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    Hudson Leick is back on Chatting With Sherri!!!

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       Chatting With Sherri is very happy and proud to have the lovely and talented Hudson Leick back on the show to chat about all the exciting things happening in her life. Her book Yum is now available on Lulu! She will be appearing at the last Xena Con this year. She will teach her dance class and her wonderful yoga class at the con. She will also chat about the week long Prague retreat. Join us!



    Music by "Cowboy Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    Xena-Warrior Princess creator John Schulian

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    "Pulp Friction with Paul Levine" presents:
    John Schulian went from being one of the country's foremost newspaper sports columnists to success in Hollywood as a TV writer-producer and co-creator of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.
    In the 1970s and '80s, his syndicated column for the Chicago Sun-Times and Philadelphia Daily News earned him comparisons to such sportswriting legends as Red Smith and A.J. Liebling.
    Schulian surprised friends and colleagues when he gave it all up in 1986 and broke into show business with a script for L.A. LAW. He went on to write for such iconic shows as MIAMI VICE and WISEGUY as well as the long-running hit JAG. But XENA, for better or worse, remains his crowning achievement.
    Schulian, who has written extensively for GQ and Sports Illustrated, is the author of three books, most recently SOMETIMES THEY EVEN SHOOK YOUR HAND, and the co-editor of AT THE FIGHTS. He is presently editing a collection of great football writing and laying the groundwork for what he hopes will be a cable drama about boxing.
    The author of 17 novels, Paul Levine won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and was nominated for the Edgar, Macavity, International Thriller, and James Thurber prizes and is the author of the Lassiter mysteries. 
    Pulp Friction with Paul Levine is a copyrighted podcast owned by  the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.

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    Human Rights Violations In Maramures County, Romania - Marincas Viorica is Xena

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    While The Ukraine is preparing for a Russian invasion, and the EU is sending in its military to protect them, lots of human rights violations are going on in Baia Mare, Maramures County, Romania, a country on the Western border with the Ukraine. A Police Commandant, first woman to be nominated so in this mining city, is abusing people because she thinks thay have something on her, evidence of her proverbial incompetence, and is putting innocent people in jail here is the story of Dan Hotico, a victim of her abusive and vengeful behaviour. Here are the facts of the Maramures Police injustices.

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    Get Ready to Root For the Bad Guy - Xena Villains

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    This month, as F4F Radio frequently does in May and November, we dive back into the world of Xena: Warrior Princess because, well, this is a fandom where you never run out of things to discuss. Otherwise there wouldn’t still be three gazillion Xena/Gabrielle shippers out there. Tonight, however, we’ll shift focus a little bit away from our favorite heroines and spend time with the most prominent VILLAINS from the television series – Ares the god of war, Callisto the insane vengeance-seeker, Caesar the would-be world conqueror, and Hope the harbinger of pure evil. You love them, you hate them, you love to hate them, maybe it’s all three, but we’re talking about all the reasons why. Author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel will once again be leading the discussion, and we'll be rejoined by the Xena fans who participated in previous segments - Kelly Neal, Zea Apa, Chris Salameno, and Adm_Hawthorne.

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    Warrior Princess 102: Fans STILL Discussing 'Xena'

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    F4F Radio has been discussing "Xena: Warrior Princess", even now enormously popular among fans of lesbian pairings on TV because of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, every six months for the past three years. In May 2012 it was time for a fifth conversation, and appropriately enough we welcomed back author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, who had been involved with the previous three Xena shows as either a guest or a cohost. Rather than focus on fan fiction or "uberfic" that time, however, that night we began discussing the television show itself. Kim and I were joined, not by Xena fanfic authors, but by two more longtime fans of the show - Zea Apa and Kelly Neal. And we were prepared to talk about EVERYTHING we loved most about the show, from the subtext to the story arcs to the comedy.  What we were not prepared for was how much time we'd need.  When it was time to wrap up, we'd only covered HALF of what we wanted to discuss.  So tonight, everyone returns to pick up where we left off.  And this time, we'll also be joined by Adm_Hawthorne, a guest from my last Rizzoli & Isles show, who was slated to appear in May but couldn't make it. BATTLE ON!

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    Chatting With Sherri Welcome Director T. J. Scott!

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    Today Chatting With Sherri welcomes the diverse director,  photographer and author T. J Scott. His current projects as a director are ‘Gotham’, ‘Constantine’, ‘Longmire’, ‘Orphan Black’, ’12 Monkeys’, ‘Bitten’ and it was just announced today he will be directing a pilot called ‘Dark Matter’ from the producers of Stargate! He  directed several episodes of Xena, Warrior Princess.  He is also a talented photographer and author, we will chat about his book ‘IN THE TUB’ - portraits of Actors, Recording Artists, Models… all using a Bathtub as a common setting - with all of the profit going to Breast Cancer Research. He is currently shooting Volume 2 of IN THE TUB now…we will chat about it all, join us!


