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    Changing Fortunes Shave Points On Slick Track at F1 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    Nico Rosberg got out in front of championship leader and teammate, Lewis Hamilton, at the start of the race, and held on to win the Formula One Grand Prix, in Brazil. The win shaved 7-points away from Hamilton’s 24-point lead.

    The day offered a few surprises that started when, the only driver to win a race other than the Mercedes team, Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo, had car problems and could not finish the race after lap 39.  While 4-time champion and Ricciardo teammate Sebastian Vettel, finished fifth.

    Pit stop delays due to a loose belt and graining tires cost Williams-Martini’s most promising driver, Valtteri Bottas, a third or fourth place finish. However, the Finn still managed to finish tenth.  

    Bottas teammate, the Brazilian Felipe Massa coming in third was a crowd pleaser. He was at home, surrounded by friends, fans and family.  To see Massa standing on the podium, meant a lot to the vibrant crowd and the country.

    Out-going McLaren driver and 2009 champion Jenson Button, had an impressive fourth place finish, while Vettel could not push the car higher than fifth.  After a benign battle on the track with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso was sixth, leaving Raikkonen seventh.

    In other on-track action, Sauber driver Nico Hulkenberg, who is not sure if he will have a seat in 2015, finished eighth, and the young rookie Kevin Magnussen with McLaren, was ninth.

    The championship leader Lewis Hamilton, and second place Nico Rosberg, will have to wait until Abu Dhabi on November 23rd, to see who will be crowned, the 2014 champion.

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    Formula One USGP Practice at The Circuit of the Americas

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    The teams were out on the track for practice today at, the Circuit of the Americas. Taking the helm during practice was the Mercedes AMG team, the 2014 constructors’ champions, with Lewis Hamilton slightly ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg. Both drivers experienced slight mechanical problems with Hamilton’s car, having the more significant of them. This left fans wondering, will the last three races come down to, reliability problems?

    The top five after FP2 were Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, and Massa. Four-time champion and winner of the 2013 USGP Sebastian Vettel, was the slowest of the field and will start at the back of the grid in 18th, due to a gearbox change penalty. Daniel Ricciardo is the only driver who is still within striking distance of the driver’s championship, and was only 1.3 seconds behind leader, Lewis Hamilton.

    Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini did not go out in FP1, which allowed Williams test driver Felipe Nasr to make a run. Bottas finished 11th, but have not forgotten that this is the track where he gained his first championship points in 2013.

    Fans did not seem bothered by the absence of Caterham F1 and the Marussia teams. Both teams were placed under administration recently and only Marussia seems to have a ray of hope, for new buyers. This leaves a field of 18-cars for Sundays race. As several of the independent teams continue to struggle, some team principals are looking for changes to be made that will control cost and include more consideration for independent teams.

    The 18-car dilemma caused the format for qualifying to be altered. In a recent meeting, the stewards decided that the slowest 4-cars in Q1 will not take part in the session, and the slowest 4-cars in Q2 will be eliminated from taking part in Q3. If you are confused, email us at xiroxoneradio@mail.com and tell us what you think, they should have done.

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    "Focused Like A Jedi Knight" Lewis Hamilton Won The USGP in Austin Texas

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    Formula One champion race leader Lewis Hamilton drove a spectacular race Sunday at the USGP in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of the Americas. He may not have started on pole but he crossed the finish line first, while his teammate and pole sitter Nico Rosberg sauntered in second, as if he were saving his best drive for the final race in Abu Dhabi, and the award of double points.

    This is the 32nd career victory for Hamilton who a Journalist with Xiro Xone News referred to as being “focused like a Jedi Knight.”

    The day started with a bevy of celebrities from stage and screen, and former racing champions from NASCAR, Indy Car and Formula One.  As the day moved on and the cars lined up in formation, fans were holding onto their seats to see if pole sitter Nico Rosberg was going to make a mistake and give Hamilton an opening, and Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo a chance to finish higher than third, and keep his championship hopes alive.

    Crossing the finish line after the two Mercedes drivers were, Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

    In other action on the track, Vijay Mallya, team principal for Force India works hard and spends a lot of money to keep and develop a Formula One team that can be the pride of India. He was understandably upset, when both of his drivers suffered a DNF during the race.  Sergio Perez made contact with Sauber driver, Adrian Sutil.  Nico Hulkemberg cruised to a self-imposed stop, due to drive shaft problems. Perez was given a seven-place grid penalty for his actions that will be served in Brazil, and has apologized to Sutil.

    Circuit of the Americas, the race promoters and staff did Texas proud and gave the more than 200K fans of Formula One a fun and exciting event.


