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  • 02:09

    Fandom Access: The X-Files Redux

    in Entertainment

    Come join Jamie, Karen, and AJ as we recap, review, and relive the full run of The X-Files, including films, before the new series begins. We'll be moving fairly quickly as there are so many episodes, and focusing on the mythology/continuity of the show and highlights from the monster of the week episodes. You'll also hear interesting tidbits and facts about the show.

    Up tonight are the first six episodes of season 1: The Pilot, Deep Throat, Squeeze, Conduit, The Jersey Devil, and Shadows.

    After the first couple weeks we plan to move to only four episodes a week.

  • SFTL | Ep34 | Avi Quijada | The X-Files Revival

    in Pop Culture

    join Kevin Hale as he talk The X-Files Revival with Avi Quijada | Editor-in-Chief | XFilesNews.com | 20th Century Fox authorized fansite for The X-Files.

    Avi Quijada | @AviQuijada
    website | xfilesnews.com
    twitter | @XFilesNews

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    SFTL | Ep33 | Avi Quijada | The X-Files Revival

    in Pop Culture

    join Kevin Hale as he talk The X-Files Revival with Avi Quijada | Editor-in-Chief | XFilesNews.com | 20th Century Fox authorized fansite for The X-Files.

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    XFilesNews Website
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    inHALE*exHALE radio | Ep16 | The X-Files Tribute

    in Paranormal



  • 01:06

    No Name Show - X-Files, Blackfish, Catching Fire, and Buying the Farm

    in Weather

    On tonight's show, Aaron reviews movies, Big Steve invents a new word, and Aaron gives his list of the Top 7 Best Episodes of the X-Files.  Also, some volleyball talk and the infamous Douche Bag of the Week Award.  This award is better than famous.  You see this award is not just famous, it's IN Famous.

  • 00:44

    inHALE*exHALE radio | Ep28 | The X-Files Revival

    in Paranormal

    inHALE*exHALE the good stuff with host Kevin Hale | Ep28 | guest Avi Quijada | Editor-in-Chief, XfilesNew.com




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    in Paranormal

    Delving into US intelligence’s use of psychics for high level spying missions.
    A cloak-and-dagger climate of paranoid psychic arms race, extra-sensory spying programmes and psychic power used as a legitimate government weapon.   For the first time, men and women at the heart of America’s psychic spying programme talk candidly about concerns with strange events and bizarre phenomena shared by the CIA, FBI, NASA, Secret Service and each of the armed forces. Giant ravens, shamanic monsters, mysterious spirit entities and enough government involvement to fuel conspiracy junkies’ theories for aeons.   “Spoon-bending sessions, we learned from The Real X-files, were a popular pastime in the higher reaches of American intelligence when reliance on psychic perception in espionage became slightly out of hand. An old army hand recalled that one agency was overrun with ‘civilian-type females’ (the witches) reading senior officers tarot cards and performing what were graphically described as ‘psychic blowjobs’.”

  • 03:01

    The X Files

    in Politics Progressive

    The X Files
    Be prepared for a discussion about everything below and beyond the sun and details on Malcom X's legacy and the recent death of his grandson.
    This show will feature Dick Gregory, Comedian, Actor, Civil rights activist, and Nutritonal Consultant
    Nu-Covenant's Head of The Crown: Supreme Grand Apperception Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re, age 29, fluent in 7 languages and author of 70+ books . 
    Tune in to this very special show and dont be late!
    Visit www.nu-covenantplus.com for more info on featured fliers and upcoming events

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    From The Desk of Kiler Davenport: KDL - Navigating The Matrix 2

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight I will reveal the secret to infinity. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of health, wellness, security, happiness, and all seeing wisdom. This show will change your life. It will bring health, happiness, and eternal bliss. Knowledge is now wisdom and wisdom is not easy to acquire. It comes with hard line experience in the real world. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes with a price. Sacrifice and the willingness to take less and give more.

  • 01:30

    Monster X Radio with Summer Lowry (aka Summer Akasha Snape)

    in Science

    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down this week with Summer Lowry.

    Summer Lowry (Summer Akasha Snape) is a CryptoZoologist, Tracker, Field Researcher and Paranormal Investigator. When she isn't at home working on her debut book on obscure cryptids, due out this Christmas, she volunteers her tracking skills to Washington State Search and Rescue. Lowry has been with a well-known and respected group, Crypto 4 Corners, headed by none other than JC Johnson. This has allowed her to travel all over the United States, gaining experience in fields such as target shooting, team leadership ,kayaking, rock climbing and survival skills. Summer also co-hosts two popular weekly Internet radio shows; Unexplained Universe and Shifting Paradigms. She appeared on "Where Did the Road Go?", where she touches on Spring Heeled Jack, Grinning Man and Black Eyed Kids.

    The number to call in is to Monster X is (347) 326-9859

    Gunnar Monson is a long time Bigfoot researcher. A past investigator with the BFRO, he is the Lead Investigator of the Tillamook Forest Research Project as well as a member of The Olympic Project and Bigfootology. He is also the founder of The Sasquatch Coffee Company (www.SquatchCoffee.com)

    A native of Scotland, Shane has had an interest in Cryptids since his youth. Fate brought him to Oregon where he dove head first into the subject of Bigfoot. Shane had a sighting in the Mt, Hood National Forest in 2013 which only deepened his passion in his pursuit. He is a core team member of both the T.F.R.G. as well as The Olympic Project. He is also a member of Bigfootology. In addition to hosting Monster X Radio, he can be heard Wednesday evenings on Cryptologic Radio.

  • 02:29

    Robert X Sunday Form

    in Politics

    Robert x radio form live every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm est listen and