    Music by "Cowboy Sting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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    Warrior Princess 101: Fans Discuss "Xena"

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    F4F Radio has been discussing "Xena: Warrior Princess", even now enormously popular among fans of lesbian pairings on TV because of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, every six months for the past two years.  Looks like it's time for a fifth conversation, and appropriately enough we welcome back author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, who has been involved with the last three Xena shows as either a guest or a cohost.  Rather than focus on fan fiction or "uberfic" this time, however, tonight we'll be discussing the television show itself.  Kim and I will be joined, not by Xena fanfic authors, but by three longtime fans of the show - Zea Apa, Kelly Neal and Adm_Hawthorne.  And we'll be talking about EVERYTHING we loved most about the show, from the subtext to the story arcs to the comedy.   

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    SWAG Radio Presents: Brick City Chick 2 with Yara Kaleemah

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    On this episode of SWAG RADIO, Crystal Alexis will be interviewing Yara Kaleemah about her lastest novel, BRICK CITY CHICK. 

    Yara Kaleemah was born in Newark, New Jersey and has climbed her way up the literary latter with faith. In 2013, her debut novella, 'Too Much to Chew', premiered with 20 five star reviews. Since then she has worked with authors such as, Fanita Moon Pendleton and James Gordon on projects like, the 2015 African American Authors of the Year, and most recently Kenni York and Hood Chronicles on the Please Don't Kill Me Project. Yara Kaleemah and Crystal Alexis have joined forces to run SWAG PRODUCTIONS and they plan to take over with all of the exciting projects planned for 2015. 

    Brick City Chick 2: Strange Fruit 

      Just when it seemed like things were settling down for Camilla and Duke, a member of the Diamonds of Hearts decides that showing off is more important than his loyalty to the most notorious street gang of Newark, NJ. As Detective Xena Myers zeros in on the suspects of a brutal murder, witnesses start to die and buried secrets of Camilla and Duke will be revealed. Will a forgotten handgun send the Brick City Chick to jail for the rest of her life or is there a far more sinister plan in line for the Diamonds of Hearts? 


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    Interview With Debra Rogers

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    He Did You A Favor is the first in a series of books that she’s designed to help you get off the couch, put down the ice cream and be the most awesome person in the world – YOU.

    Before He Did You a Favor, Debra worked the studio circuit for years as a script analyst and Development Associate for both film and television.  Her passion for story was further expanded as a writing consultant for numerous motion picture and television writers through her company Your Best Writing Now.

    She also built a successful voiceover career, voicing strong, powerful women in film and television from “Streetfighter” to “Xena Warrior Princess.” Through her life experience, she discovered her own inner warrior and found that the strong heroines she’d been voicing were also within her. 

    Soon after this discovery, friends, sisters and mothers began to approach her, asking how they could do it too. She listened to other women’s stories of breakup and heartache. That’s when she knew she had to write this book, to help others who were trudging through dark emotional waters, not knowing how to find the shore. 

    Source: http://hedidyouafavor.com/

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    The Summer of Queen + Adam - Part 3

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    While DJ Nika is having her Australian adventures, Juneau and Xena are hosting this week to continue our discussion, analysis and reminiscences of the Queen + Adam Lambert North American tour. Last week's show devolved into an extended dissection of "Love Kills" vs "Who Wants to Live Forever" along with a full-out dissertation on "Somebody to Love," so this week we will try to get back on with the "middle section." A surprising number of critics thought this section of the show was slow, tedious, etc. We disagree, ardently. Joining us is music maven "Ellen Kat." What did you think of Brian and Roger's solos? The Drum battle? Brian's epic guitar solo? Thumbs up or down? Explain in comments or call in to (917) 932-1825 to share the love!

    Weekly talk and music radio inspired by our unlikely muse, Adam Lambert. Dedicated to creativity, entrepreurship, personal liberation. LGBTQ causes, people re-inventing their lives, and music, always music!

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    Solutions Tuesday: Welcome Phad, Xena, and Barry

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    Phad Mutumba is an African-Canadian recording artist, filmmaker, writer, director, producer, co-owner of Simpli Phaz Entertainment, a parent company for Phaz Motion Pictures and Phaz Records Management, and a technical support analyst. He is also the Founder/CEO of NDIFF (Nile's Diaspora International Film Festival).
    Xena Bantarizah is an African-Canadian wwriter, producer, director, banker, and financial advisor, co-owner of Simpli Phaz Entertainment. She is also Co-Founder and finance and partnerships director of NDIFF.
    Barry Orms is a former professional basketball player turned writer, producer, and music industry executive. He is co-writer and co-producer of the "very athletic" musical Bonesball  which he originally produced with his former teammate and NBA Hall of Famer Earl "The Pearl" Monroe. Barry was part of the management team that marketed the popular group, "New Kids on the Block" and currently manages the career of Grammy award-winning artist Patti Austin.

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