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    Rosberg on Pole at The USGP in Austin

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    Nico Rosberg was four-tenths faster than teammate and champion leader Lewis Hamilton to take pole position at the USGP in Austin, Texas, on Saturday during qualifying.

    The top five on the grid for the Formula One USGP are Rosberg, Hamilton, Bottas, Massa, and Ricciardo.

    As soon as Lewis Hamilton went out in Q1 he detected something was wrong with the car and returned to the pits. The problem appeared to be tire vibration but could be more.

    The 2013 USGP winner Sebastian Vettel will be starting at the back of the grid only took part in Q1 to prove the car was competitive, as required by FIA rules.

    Under the revised qualifying format, the 4-cars slashed in Q1 were Vettel, Grosjean, Gutierrez, and Eric Vergne.

    In late breaking news, Marcus Ericcson, the rookie driver for the now defunct Caterham Formula One team, will be driving for Sauber in 2015.  Sauber has not announced their choice for second driver.

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins The Italian Grand Prix At Monza In A Sea Of Red

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    Mercedes AMG driver Lewis Hamilton just won the Italian Grand Prix at the home of Ferrari. The 2008 World Champion was in pole position but got off to a bad start due to car trouble. His teammate Nico Rosberg took the lead pushing Hamilton back, and into fourth position. Pressure started to take its toll on Rosberg and he made two mistakes, the second of which proved to be an opportunity for the faster Hamilton to move back into first position.  Once Hamilton regained the lead, he kept it throughout the race.  Hamilton's teammate Nico Rosberg came in second and Williams-Martini driver and former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa, crossed the finish line third. The disappointment of Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso's DNF did not prevent the fans from showing their love of the Ferrari F1 team. The Ferrari organization was out in full force along with the Ferrari family. The Mercedes Team is currently in the lead for the constructors’ title, and with six more races before the end of the season, it looks as though Mercedes will maintain that position. The Italian fans were gracious, excited, and seemed to emjoy the event. The after race entertainment was, the still popular musical group, Duran Duran.

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    Daniel Ricciardo Wins Belgium Grand Prix While The Crowd Boo Nico Rosberg

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    The Formula One Grand Prix at Spa, in Belgium, was jam-packed with excitement, tenacity, and some have said, “dirty tricks.”   Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo drove a spectacular race all the way through the finish line.  He started the race in 5th position then used speed and precision to overtake Mercedes driver and pole sitter Nico Rosberg.  Once Ricciardo moved into first position he stayed there. He defended his position and held on for a back-to-back win, making this his third of the season.

    Boos, Boos and more Boos for Mercedes AMG driver Nico Rosberg today. Fans and race viewers watched as he appeared to deliberately make contact with teammate Lewis Hamilton just enough to damage Hamilton’s tires, and derail any opportunity Hamilton had, to earn points.  Rosberg is in the lead for the driver championship and Hamilton, the 2008 World Champion was his biggest threat with an 11-point gap.  Hamilton did not finish the race today due to damage to the car while Rosberg went on to finish second.  Finishing third was the always friendly and reliable Williams-Martini driver, Valtteri Bottas.  Bottas really put the Williams-Martini team in a respectable position for championship points, which means millions to a team.  Valtteri has become a very reliable driver with enough confidence, to duke it out on the track, for team points.

    Xiro Xone F1 Sports Award for Guts goes to McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen who fought to keep his position against Alonso.

    The Stop stressing me out award goes to, Sebastian Vettel, the 4-time champion with Red Bull.  He made the podium on qualifying day, but missed it on race-day. Vettel has done a much better job with the car of late, and could have landed on the podium had it not been for a couple of hiccups, on the track.  Now that he is more acquainted with the car we can expect to see him on the podium quite a bit more, next season.

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    Lewis Hamilton From Pit to Podium Daniel Riccardo Wins Hungarian Grand Prix

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    Another win for the smiling man at Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo. He is proving to be well worth the efforts of Red Bull's decision to bump him up from Toro Rosso to a seat on the team with four-time champion Sebastian Vettel. Ricciardo seems to make winning easy, or perhaps its the fact that he is having so much fun on the track that he does not let fans see him sweat. Standing second on the podium was Fernando Alonso with the Ferrari team.  And In what has to be the most spectacular racing comeback of the season, Lewis Hamilton went from pit to podium in Budepest Hungary.  The brilliant brit who won the world championship in 2008 as a McLaren driver,  showed the world what a true professional can do out on the track even when starting in the pit. After being plagued with several mechanical problems this season, including qualifying, when his car mysteriously caught fire, Hamilton manage to land on the podium with a 3rd place finish.  

