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    Green Talk Live "Keystone XL Pipeline: Updates"

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    Tonight on Green Talk Live & More, Chef Moses and Chef Rivera will be discussing the History of the XL pipeline story and its impact on cities in the U.S.. The Chefs will also be giving updates on Protesting, Lobbying, and Activism. It's going down tonight, and as always, the Chefs are gonna drop some knowledge and leave some insight, there's no question. For those of you who are conscious thinkers, this is where you need to be; "Green Talk Live" on "It's Real Talk Radio" tonight at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.

    To listen live via phone tonight and every Thursday dial 347-838-9540 on this Thursday and every Thursday at 7PM Eastern Standard Time and if you have a question or comment for the Chefs, press 1 to be brought live on air.







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    Down The Line: Steven Mufson on the Keystone XL Pipeline

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    Are you interested in knowing the facts about the Keystone XL pipeline? Well, depending on the source, the “facts” vary wildly. Proponents tout the Alberta tar sands as the new Saudi Arabia, claim that the Keystone pipeline will bring 100,000 jobs and help get the US off of foreign oil. Critics, on the other hand, say the jobs are more like under 50, that all the oil will be exported, that tar sands crude is highly prone to spills, and that this project would endanger pristine wildlife habitats. So who is right? This week on Sea Change Radio we hear from longtime Washington Post energy correspondent Steven Mufson who has recently completed a book 

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    Ready to go, protect not protest Keystone XL Pipeline

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    Oh, yeah, we are tired but full of life and ready to jump into the trenches with our brothers and sisters.  We will stand with The People to protect land that provides traditional and ecological knowledge to all our brothers and sisters on mother earth.

    Join us in our persuit to seek more information about how me and YOU can get involved in this contemporary issue... On Native Ground!



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    Why should you care about the Keystone XL pipeline?

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    Join Positive about Change show host Kathryn Yarborough as she chats with Flowing with Change professional member Karen Riberio about why you should care about the Keystone XL pipeline.  She'll share details of Sunday's historic Climate Rally in DC.  To find out more about Flowing with Change go to http://FlowingWithChange.com or to connect with Kathryn on Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/FlowingWithChange.
    To connect with Karen, visit her website at http://www.innerfortune.com/.

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    Pipeline, Immigration, and Obamacare

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    Well, the hits keep coming! The US Senate shotdown funding for th XL Pipeline yesterday.  I never thought I would say this but this is a great move by Republicans in the Senate. We will talk about it today on the show, tell your friends. Immigration is turning into a nightmare for the president and I think he knows it.  If he move forward the backlash from Republicans, conservatives and urban America will be considerable.Obamacare, is going into full force next year, all Republicans have to do is remind Americans of who is responsible for their misery.  A full fledged PR campaign reminding Americans of the people that designed, supported,voted for, and signed the Affordable Care Act. TV ads, Radio Ads, Billboards, Mailers, An ad blitz to remind people that their insurance cost went up due to the ACA and those responsible.

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    Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! .... The Art Of Political Whining

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    Welcome to our first show in Prime Time!

    Splash talks about the news of the day, from public to private, Abortion to the XL Pipeline and EVERYTHING in between.

    Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney ..... every issue big and small ..... AND the news of the day.

    In all realms of politics everyone is whining about something. Why do they whine and where does it get them?

    2016 is beginning to heat up. Obama is standing his ground and STILL going it alone. Will the GOP be distracted or press ahead with their own legislative agenda? Will Obama's veto threats become reality? Will they stick? Will he back down? Is this a red line he has the kahunas to stand by?

    It is all up in the air and open for discussion ......

    The Pond is Open. Jump Right In or wade carefully, but remember .... everyone swims at their own risk.

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    The Louisiana Lifeline

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    Rushing to help their candidates before the Dec. 6 Louisiana Senate runoff, Democratic leaders in the Senate and Republican leaders in the House are moving legislation to advance the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    "I'm not here complaining," Landrieu said in a floor speech. "My state is doing beautifully. Our unemployment in south Louisiana is 3 percent. So we are blessed because we are an energy state, we are proud of it, and we are creating jobs hand over fist. But there are places like Detroit, there are places in Ohio, there are places in Pennsylvania and New York and in New Mexico and in other places where people are unemployed, begging for work, willing to work. And three leaders came to the floor and said it's time to break gridlock. Well, here's a project that can do it."NOLA

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    John Kane, National Radio, TV, & Print Commentator on Native Issues 1/11/15

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    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guest: John Kane (Mohawk), on the line with me from Seneca Territory in western New York. He is a national radio, TV and print commentator on Native issues.

    Show Topic: John's commentary on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

    The Canadian company TransCanada hopes to begin building the northern section of an oil pipeline that would trek close to 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. If constructed, the pipeline, known as Keystone XL, will carry one of the world’s dirtiest fuels: tar sands oil. Along its route from Alberta to Texas, this pipeline could devastate ecosystems, pollute water sources and jeopardize public health.

    - See more at: http://www.foe.org/projects/climate-and-energy/tar-sands/keystone-xl-pipeline#sthash.jby9KRSe.dpuf

    John Kane is a regular monthly guest on my show. He hosts two weekly radio shows, "Let's Talk Native... with John Kane" on Sunday nights on ESPN-AM 1520 in Buffalo, New York and “First Voices Indigenous Radio” on WBAI-FM ­– Pacifica Radio – in New York City on Thursday mornings. He’s frequently seen and heard on TV and radio.

    Featured Song: "Indigenous Holocaust" by Hip hop artist Wahwahtay Benais (Leech Lake Ojibwe) feat the Dixie Chicks. The music video directed and produced by Missy Whiteman IIFM feat First Nations United is dedicated to the children who lived and died in boarding schools.

    Producer/Host: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota). Production Coordinator: Liz Hill (Red Lake Ojibwe). Engineer/Talent: Justin Severson (Minnesotan).

    Airing Monday 1/19/15 at 3:00 a.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Ridin Durty Radio w/Vic XL

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    Ridin Durty Radio is a Hip Hop Show which bridges the gap between indie and mainstream. We Bring you the next in Hip-Hop R&B and Entertainment News.

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    High Noon Radio, broadcast #21

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    First day of the work week! It's Monday and we're back!! Join @yellanycole and @BeeMoeSlim at 12 NOON EST for the DOPEST in underground, unsigned and independent Hip-Hop, rap and R&B! Log onto ridindurtyradio.com or dial 347-826-9989 and listen live on your smartphone! The hashtag is for this broadcast is #NewMusicMonday! Follow the show on Twitter at @HighNoonRadio1 & @ridindurtyradio and strap in for an hour. #SupportIndependentMusic #HighNoonRadio #RidinDurtyRadio

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