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    Jay Bobbin from Zap2it and Tribune Media Services and WSPA TV's anchor Amy Wood

    in Television

    Hosted by Shaun Daily, who has won awards for broadcast excellence. With a main focus on prime time TV. TV TALK is a radio talk show about TV from a fans perspective !! Shaun is the guy who started the "nuts" campaign that saved Jericho on CBS in 07 !

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    Jean Marlowe the Godmother of Medical Cannabis-July11,21012

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    Jean Marlowe Jean Marlowe is a mother and grandmother, business-owner, entrepreneur, civil and human rights advocate and nature lover. She lives in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina with her dog Foxy and cat Siley. She has been featured in numerous media sources including newspaper, film, radio, television (including CNN, Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC, Nancy Grace & WLOS, WSPA, and WYFF-TV). She was featured in a documentary produced by Open Democracy and directed by journalist Charles Shaw, entitled “The Unheard Voices Project”. She has been in numerous magazines including Verve Magazine, Sage Woman, High Times, Cannabis Culture, Skunk Magazine’s 100 Women of Weed. She is a speaker, lecturer, instructor and has been featured at numerous metaphysical conferences and workshops. Jean grew up in Rutherford County of NC and graduated from East Rutherford High School in 1969. She has 30 years experience in business and office management. She holds a certificate in Library Sciences and is qualified as a Library Aide. She is owner and CEO of Oldengreen Inc., a staffing and consulting firm.
    Co-hosts Cannabis Cures a regular weekly Talk Radio show, with co-host Shona Banda, which features interviews, patients, doctors and providers.

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    Bear Baiting and other Cruel Animal Sports Past and Present

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    Despite it being illegal, bear baiting still goes on today in parts of Pakistan and in Canada bears are killed for their skins. Horrible cruel animal sports have been going on for thousands of years.
    We look at this on our show.

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    Health Care Vote

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    Find out what your Congressman is saying about Sunday's healthcare debate and the health care reconciliation bill posted online Thursday. You can read that entire bill in Amy's blog http://theribbit.com

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    Dealing with Difficult Coworkers and Bosses

    in Lifestyle

    Are you having problems with your coworker?
    Do you have a difficult boss?
    Hate going into work because of the people you work with?
    Looking for help on how to not fight your coworkers?

    If so, then you don't want to miss this show: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers with my special guest Dr. Robert A. Moss, PhD, ABN/ABPP, co-author of For Better or For Worse: Am I in Love with a Giver or a Taker?, and is an adult psychological treatment specialist in Greenville, South Carolina.

    Dr. Moss is a practicing clinical psychologist in Upstate South Carolina with Board Certification in clinical psychology (American Board of Professional Psychology) and neuropsychology (American Board of Professional Neuropsychology).

    He has authored 39 peer reviewed articles, in addition to writing five books. The two most recent articles (2006, 2007) explain the theoretical model of how learning and memory occur in the brain and the model’s application to the development and treatment of psychological disorders. His major professional focus has been on the development of a model of cortical functioning and its applications to psychotherapy.

    Moss is a contributing writer to Rejoice! Magazine and has offered his expert opinion on a number of television and radio programs including WSPA CBS-7, Fox Carolina, WDEF 92.3 Chatanooga, and Intersections Matchmaking Radio. For more information visit www.emotionalrestructuring.com.

    Join me and Dr. Moss and get your questions on how to deal with a difficult coworkers.

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    ETR 72 Carbon Fuel Standard

    in Energy

    Feb. 10, 2009: Jane Van Ryan speaks with Catherine Reheis-Boyd of the Western Staets Petroleum Association (WSPA) about the Low Carbon Fuel Standard that’s been raising a lot of questions in California.

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    Tails of Asia

    in Pets

    "Tails of Asia"

    A look into the world's fur industry and the consumption of companion animals, with a focus on the use of dogs and cats for fur and food. Get the latest news and updates. Help raise awareness and compassion for the billions of animals worldwide. Learn about the cultural beliefs that oftentimes motivate the cruelty. Find out about new laws that are impacting the dog-meat trade. Discover how real fur is being used and mislabeled as fake fur. Learn what you can do to help make a difference toward ending the cruelty.
    Join host, Katia Louise with featured guest, Dena Jones- Director of Programs for the US office of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), with Jill Robinson- Founder/ CEO Animals Asia Foundation streaming in from China and a special call-in by Bill Dyer- Regional Director In Defense of Animals.

    Chat Room open for LIVE Simulcast Discussions with Coordinator, DivaVega and Voice for Change CAUSE Co-Host, Kara Lemire.


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    Social Media Professor with guest Amy Wood

    in Marketing

    Amy Wood is news anchor for WSPA Channel 7. She's been anchoring the news in upstate South Carolina for more than 18 years. Amy was the first to do interactive news with the TV audience in the region more than a decade ago. She was also first anchor with LIVE CHAT during a local news broadcast in the nation.

    Amy discusses how professional journalists are incorporating social media with traditional media. She also tells us how to craft a newsworthy story—helpful information for anyone who want

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    Making Humane Food Choices

    in Food

    Join host Christine Agro and guest Dena Jones from the World Society For The Protection of Animals as they discuss making Humane Food Choices.

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    What the Whales Have To Say

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    After Christine Agro's impromptu check in with the Whales a few weeks ago (Nov 5, 2007 Kathy Beihl interview) the Whales have been asking to be heard even more. Today Christine has Sharanya Prasad who is the Marine Mammal Program Officer at World Society For Protection of Animals, on to talk about what's happening in the world with regard to whales and dolphins.

    In the second half of the show California artist Peggy Oki shares her life's passion of creating Whale art to raise awareness abou