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins The Showdown At Silverstone During British Grand Prix

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    The heart and soul of the British Grand Prix was Lewis Hamilton. The 2008 champion driver for the Mercedes AMG team showed true grit, as he raced 57 laps to take the win at the, Formula One British Grand Prix.

    Hamilton, who was 6th place on the starting grid quickly moved into 4th when, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen hit a wall at 150mph causing a delay in the race.  Raikkonen was okay, but exited the car with some assistance and a limp.

    Once the race continued Hamilton set the fastest laps on the track moving into second place but still 5 seconds behind teammate, Nico Rosberg. Hamilton closed the 5-second gap and was on the tail of Rosberg whose radio transmission to the garage revealed a gearbox problem, just as Hamilton was taking the lead.

    Lewis Hamilton showed true grit, tenacity, and the skill of a champion when he took the lead and kept it, then comfortably cruised across the finish line to win his home race, at the Formula One Grand Prix in Britain.

    Williams-Martini driver Valtteri Bottas was a very impressive second, and Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo came in third.  Lewis Hamilton may have missed getting pole position, but he did not miss winning the Formula One British Grand Prix.  

    Keep it tuned to Xiro Xone News and F1 Sports

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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports News: Formula One British Grand Prix Preview and Practice

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    Preview of the 2014 British Grand Prix

    An exciting weekend is on tap during the Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone. There will be standing room only when British champions Lewis Hamilton, with Mercedes AMG, and Jenson Button with McLaren Formula One, take to the track amidst the cheers of their fellow countrymen and fans around the world.

    All eyes are on Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg who is, currently in the lead for the driver’s championship and determined, not to lose his position.  2013 champion Sebastian Vettel, and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, are looking for their first win.  Meanwhile, Vettel's teammate Daniel Ricciardo, is looking for a repeat of performance in Canada.

    Williams-Martini F1, made news this weekend when their first female test driver, Susie Wolff, took to the track during Practice One, and completed 4-laps before heading into the garage with, an oil pressure problem.

    The Caterham Formula One team is under going some ownership changes.  Team principle and Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes has sold the team. We hope the new owners appreciate a great hard working team, especially, their P.R. Officer, Tom Webb.  Caterham is the only team in Formula One with an American driver, Alexander Rossi. Rossi is a GP2 champion and Formula One test driver who deserves, a permanent seat with a team.   

    Tune in to Xiro Xone F1 Sports News for all race weekend news and updates.

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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports: Nico Rosberg Wins Monaco Grand Prix Amidst Controversy

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    Coming off of a controversial lock-up on the track during qualifying, that slowed down teammate Lewis Hamilton’s faster flying lap, Nico Rosberg won the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco today.  Rosberg won on the same track that lead his father Keke Rosberg to victory, years earlier.

    Thanks to the skillful driving of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, the Mercedes AMG team is 161 points ahead of their closest rival Red Bull. German driver Nico Rosberg has become a netter driver since Lewis Hamilton started sharing his data with him, something his former team-mate and 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher did not, do.  They may be friendly competitors on the track but they are the epitome of a good team. Rosberg and Hamilton’s efforts to score points for the team have been very successful all season because points, translate into revenue.

    A welcomed surprise was Marussia driver Jules Bianchi who got the first ever points for the team this season, placing them 9th in the Constructors. They gained entry into Formula One in 2009 and have been a hard working team struggling to gain Constructor points.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 Sports. Next race is Canada.

    Remember to go to, http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com and get your tickets for the Austin Grand Prix on October 31, 2014.

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    Xiro Xone Entertainment Guest: Hollywood Television Writer, Eric Kaldor

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    Hollywood Novelist and Scriptwriter Eric Kaldor enters the Xone to talk about, creating the stories behind some of the iconic hit programs of 1970's, hollywood. The Rockford Files, Kojak, The Incredible Hulk.

    Eric Kaldor's recent novel, "Downward Facing Dog" is a tragic dark, and somewhat comedic story that follows the misadventures of Eric Kaldor's public and private life as a Hollywood Scriptwriter for some of the most popular shows.

    In the past, Eric Kaldor was a ski racer, a special Counter Intelligence Corps. agent, a ”Wild World of Sports” producer, and an Emmy nominated writer.  His novel, "Downward Facing Dog" reconstructs his life of access to Hollywood Studios and Stars, and excess such as, indulging in orgies to dealing drugs in Beverly Hills. Once you read his story or listen to the podcast of each chapter, you will wonder if love, lust, manslaughter, suicide, and organ failure, had a cumulative effect on Eric, which lead to his survival and may lead to his salvation.