. He had a spectacular start and quickly got out in front of both Red Bulls, but the front wing of Sebastian Vettel's car made contact with Hamilton’s right rear tire. The tire puncture forced Hamilton into the pit, and when he returned to the track he was off the pace due to the loss of aero performance, and was forced to retired.

     Although Vettel and Webber had poor starts, they both scored big points for their team in the constructors. Red Bull’s strategy to get Vettel acros

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    Doing a show about Alien rip-offs and skipping Xtro 2? It's a crime, I know.

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    We go deep in the world of Alienploitation this week. These are not just movies that involve aliens. We just aren't that lucky. These are all films that were made as a direct result of the films Alien and Aliens. Those two quintessential films created their own subgenre of movies that followed. The style of science fiction changed and most films followed suit. No longer were we to be terrorized by aliens brought to earth. From then on, it was sweaty people in air ducts with heavy weaponry ready to do battle. We'll talk about some movies that are basically direct rip-offs, as well as films that are literally remakes (Bruno Mattei your table is ready).